How to Experience The Subtle Beyond the Senses

Meditation is a beautiful journey that allows us to move deeper into the awareness of consciousness, so that we embrace all aspects that are so very easily forgotten. This creates the remembrance of coming back home to the depth of our being. In the beginning, some subtle aspects may be a little bit confusing to a mind that is used to strong impressions, or perceptions, of mundane everyday situations. Thus, it may take a little while to fine-tune our awareness and focus so that our perceptions becomes much more powerful.



“The key to growth is the introduction of

higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

– Lao Tzu


The perception, or remembrance, of the subtle aspect of ourself becomes much stronger with meditation. Usually this happens when we move inwards and begin to detach from the spaces that the mind is so very often attached to.


Whatever it is from yesterday or tomorrow, the mind learns slowly to move inwards to a state that is free. It moves to a state that is detached from the mundane experiences and begins to listen to an essence, or a core, that can be called the heart, which now transmits an energy flow. It is as if when we move inwards and let go of the externals, that this subtle perception begins to connect to the transmission that is within.


Can repeating a mantra alter our experience of life?


Pay attention to the subtle experiences beyond the senses. The mind will want to make sense of what is going on and will use what it knows to try to make sense of what is going on. Yet, by moving a little bit deeper, we can be aware of much more.


This means creating a rhythm, so that the transmission within flows through this rhythm. Such a rhythm can happen easily just by coming back to the breath and focus on breathing deeply into the abdomen. Alternatively, the transmission could work by becoming aware of a mantra.


If we repeat a mantra within ourself, we may be aware of a resonance that is subtle yet very clearly defined within our experience, and, as we pay more attention to this space, it is almost as if this space is being emptied of the mundane, creating the possibility for the transmission to become stronger.


Is there a way to create an attitude of positivity?


Sometimes it is important to strengthen this transmission by making sure that our attitude, the space of awareness that allows for our senses to make sense of what is going on, is positive. It is no good to think with the mind to be positive, or to try to force ourself to be positive, or attempt to convince our experience that it is better to be positive.


The attitude changes when we create a resonance within the space of awareness. This means that the sense of being positive within the attitude of our experience of what is going on, happens only when we embrace it from a very deep sense of awareness. Then we embrace much more than our thoughts, much more than our feelings and much more than the perceptions that are happening.


When we begin to embrace the movement that happens when we keep repeating this beautiful state of detachment it become naturally positive in itself. Letting go of those constrictions that force us to think or feel in a certain way, but which are so very subtle, allow us be attuned to the perceptions that go beyond the senses.


What does it mean to resonate with the breath?


We then sense, from this subtle space that we can almost connect to the positive space that happens when we repeat the breath in a deep, calm and profound way, and repeat it so that there is a resonance within the breath.


In this way, it is not just a mechanical way of breathing, rather it's almost as if the breath carries within it an energy that is joyful and connected. Furthermore, as we repeat this beautiful space within us, the mind can no longer be attached to the constrictions that limit or manipulate us into thinking or being aware of this or that. It is almost as if the mind sinks into this meaningful depth and purpose that is within.

More beautiful benefits of a mantra.


We may then find it interesting to repeat a mantra with each breath, as the mantra is such a profound structure beyond just the sound of the mantra.


The mantra carries within the poetic structure of the sacred words that we repeat, a vibration or a resonance that makes it easier to fall back into the beautiful subtle state of meditation that we're slowly journeying within.


There are so many beautiful mantras and we may wish to repeat a mantra that is easy for us, which we feel comfortable with or we may choose to repeat a very sacred mantra that we have received from a spiritual teacher or similar.


What is most important is to come back to an attitude of joy, because a mantra only resonates from the depth of our being when detachment happens.


If we are attached to a thought, a feeling, or a state of mind that limits our journey inwards, then the mantra is simply repeated on the surface of our experiences. This means that it is like repeating any sound or any word; it could be beautiful but it doesn't take us to a great depth.


In conclusion, it is very important with our practice to free our whole being. This can be very easy when we follow the above simple yet profound steps that all mystics have spoken about.


About the Author:


Tony Samara, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of 16 books has been sharing deep spiritual work and energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 25 years. To read further articles by Tony Samara visit OM Times and to discover more visit




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