“Why is this happening to me? Is this Karma? Am I caged in a lifetime of just fulfilling Karmic debts? Is there no way to break these shackles?”


How many of us have asked these questions, desperately seeking an answer to the continuous spiral of negative events occurring in our life?


I have asked these questions numerous times to the Universe, but the more I asked, the more I felt that the Universe was ignoring me. One day, after being intensely frustrated, it hit me, “ Our fate is not in the hands of Karma. These shackles can be broken if only we can see that happiness comes from our own inner being and not from everything external to us.”


This is often very difficult for some of us to see, but a fundamental truth remains that we always have a choice about how we should deal with negative circumstances. We can choose to play the role of a victim, and let life slap us around, or we can choose to change our mindset, accept everything with grace and start taking small steps to change things around.


It is possible to take responsibility for the way our life is going by understanding that everything happening is a reflection of our energetic vibration. It starts with our subconscious thoughts, which then manifests itself in some way. If our subconscious thoughts are that of un-forgiveness, hate, anger, fear, jealousy etc. then we will attract situations and people into our life that only reflect more of this.


This can also explain why some situations keep repeating it self. When repetitive situations seem to linger, the Universe is giving us adequate opportunities to see the events in our life as they are; mere lessons to be learnt, and energy to be transmuted.


Therefore, the first step in transforming a negative situation is to fully accept and cease the inner urge to fight the Universe. Fighting it is like burying our emotions in a shallow hole in the desert, not realizing that a sand storm will eventually come and blow the sand right off, revealing the emotions again.


From personal experience, a good exercise that works to accept my feelings about a situation is as follows:


Imagine that your divine self (or that part of you that is pure consciousness) is hugging the hands of your human third dimensional self (that part of you that is filled with ego, fear, worry, hurt etc.). Your divine self says to your human self; “It is ok to feel this way. This is what fear (or the appropriate emotion) feels like and now it is time to let it go. I love you.” Then, visualize the divine self and human self, melting into each other.


Once we accept the uncomfortable emotion, we are facilitating the space for letting go.


The next step is in aligning to our core being by bringing ourselves completely into the present moment. By this, we are able to clear all the clutter in our mind to clearly identify the subconscious thoughts and behaviors that have contributed to the manifestation of the situation in our life. It is even better if we are able to understand the root causes of these subconscious beliefs! Is it from a childhood situation that have occurred, or a traumatic event? Getting to the root cause of where they came from is an important step in understanding and transforming negative emotions.


Let us use an example to illustrate; imagine that you have been depressed that is difficult for you to find a loving partner. On reflection, you realize that your subconscious beliefs came from your early childhood experiences of not being loved by your parents and having to work really hard at earning their affection. You notice that every time a situation triggers this feeling of “not being loved,” you react in the same old way that you have been reacting for years, which is “ trying too hard.”


After we have identified where the subconscious beliefs comes from, the next step is in re-programming the mind. Reprogramming is like using a software for your computer that clears all junk and viruses and enables your computer to work faster and more efficient.


From the example we used earlier, if we are able to reprogram our self to think that “love flows to me easily” or “the universe is filled with love and I do not have to work hard to get anyone’s attention,” then we are on the right track to healing.


However, it doesn’t stop there. The next step involves identifying “inspired” actions. These are actions that come from a place of trust and are often aligned with reprogramming our subconscious. For any of the affirmations above, we not only have to say it but live it as well! Actions much match the words!


If we begin to do this for every negative situation in our life, we will notice the growth of your consciousness.  Our energetic vibration will begin to also shift and attract more positivity into our life. This is where one begins to transform negative karmic effects.


This process takes time, but with commitment, we can make this into a practice such that every time a negative situation arises, instead of reacting and being a victim, we are now looking forward towards the opportunity for growth and transformation.


Author’s Bio: Neeta Maharaj is an intuitive, certified energy healer, spiritual development teacher and a life coach. Once an engineer, working for a secure corporate job for nearly 10 years, she left to follow her passion in helping others to emotionally heal themselves and to live their life on purpose. 
Her website can be found on www.neetamaharaj.com


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