The self that we perceive is nothing but an image of ourselves that we hold on to; drawn by our experiences that we go though, in our mental canvas.

Once an image is drawn for us, we tend to follow that image. We learn about ourselves from the experiences that we had in our lives, and our learnings in turn guide and influence our future experiences. So, this is a cyclic process, as probably all of the processes in life are cyclic. We draw an image and then this image defines our characters and in turn our experiences by how we think, act and react in life. The image gets more powerful with time, with our repeated actions and behaviors in the similar line.

How do we get past that self-image and the following behaviors which are not working in alignment for our highest interest?

The negative behaviors that we identify with are not ours or ourselves. They are learned behaviors used as ways to escape the situations and their demands; so that we can be in our comfort zones and safe in our assumptions. In other words we don’t want to hurt our image even if it is an image of lack, and unworthiness, and keeps us unsatisfied and unhappy!

Shunning that image is freedom; however as long as we don’t create another image in our mind, we can’t shun the previous one.

Next, are described four methods to get past that poor self-image for us.

Method 1(Creative Imagination and Affirmations):

We can create a new positive image for us by creative imagination; by regular practice of this our minds hold on to the new image created, relinquishing the previous image. Positive affirmations can be used to support in this transformation process. Living and practicing it daily is the key.

The newly created image in our mind gets stronger and more powerful with time as we align our actions and thoughts after that image. In this way we can get past the previous self-image to our chosen one that is need of the hour.

Method 2(Increasing our frequency level):

Every image that we create for ourselves whether consciously or unconsciously has a vibration. We all are vibrating energy fields at our subtler levels in our mental and emotional spheres. With the self-image that we have of ourselves, we are vibrating at a certain rate of frequency. We can transcend our self-image by vibrating at a higher rate of frequency. The increase in our frequency level will affect our mental capacity and behavior to create a positive self-image for us.

There are different ways that we can increase our frequency. Here, in the following section I am mentioning a few of them.

a)      Our frequency can be increased by the practice of Good Will consistently.

b)      By, choosing Mantras for our desired intention, and practicing them regularly with diligence and focus.

c)      By, forgiving our past and making amends with everyone in it including and most importantly with our own selves.

d)      By healing ourselves, by releasing all the blockages in our subtle energy field created by our free will choices against the Source(God) will, by releasing the karmic imprints inherited from our parents and ancestors so that we can embody our truth and live in it, by healing our chakras so that they perform optimally and aligned with our growth, evolution and transformation.

e)      By, eating healthy and exercising our body as necessary and regularly.

f)       And, by the practice of Meditation we can rise beyond our small self to embody our higher self.

Method 3(Becoming a Silent Observer or Witness):

We can transcend ourselves by observing ourselves unconditionally. We are nothing but our fore drawn conclusions about ourselves. When, we can observe our conditions unconditionally; we can transcend each and every condition by allowing our minds to not to go into the same groove again and again and play the same kind of music.

From that place of witness, we can decide where we want to go or not. With practice this can change the entire circuitry of the brain and train the mind for our desired result.

Method 4(Self Inquiry):

We can also rise beyond our small self-image or self by inquiring into our true divine nature and the origin of us. By inquiring, what is the real nature of the self beyond and before the created self-image? Then, surrendering the self-image to the Source to live our true divine nature.

Since, this is our origin and our Truth, it is not a creation of the mind or our memory, and cannot be described by words as it transcends all images and descriptions. This is our real heritage as the essence of God.

We can choose one or all of the above methods according to our inclination and situation, to master and embody our true self to get past the smaller self-image.


Asim Choudhury is the creator and founder of “Awakening the Inner Sun within” to help people to transform their lives for good with various quantum healing modalities. His mission is to allow others to receive the love and proper education that will eradicate the victim persona to find their inner healer within to finally end the search and meeting their inner master.

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Comment by Asim Choudhury on July 7, 2015 at 6:24am

Thank You Dear Shelly :)  . I should add that I am travelling and accessing the web sparingly.

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