Perhaps you’ve manifested things in your life that you don’t want and aren’t sure how to bring about what you do want. We’ve all been there! This article contains a full proof way for you to deliberately manifest what you desire.


Matter Is Made Of Energy & Vibration


It’s common knowledge that everything is made up of energy and vibration. However, before energy forms into matter, an infinite number of potential outcomes exist.


What affects energy and vibration to determine what is formed? Turns out; the frequency of vibration influences the form of matter.


Thought is frequency. Higher vibratory thoughts manifest higher vibratory experiences and vice versa.


Thought Initiates Manifestation


Everything you see, touch, smell or taste started as thought. The late Dr. Masaru Emoto in his groundbreaking work “The Hidden Messages in Water” proved that thought applied to water changed the molecular structure of the water. In fact, when loving kind and joyful thoughts were applied to water, the water crystalline structure became beautiful and fully formed.


You’ve created experiences too from using the power of your thoughts. For example, have you ever thought of someone and within minutes they phoned you? Or maybe you had the thought, “I desire to have more clients” and shortly after, someone reached out to you seemingly “out of the blue.” Nothing happens “out of the blue” or “by accident” everything happens in a carefully orchestrated way.


You Initiate, Create and Manifest What You Desire


You initiate the manifesting process by your thoughts. However, not all thoughts have the power to manifest. Thank goodness, since you have anywhere from 50,000 – 70,000 (mostly random) thoughts a day.


Would you like all your random thoughts to come to fruition…probably not?


However, thoughts that are deliberate, focused and held for 17 seconds or longer invite other thoughts of similar vibration to give support to the original thought. Now your thoughts are going places… specifically connecting in with the astral realm, which is where unlimited possibilities and potentialities exist.


The astral realm is where everything constantly shifts and changes based on, you guessed it: your thoughts. This is where the invisible forces come to “play” with you and assist you to manifest your desires. For invisible forces to assist you to manifest your desires you need to be clear about what you desire. That is your job…become clear about your desires.


In the astral realm, you decide what is possible for you, this is why it’s important to dream big and allow yourself to explore all options during this early phase of manifesting.

Its universal law that formless takes form based on thought. Furthermore, small thoughts bring small results and big thoughts bring big results. It takes the same energy and thought to manifest big dreams as it does small dreams.


The Etheric Realm is Where Thought Coalesces


When your original thought is joined by other thoughts of the same vibration a strong base is formed to allow for focus and clarity. A clear and focused thought journeys from the astral realm to the etheric realm.


The etheric realm allows for thought to coalesce yet is still not fully formed. The etheric realm is most near our physical 3-D world. In this realm amplified emotion is applied to your original thought. When emotion is applied to thought, thoughts shift and become desires.


When this happens, you’ve taken the longest 16” journey of your life, from head to heart. The heart is the most powerful manifesting organ in the body. Vibrational frequencies emitted from strong feelings have been measured up to 2 kilometers outside the body. The heart gives you immediate impulses to act on and strong feelings cannot be dismissed they must be explored.


Therefore your feelings, passion, and desire allow for your original thought to advance from initiation to creation.


The more passionate, emotional, excited, enthusiastic, grateful and joyful you are the quicker your thoughts create what you desire to manifest. You might be reading this and thinking, “I am passionate about my desires, yet, why is it taking so long for my desires to manifest?” Fair question…keep reading; I’ve gotcha covered!


Energy Follows The Path of Least Resistance


Since all matter is energy or more specifically vibration, the level at which you vibrate corresponds to the level at which you manifest.


Two primary states of vibration exist, they are: flow or resistance. At all times you are in one state or the other, never both simultaneously. Resistance is present when you feel: fear, doubt, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, and unworthy. Flow is present when you feel: joy, faith, happiness, trust and etc. When you are aware of how you feel, it’s easy to discover whether you are in the state of flow or resistance.


If you aren’t manifesting high vibration experiences such as: love, joy, abundance, clarity and etc. chances are you initiated the process while being in low vibratory state i.e. fear, lack, self-doubt, worry and etc.


Think about it…have you ever desired something of high vibration and wanted it so badly and felt like you “needed” it? The feeling of need creates lack, which is low vibration and more than likely, you didn’t manifest your high vibration desire.


Hopefully you are starting to understand how low and high vibrations don’t/can’t/never line up!


Now we need to explore how you manifest good things. 


Raise Your Vibration To Bring Good Things

Before you create focused, clear, and direct thoughts to send out to the universe to connect to the astral realm, you must relax and take a deep breath. Get centered, find your happy place and then…allow for thoughts of what you desire to coalesce. See yourself having already achieved that desire.


If you desire a successful business, see yourself conducting business successfully and confidently, depositing large checks in your bank account, loving your full and productive schedule and in the flow of working with happy clients.


To raise your vibration to match the vibration of abundance, love, joy, perfect health and etc. it is essential to feel good. Feeling good about yourself, life, your ability to manifest, will assist you in this process. Next, as you visualize having already achieved what you desire and feel good doing so, allow for a feeling of certainty to flow through you.


Take Guided Action


At this point in the manifesting process you will receive inspiration regarding what action to take. Inspiration comes in the form of knowing, gut feelings, signs from the universe, chill bumps, message from a friend and etc.


Take notice when you receive inspiration and then act on it. Inspiration comes from within you; it is easy, effortless, natural, and innate.


Follow the ideas and concepts shared with you and please comment below and share your manifesting results.


Happy Manifesting!


JADEN STERLING is an intuitive business coach famous for teaching entrepreneurs how to work on their business, and not in it. Jaden is a sought after media expert featured regularly on radio, TV and in print, including Calgary TV, Fox Business, Africa Business Daily, The Huffington Post, Om-Times Magazine and many others. For more information please visit:

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Comment by Jaden Sterling on March 18, 2015 at 6:22pm
Terrific thank you Shelly!
Comment by Jaden Sterling on March 12, 2015 at 11:05pm
Thanks Shelly, I'll rework this and resubmit.
Have a great night!

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