How To Make Big Decisions With Your Intuition

If there was a way we could solve our problems instantly, we'd do it wouldn't we? One of the reasons I wanted to learn how to develop my intuition was so I could make those big decisions with more clarity and may be a hint of what is the best choice to make. Well, there are two things about making big decisions with your intuition. First, you need to know how your intuition works, and especially how it works for you personally. Second, using your intuition on big decisions doesn't always happen by asking one big question and getting one intuitive answer, sometimes you have to ask a few questions or wait for more information to appear. 

Tackling the first item, you must know how your intuition works and especially how it works for you individually. It's like learning how to play tennis, you can't really just read about tennis to know it, you have to do it! That means you need to experience what it's like when your intuition sends you a message, otherwise you won't know you had one. The best way to do that is to learn a proven method on how to make your intuition happen and a framework on what the characteristics of intuition are. Then practice, and, if you can, practice with someone else. This gives you the opportunity to experience a wide range of topics and really give you lots of experience with working with your intuition. The more you practice and experience your intuition when it is right, the better you know what your intuition is saying to you.

The second thing is realizing that when you have a big decision to make, there isn't always a simple answer whether it is intuitive or not.  Usually big decisions are about complicated situations.  So you can break down your questions on your decision by asking your intuition several questions about your situation. For example, you may be wondering whether to get another job, or perhaps move. The questions you may want to ask are, "What would be best for me to do in my job now?" or "What would be the right conditions for me to move to a new home?" Plus, you can ask many questions and see what answers come up for you. Again, knowing when you are receiving a true intuitive message certainly helps when you are asking the questions. 

An important part of asking your intuition to help you with a big decision is you often have strong emotions and desires attached to the outcome.  Those things will cloud any intuitive message you receive.  It is important to know that when you ask a question and when you get an answer that you are not trying to make the answer you want come up, and that you have a neutral desire, feeling and attitude to the question and it's possible answer. It's not easy but you can do it. This is also why it helps to practice a lot and be used to asking a question and then being open and receptive to any answer you may receive. Having a good knowledge about intuition and how it works will help you know what kinds of questions to ask and what to be on the lookout for when your intuitive mind answers it. 

One more thing, you don't need to use your intuition on big decisions, in fact, it's better that you use your intuition for many things, big and small, so you are living an intuitive life where all decisions you make come from both your thinking and intuitive mind.

Lisa K. is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. Lisa teaches Developing Your Intuition both online and in-person. Known as the intuition expert, Lisa has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars. Lisa K.’s public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth,” on everyday spirituality. Get a Free eBook with 16 intuition exercises you can do alone plus more information about Lisa’s events and workshops sign up at:

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Comment by Lisa K. on January 22, 2015 at 3:39pm

Thanks Shelly! I will repost the article when I'm done expanding it, I think you will like it!

thank YOU! 

hugs, Lisa

Comment by Lisa K. on January 22, 2015 at 3:17pm

Hey Shelly! Yes! I was going to work on it, and I happened to be looking for another of my articles in the magazine and I found this one was already printed and posted online, so it looks like they did pick it up and print it, there just wasn't any comments left for it. I was surprised to find it! I'm traveling now to DC I'll be back this weekend. I do want to send you more articles

Also, please let me know what kinds of things you'd like to see, I have a wide range of metaphysical things I can write about, though my main focus is on intuition (and psychic abilities). 

OH!!! One more thing, I had written an article a while back that is in my posts here, and it was way too short and Trevor had asked me to make it longer, it's called "Intuition, Can You Hear Her?" I kind of liked it, it was a way of connecting to your intuition through a metaphor.  Can you look at it and let me know if you're interested?  If so I can make it longer and add in why it is important to relate to your intuition as if it were not part of you but outside of you. 

love and peace, Lisa

Comment by Lisa K. on January 13, 2015 at 4:54pm

Hey Shelly! Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you liked this article so much. I have shared it with my internal list and THEY loved it too. I have been writing my articles to be at least 600 words since that was, what I guess, was the 'old' standard? and my bio is one I've always used. I'll have to go back and change things. Also, will our author pages be up soon for the spotlight authors? then I can link my bio to that. Anyway, let me know! THANKS AGAIN! You're awesome. 

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