How to stop sabotaging your relationship with money?

All right, enough already.  Let’s get right to the point.  The reason why you’re having a hard time attracting money is because of your ravenous appetite.  If you refuse to believe this, then you are not aware of your evil twin.  He or she lives in your subconscious mind or in the nebula of your cells.  He represents the most primate and primitive side of your being.  This evil twin of yours somehow missed the memo that we now live in the 21st century.  Instead, it still believes that we live in prehistoric times, when our vocabulary consisted of grunts and groans.  And our idea of a sexual conquest was bashing someone over the head, and using a club for foreplay.  This primitive side of you eats up you resources likes a fat man with a trey of cheeseburgers.  And if you don’t stop him now, there will be nothing left. 


I suppose you thought that I was going to say that the reason why you don’t have abundance is because you have not shifted your vibrations. I’ve heard it all before, people telling you that your vibrations need to be congruent with what you’re trying to manifest. The real problem is that we as humans are hardwired to spend money.  There is a reason why you can’t stop eating, why you have to gorge yourself with food. Why you go into debt.  And also why your wallet is stuffed with credit cards.  This is because food was the only resources that our ancestors had.  They didn’t have refrigerators or ice-treys to keep the food cold, so anything that was of excess went into their mouths and stored into their stomachs.  They didn’t have to worry about getting thunder thighs, muffin tops, or beer bellies, because they burned most of their calories by chasing cyber tooth tigers and mountain bears throughout the jungles.


Now, if we cut to the 21st century.  We have an abundance of food (at least in the United States).  But now, money is scarce.  Just remember, that money in itself is a new and incredibly miraculous invention.  Before, our ancestors used the barter system.  However, there was just one problem. There were only so many services a person could do in one day.  They could only make so many shoes.  They only had so much land for cattle and sheep, and storage space for hay and horses.  Money changed all of this.  It was a medium of exchange that represented an infinite source of energy (when not tied to gold).  And much like the energy that pulses through the earth, money is exchanged through millions of hands each day.



Many of us have a difficult time understanding this concept.  This is why the law of attraction and money does not work.  We are subconsciously and consciously trying to tame that wild, primal, self-sabotaging beast inside of us.  We need to domesticate him, incorporate him into today’s world by getting him to stand erect, and to walk like a man in this modern society.  We need to teach him that abundance is not about having a great deal of resources, but feeling fulfilled and happy inside.   When the primal beast inside of us starts to beat his chest and howl that he wants more.  This is why I look to use the Silva manifesting technique.  It tames the primal beast inside of us. It teaches him that the law of attraction is not just about money and greed. It is all about the exchange of one service or good for another. It is about the exchange and flow of energy.  So everyone, and not just a few handpicked individuals, can experience abundance as one.


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