How to Connect with The Consciousness of Your Money

Here's a little secret. Like your higher self or your body, your money has its very own consciousness. Money has an individual energy field and divine blueprint. Yours is unique to you. What this means is that it's yet another thing you have a relationship with and is something you have to try to understand.

Some might find this overwhelming. Sometimes it's hard enough cultivating relationships with other live beings, let alone with something like your money.

It could be. But knowing that your money has a consciousness can actually create an incredible lightness. Think, if your money already has its own consciousness, including a sense of direction, knowledge of what it wants to create, intuition about the impact it wishes to have, and so on, then you don't need to spend tons of time trying to figure out how to understand your money. It already knows these things. It has its own field, so our job is more to focus on creating a practice of tuning in to this divine energy. This means that your only role is to create regular times to commune with it and honor its sacred blueprint.

Tuning into the energy of your money can give you clarity about what your money needs. It will be able to tell you what it needs, and you simply need to be available to receive that knowledge. Then you, as the master of your finances, only need to take that knowledge of what your money needs and desires and implement it. You don't need to figure it out, you just need to be in partnership with it.

How freeing is that?!

When you practice frequent and consistent communication with your money, you allow yourself enter into a sacred partnership. This evolving relationship then focuses on what you wish to create together (ie. laptop lifestyle, philanthropic foundation, etc.).

So, how can you begin communicating with your own money's consciousness? Well, I'll let you in on how I communicate with mine. The way that I communicate with my money's consciousness isn't the only way, but it is a starting place for you to begin considering what rituals you wish to create with your own money.

Here is how I partner with my money through communication:

1. Set Intentions: Each morning, before any distractions can enter my field of consciousness. I close my eyes, set the intention that I'm connecting with consciousness of my money, and ask it what it would like for me to know today. I ask, "What energy do you wish to radiate? What action do you want to take (if any at all)? What is the impact you intend or need to create today?"

2. Flow On Its Timeline: I remain patient and receptive of the 'speed' in which these downloads (my money's answers) come through. Sometimes it's instant while other times it may take 15 minutes. Allowing your money to communicate with you on its own timeline is part of being in partnership with it. Again, it has its own consciousness.

3. Appreciate It: I write a kind of 'love letter' to my money each morning communicating things that I appreciate about it and what I wish to create with it in sacred partnership. This doesn't have to be a huge outpouring letter. Sometimes it's a simple statement. Other times I have much more to say.

4. Commune With It: I commune with my money on each Sunday by facing it head on; that means, looking at bank statements, investments, residual wealth channels and anywhere else my money requires me to pay attention to it. I conduct this sacred meeting in my Akashic Records to deepen the experience of any divine downloads and energy activation's that my money is wanting to bring to my awareness.

5. Consistent Meetings: I repeat these communications rituals each week. You must have consistency in every strong relationship, right? So, your money can't be any different. Once you begin truly recognizing your money as having the true consciousness that it does, what you need to do to keep it healthy will reveal itself as both simple and intuitive.

6. Share Reflections & Growth: I share my growth and any reflections I have with my trusted support system to celebrate and grow. This support system may be a coach/mentor and/or close colleagues. This is an absolutely critical step. I look at it as being aligned with the Law of Cycles.

It may seem strange at first, but being in relationship with your money's consciousness will allow you to tune in intimately with what your money needs and wants. It will give you greater clarity on how to invest your divine energy when it comes to your relationship with money and will strengthen your inner knowledge about how to partner with it to create abundance and peace.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on January 25, 2017 at 11:54pm

Hi, Jennifer - I am trying to edit the message posted just a few seconds ago (it see to have disappeared, but the article will need to be revised somewhat to be more in line with our submission guidelines. We ask that word count be around 700 words, this is over. 

It also has a multitude of "you" and "your" references throughout, and we ask that articles focus on the message by using we/our pronouns as much as possible, so the pronouns will need revision. 

Finally, your bio paragraph should accompany every submission. If you would like to message me directly when you have revised this, I would be happy to review it once more. Thank you ~ Blessings! 

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