How To Shift Away From Victim Consciousness

Abstract: This article bring to light victim consciousness, even in those that may be on a spiritual path, in an effort to help people uncover where they might be falling into that mindset. It recognizes that victimhood may have served us in the past and suggests that by recognizing this and working to heal it within ourselves we are then also working on healing it in the collective conscious.

Even though many of us may be on a path of spiritual and/or self development and growth, we can still get caught up in victim consciousness without realizing it. We may be practicing deep awareness and be able to watch our responses to our life situations and yet still not be free of archetypal victimization patterns that have been passed down through our ancestors. Sometimes we need to do some deep digging to realize that what is at the bottom of many if not most of our limiting and false beliefs is a sense of being made out to be a victim. And then further that this victimization has actually served us in the past. And so our ego will still try and lock into this default setting with its deep roots in order to get sympathy, love, affection, recognition and a myriad of other things that it may need to inflate its sense of self worth.

Self forgiveness, which is not a well know practice to many of us, can be a wonderful way to release some of these ties to victim consciousness. As we are all energetically connected, self healing through the form of forgiveness can also heal ancestral and even current victim patterns in those around us. Letting ourselves off the hook for past mistakes is no easy task. And it takes enormous work at times. It takes self love and courage and the desire to remove the feeling of a being a victim, even to our own selves. It takes focus on our heart center, on the feeling of love, and the looping of that feeling through our solar plexus (our power center) and then back through our heart center. It takes filling our hearts with love for ourselves. And when we truly give ourselves that some love that we so generously offer to others, we are on a much better plane to offer ourselves forgiveness as well.

Another huge part of releasing victim consciousness is through the forgiveness of others.  Colin Tipping’s Radical Forgiveness is a most incredible teaching on how to engage in this practice on a soul level.  Colin talks about viewing the transgressions of others that we are so hurt and angered by as perfect interactions that our high self sets up for us in order to heal ourselves. So that what happens “to” us is actually changed to what happens “for” us. When realize this, we can release the anger around what happened and release the feelings of needing the other person to “pay”, and thus we release our mindset around being a victim.

Learning to say no to things that we don’t want to be doing, and truly accepting that we ARE going to disappoint people we love sometimes and that they will recover from this are “tip of the iceberg “steps that can be taken in order not to develop resentment towards others that puts us on a train eventually bound for Vicitmland. It seems almost an ingrained, cultural and societal construct that we people-please and are afraid to say no to others. We don’t want to hurt the feelings of those we care about so we say yes to ways we don’t want to be spending our time and then devalue what our experiences mean to us. Observing these long standing patterns and taking steps to turn the tide toward honoring our time and being open and honest with one another are small steps that will help to heal the bigger picture of victimhood consciousness.

And once we start seeing the little things that make us feel trapped we get more used to the inner exploration and the observance of our own patterns of how we get what we want and need. Most often we are unaware of just how frequently we might fall prey to playing the victim. I might tell myself “I am so alone” when I simply have a feeling of loneliness. I may tell myself “no one understands me” after one conversation with someone who just wasn’t getting me. I may say “everyone is always screwing me over” after one colleague didn’t follow through with something they had promised me. It’s these events that activate what Eckhart Tolle terms our “pain body” and that part of ourselves is a victim, and looks for ways to be served in that role. And when we can view it from a higher self perspective, that simply because I feel lonely, or misunderstood or hurt, that I am, in fact, NOT a victim. I am alas just my spiritual self having a human experience of the polarization of feelings. And if I can look at it that way, without judgment of it and making myself out to be a victim, there will be an immensely greater amount of room for learning and healing, both of which humanity is hungry for right now. And thus, we establish ourselves as part of the shift away from victim consciousness. 

Heather is a personal life coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She helps clients throw out their head trash. Heather, an empath and intuitive, works on clearing energetic blocks to reclaim personal power through choosing our thoughts rather than our thoughts choosing us. As a certified Law of Attraction coach, Heather has a keen understanding of how to work with the universal laws in order to create lives that unfold as we truly want them to. Heather helps clients go beyond egoic reactions to life’s challenges and to see them from the broader perspective of the high self which enables us to experience the most growth.

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