How to make the most of your first past life regression

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and considering most people wouldn’t even consider the idea of past lives being a sensible part of any intelligent conversation, but for me, the idea that we may have lived before in another time and place seems an interesting topic well worth exploring.

So for those adventurous types who aren’t satisfied with the mind numbing concept of reality bestowed up on by the mass media and society in general I’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of your first adventure into the realms of reincarnation and past lives.

However this is not some grand exercise in escaping reality and floating away with angels and fairies to a land of make believe and then returning to tell your friends you were some American Indian called Chief Buffalo Wing or Cleopatra’s long lost son. It’s a lot more down to earth (so to speak) than that, yet the insights are no less amazing and possibly life changing. For some it’s not the personalities you once may have been but its how the information is perceived that can be the deal breaker, as was for me.

  • First find a qualified      past life regressionist. I was lucky to have found Valarie Coventry who      had been trained by none other than Brian Weiss himself  - the pioneer of past life regressions.      If the person hasn’t been trained, yet says ‘oh I’ll give it a go’, don’t      bother. You need someone highly skilled as the key to the regression is      that they don’t ask any leading questions, but carefully and wisely      facilitate your own experience.
  • If you’ve never been      hypnotised before (like me) don’t panic. It’s nothing like those      travelling hypnotists where they make you cluck like a chicken in front of      a huge and mainly drunken audience, it should be in a private and      comfortable setting where you’re lead very gently into a relaxed and      hypnotic state. Your hypnotist should imbue you with complete confidence      and explain the entire procedure before you start. 
  • Learn to relax. Yep, if      you’re of these highly strung types kept regularly jacked up on caffeine,      then I’d stay take a few deep breaths and some quiet time before the      session. And yes, lay off the coffee for a few hours beforehand. Hopefully      your hypnotherapist will make you relaxed anyway.
  • Let your critical /      doubting left brain take notes while your right brain observes what      happens. It sounds way too simple but it’s the most important thing to      remember. You’ll see images in your mind’s eye and you’re inner voice will      want go “what’s that? That’s just all bullshit”, so if it does, tell      yourself you’re just here to observe and take notes, which you can then      analyse later. You’re not trying to get rid of critical thinking; you’re      just trying not to let it get in the way of information that may be coming      through. 
  • Let go and let information      flow. Describe what you see in mind’s eye, no matter how ridiculous or      random it maybe. Once you allow the information to flow you’ll notice it      will follow a story line, so follow it and let it unravel. You may notice      you’ll get an emotional response from what you’re experiencing, which is a      good sign. Even though you may not understand what you’re seeing yet you      start to cry like a baby, just allow it happen. You’re in safe hands.      That’s why it’s important to have a qualified hypnotherapist who knows      what they’re doing.
  • What if nothing happens?      Don’t panic, something will eventually come through, even if it’s an image      of a puppy with a bow around its head. It’ll be your left brain starting      to get out of the way which may cause any number of random stuff to come      up that’ll pave the way for other things.
  • At the end of the session,      don’t discard anything because it didn’t make any sense to you. You may      find you resonated with certain aspects and not others, but that’s ok.

When I had my session with Valarie for my book Dying to Know, Is there life after death, I unearthed three previous lives and while the information was interesting enough, it was how I felt and experienced emotions while recalling what I saw in my mind’s eye that got me all excited. I cried like a little school girl at certain parts which is very unlike me, unless I get stung by a Bee.


About :

Josh Langley is an award winning radio copywriter based in the South West of Western Australia and the author of Frog and the Well: Unconventional Happiness and Follow Your heart: Everyday Wisdom for an Extraordinary Life. He Illustrates the Frog and the Well comic strip and also writes about happiness for various magazines and websites. His new book Dying to Know – Is there life after Death? (Big Sky Publishing 2014) is a humorous and insightful travelogue of his journey to find out if there really is life after death.



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