How to Inspire Human Evolution through our Soul Path

Our world is in crisis and fears are mounting. These well-founded fears can bring adversity to the like-minded souls. How do we curb our anxious minds and hearts and keep peace. Understand, evolution is a slow process and the only people we can change is ourselves. Accept all people are on their unique soul journey. Employing love and compassion, we can imagine a better world for all.

Our planet and humanity are at a point of crisis. There is no denying it. Even those who care deeply fear for the future can be dragged into discord, judging others for their life choices.

These biases are no longer political, race or religious. Vegetarians and vegans condemn meat-eaters. Many are judged for how much we recycle, how we commute to work, what car we drive. We can be criticized for the type deodorant and toilet paper we use. This hyper-sensitivity comes from the fear if people don’t align with our life choices and practices the world will end. At the critical juncture we find ourselves at, this fear is real.

One of hardest things to do these days is to accept not just the lives of others but their behaviors and habits. Through our well-founded fears, we are losing tolerance with one another, hoping they will conform to our ways, but this only leads to more conflict among like-minded and compassionate people.

The question is, how do we get humanity back on course? How do we find peace with those whose life choices may differ from ours? How do we curb this insatiable fear for that of hope?

Understand Evolution Takes Time

“But human beings at our best, are so inventive and creative and ingenious, and I think that when we use love and compassion as our guiding principles, we can create, develop and implement systems of change that are beneficial to all sentient beings and to the environment.”

This quote by Joaquin Phoenix at the 2020 Oscars speaks volumes. He is absolutely right but also, we need to be reminded this takes time. We cannot expect humanity to change on a dime. We have thousands of years of genetic conditioning to contend with – subconscious reactions to scarcity and survival. Our ancestors survived plagues and wars. All of this is imbedded in our genetic code. To expect we can change the world by tomorrow is an exercise in futility.

For example: Homo Sapiens have been omnivorous from the beginning of existence to evolve into a species that is truly herbivorous takes evolution. In doing so, we have to have patience and understanding that every human being is evolving at a different speed.

This is no judgment, because this could be based on so many variables – genetic make-up, personal ideology and even our soul mission. However, criticism doesn’t help this evolution move faster, education and example do. When we are the change, we inspire others to do so.

What we are talking about here is re-wiring human consciousness and it is done at a cellular level. As we evolve, these changes are passed down to our children and grandchildren, and as they evolve the cycle conditions. We are only the beginning or the middle of this thread.

Confidence in our own Mission

We can only be responsible for ourselves. The best way to change the world is be the best person we can be. When we gain a sense of transformation, we can see our actions and our words make a difference. There is less need to project on others to do the same as us. We become more tolerant of others and appreciate their efforts.

Confidence is personal power. The more powerful we feel, the tendency is to elevate others, not tear them down.


One of the hardest things is to accept others when we feel they are not doing enough. This comes from our own deep-seated feeling WE are not doing enough.

Everyone is on their own soul mission that is unique to them. We do not have infinite knowledge to know another’s soul path, so how can we judge? They have their purpose on this planet and are following their path. This may look remarkably different from ours.

Often in times of crisis, it is hard to see the wisdom on our missions. It doesn’t matter if another isn’t as “woke” as we believe, because they may be in another sense unbeknownst to us.

Employ Love and Compassion

Employing love and compassion isn’t just for other animal species, it is for all humans as well, even those we disagree with. We need more love and compassion for one another.

We have to start with one another. If we want a world that is beneficial to all sentient beings then we have to realize all of humanity as sentient beings. Our empathy needs to extend beyond those whose ideology matches ours, beyond our politics, our race and our religion. We have to reach out beyond borders.

Love really is the answer and when we discuss our fears for the planet and humanity with love and compassion, it is the best way to invoke change. It inspires people’s creativity and innovation.


If everyone does their part, following their own soul path, doing even a little bit we can change the world.

We don’t all need to be vegetarians and vegans, but if we can encourage others to reduce their meat intake and to buy responsibly. Just think if the impact we could make. If we encouraged more recycling and more public transportation, we can drastically reduce pollution. We can encourage more people to connect with nature, instead of trying to dominate it.

This is not an “all or nothing” event, but a process, in which we can see immediate results just by slightly changing all our habits and encouraging others to do the same. During this process, is where the transformation and eventual evolution begin.

Jennifer Ott is the author of several novels – fiction and non-fiction. Her latest WIP, Arise My Tribe is the story of a past life ancient Celtic healer who weaves her tale through that of a modern woman going through a crisis of the heart. Jennifer’s first entry into the spirituality was the study of Nada Yoga. Since then she has studied a multitude of meditation styles, spiritual philosophies and multi-cultural shamanic ceremonies. This holistic practice of spirituality aided greatly into the journey of soul discovery to realize the burden of past life karma.

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