Empowered Perspectives of Ourselves and Our World

Abstract:  Bringing awareness into the perspectives we have of ourselves and our world. Six actions we can take for empowering our perspectives to bring forth a new context of living, a context of whole being wellness for all beings. .

How empowering are the perspectives we have of ourselves, others and the world? Even with our best intentions, we can find ourselves like a fish in water. Going through life with habitual patterns of how we think, feel and act in the world. We can trick ourselves into believing that our perspectives are just how life is. We can go on pretending that our lives are “fine” while perpetuating isolation, stress, drama, overthinking and the draining of our personal power. What if we empowered our perspectives for creating a new context of living? A context of whole being wellness for all beings? 

Actions we can take include…

 (1) Asking ourselves powerful questions such as “What is the nature of experiencing life from the perspective of full alignment with myself and my source? “

(2) Letting go of resistance, contraction and control. Moving the energy in our minds, emotions, bodies and hearts by breathing, dancing, running, walking, screaming into pillows or whatever works to open the doors for new perspectives and possibilities.

(3) Bringing clarity and compassion into how we hold ourselves back. Asking ourselves questions such as what misunderstandings do we have about ourselves, others and life? What makes us feel unstable? How do we drift away from the our essential selves?

(4) Reading the book, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Riso and Hudson. A path to understanding ourselves and others with extraordinary clarity and compassion. A way of awakening to the misunderstandings we have. A body of knowledge for recognizing our essential selves and the strengths we embody the most. 

(5) Asking ourselves what we think we need before we can relax, be happy, healthy, empowered and free. The following beliefs can awaken us to perspectives that are holding us back. Clarity brings power to change how we perceive and function in our world!

  • I need to get everything perfect, right and done. I will keep my life together by getting everything and everyone organized and doing things right. I will make “to do” lists and being sure everything gets done in the perfect and right way.
  • I need to be meeting everyone’s needs. Then life will feel better. People will like me and meet my needs. I will make this happen by anticipating people's needs, providing what they need and advising them on what is good for them.
  • I need to be achieving and accomplishing great things so I have value, success, competency, am the best and have others thinking well of me. Then everything will be fine.
  • I need to justify why I feel so powerless to take full responsibility for my life. I will prove that there is something wrong with me by being dramatic and overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment, self rejection and self pity. I’ll distort and provoke people so they avoid me. I will fantasize about how my life has been, is or could be.
  • I need to have the knowledge of how to survive. I will gain knowledge by isolating myself and trying to block out my needs. I will not to get involved in anyone else's needs so I can take in more and more information. I will and analyze it thoroughly before I take any action.
  • I need to know that life is not dangerous, that I can trust people and take care of myself. I will survive by finding a few people that I can trust and rely on what they think. I will be loyal and not trust authorities.
  • I need to avoid the uncomfortableness of my emotions by making sure my life is full of exciting experiences. I will always be planning what my next experience will be. I will entertain everyone and be in a continual state of motion so no one can tie me down.
  • I need to make sure I am never vulnerable again. I will keep the upper hand, be overly assertive and in charge of the situation so I will not have to risk being hurt again.
  • I need to have my life free of conflict. I will stay neutral and  negotiate all the problems around me so life will feel better. I will merge with others and focus on others while forgetting my own needs. 

(6) Imagining ourselves being held by the Mother and Father aspects of our source. Letting go into their arms while knowing that Source is an intrinsic part of us and is always…

  • Orchestrating our lives in total perfection.
  • Fulfilling our needs. 
  • Bringing forth effortless manifestation.
  • Always there for us.
  • Offering us whatever we need to be safe. 
  • Opportunities to have all the most beneficial experiences.
  • Assuring us that vulnerability allows us to receive the gifts of life.
  • Offering us resolutions wherever there is conflict and guiding us to peace.  

About the Author: 

Crystal is a certified expansion guide, coach, author and facilitator of the five day live event called Freedom at the Core. Her passion is creating a safe, fun and nurturing space for people to discover what stands between holding back and the freedom they desire.








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Comment by Crystal Presence on December 31, 2017 at 3:12am

Hi Regina. Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure how I missed it for so long! I understand your request and I can change it. When I wrote the beliefs starting with "I" I was thinking that the beliefs were what we were thinking...so were written as if we were talking to ourselves. Does that make sense to you? I totally understand your perspective too...I think. For clarity would you like me to change that section so the beliefs would say, "We need to get ever thing perfect, right and done". We need to organize and....".  Change all the I's to We?  Oh and I LIKE the sentence you proposed to introduce the beliefs : We can begin to empower ourselves by consciously releasing the following beliefs: 

Comment by Regina Chouza on December 4, 2017 at 4:31pm

Hi Crystal, Thanks for this submission. 

I have one minor comment to bring this in line with our submission guidelines (where we tend to shy away from phrasing sentences in 1st person singular. What would you think of adding a line to the following segment, before listing the beliefs in the "I need..." format??? 

(5) Asking ourselves what we think we need before we can relax, be happy, healthy, empowered and free. The following beliefs can awaken us to perspectives that are holding us back. Clarity brings power to change how we perceive and function in our world!

We can begin to empower ourselves by consciously releasing the following beliefs:  

I would be happy to send this article to the publishers to see if they are OK to publish it despite the fact that a lot of sentences are in 1st person singular. If I have comments, I'll let you know. 



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