How to stop absorbing other people’s negative energy.

Have you ever felt drained and depleted of your energy after having a conversation with someone? What about getting a weird vibe after being introduced to someone? We all have experienced these intense moments before, and the key to successfully dealing with any situation that can potentially suck your life force energy, is to create healthy energetic boundaries for your self. What does this mean?


As humans, we have a bio-magnetic field around our physical body that is otherwise known as our “auric field”.  This field is our personal signature of our energetic vibration. It is also the storehouse for energy that one would want to give during daily interactions with others. If one’s auric field is weak, not only are they susceptible to picking up foreign energy from others, but also they have less energy to give and the rate of depletion of energy is high.


A healthy looking auric field looks like a smooth, egg shape energy, 2 or 3 feet in every direction outside the body. Someone who is experiencing a sense of fearfulness or a sense of separation from everyone, will have an auric field that would tend to be contracted and close to their body, like a foot away. On the other hand, if someone hasn’t fully anchored their consciousness into their body and tends to feel spaced out, and not in the “present moment,” then it is likely that their auric field extends anywhere from five feet to twenty feet.


Neither scenarios are good as the former means that one does not actively connect and share energy with others, becoming a hermit and indulging in depressive, manic behaviors.


The latter, means that the aura becomes very open to picking up and storing emotions, pain and thoughts from others. In this case, if one repeatedly allows the energy of intense stress, trauma, depression and abuse into their field, they can create holes in the field making them even more susceptible to energy that is not of their own.


Most people who are “ sensitive” and tend to feel drained after repeated interactions with others are most likely those with an overextended auric field. Most of us who work in the field of intuition and energy healing actually have slightly over-extended auras, so it is critical that we learn how to clean and protect our aura on a daily basis, sometimes even several times per day.


Cleaning the auric field is like cleaning one’s house; clearing out the cobwebs, and throwing out things that take up un-necessary space.  Protecting one’s aura is like setting up a filtration system. Basically, by setting up this filtration system, one would want good, uplifting energy to enter and negative energy to bounce off or be reflected. 


Now cleaning and protecting one’s aura certainly does not mean that no negative energy will enter the auric field. From my personal experience, consciously protecting my auric field works for me because I put the intention every morning that I will not allow any other energy to affect me, and I seal the intention with a visualization exercise.


Sadly, many of us think that once we clean and protect our aura, then everything should be fine. Here is where clarification is needed ; we all give others permission to enter our space in a subconscious way. Our energy will attract situations and people of similar energy, into our life, for us to become in alignment with the core of our divine self. 


If one’s auric field is mostly negative, filled with fear, anger, pain, non-forgiveness, then one will bring situations and people of similar energy into their life. It is like a mirror reflecting back to the person. It is therefore, about understanding what it is about one’s energy that is attracting this person or situation into one’s life and inculcating the lessons to be learnt.


So now that we have an understanding of that, here are some ways one can clean their auric field:


  1. Rain shower with gold or white light: During your meditation, visualise a beautiful golden sun or white ball of energy above your head and then picture golden or white raindrops coming onto you and cleansing your auric field. It is like a shower, melting away all the junk out of your field.
  2. Galactic vacuum: Ask the Universe/God (or whatever you refer to as your “creator”) to bring a galactic vacuum above your head to suck all energy that is not yours, out from your auric field. Then visualize the energy being vacuumed away. Personally, this works well for me, especially if I begin to feel drained whilst chatting with someone, I can immediately bring the galactic vacuum above my head to suck all the negative energy out.
  3. Sound vibration: Using sound to cleanse your auric field is excellent if you have problems visualising. You can chant mantras out loud (e.g. the sound “OM” or “AUM”) or even using a “crystal singing bowl.”


Now that we have talked about cleansing, here are some very simple ways to protect your aura:


  1. White light coating: Imagine that a sun with white, luminescent light is above you and coating your auric field forming a nice, thick layer. Once you clean your aura and you are vibrating at a high frequency, the white light allows for similar high frequencies to pass through your auric field whilst reflecting everything else. You can try this method with different colored light energies. My personal favourites are turquoise and violet.
  2. Reflective silver coating: Again bring the sun above your head but this time, visualise a reflective silver coating forming around your auric field. Because it is reflective like a mirror, energy would be able to bounce off or be reflected.


When practicing these exercises, it is important to always set the pure intention in one’s heart to manage one's energy for the highest good of all involved. Sometimes, even this intention alone goes a long way in managing negative energy.



Author’s Bio: Neeta Maharaj is an intuitive, certified energy healer, spiritual development teacher and a life coach. Once an engineer, working for a secure corporate job for nearly 10 years, she left to follow her passion in helping others to emotionally heal themselves and to live their life on purpose. 
Check out her website on

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Comment by Neeta Maharaj on April 7, 2015 at 3:36am

Thanks Shelly for the edits! Looks great, thank you! 

Comment by Neeta Maharaj on April 4, 2015 at 5:30am

Hi Shelly, I edited the article and reposted it as above. It would be great to hear some feedback and possible improvements, if any, for future consideration. I do appreciate the time you are taking to review this. Thank you from my heart to yours!

Comment by Neeta Maharaj on April 2, 2015 at 9:17pm

Thank you Shelly for taking the time out to review! I sincerly appreciate your feedback and guidance. I will rework this and resend!

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