How To Use The Universe of Form To Consciously Create

The universe of form is what appears outside and separate from you. You are spirit who has manifested a body from which to experience individuality. The truth however is that everything is not separate from you, but is an extension of feelings, thoughts and beliefs. When you come into form you are still connected with Divine Mind (God) experienced as higher self and are also given tools for human existence. These tools are conscious mind and ego mind. Conscious mind extends itself and manifests higher vibrational frequencies creating positive experiences. Ego mind takes your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and projects them into the world to validate and create your experience.

Everything comes into form through vibration and each feeling has a frequency and vibrational rate. Thoughts and beliefs mold it accordingly. Balance between conscious mind and ego mind is critical. Without it you are not mindfully creating but are creating unconsciously which leads to chaos and suffering. Remember that in the universe of form although everything seems separate and outside of you it is not. It is an illusion happening to give you the experience of individual perspective. You are not separate, you are connected to everything. This is collective consciousness. It is through this that mediums, psychics, empaths and hsp’s receive information. It’s how remote viewing is possible. Ever think of someone and the phone rings with them calling? Perhaps you feel something is wrong with a child and they walk in with a scraped knee. You are intuiting the universe of form and are focused or picking up on a specific vibration. What are the most common vibrations and their corresponding frequencies? This is a scale of emotions which is presented in Dr. David Hawkins books Letting Go and Power vs. Force.

Higher, positive frequencies:

• Peace (600)

• Joy (540)

• Love (500)

• Reason (400)

• Acceptance (350)

• Willingness (310)

• Neutrality (250)

• Courage (200)

Lower, negative frequencies:

• Pride (175)

• Anger (150)

• Desire (125)

• Fear (100)

• Grief (75)

• Apathy (50)

• Guilt (30)

• Shame (20)

Being conscious of what lies underneath every feeling will illuminate why you are attracting every relationship and situation into your life. What does experiencing that emotion give or attract for you? Is it something you really want? Are you ready to rewrite a belief system? Like attracts like! Are you ready to let go of fear to experience happiness?

The fastest way to shift into a higher vibrational frequency is to first admit to the feeling, acknowledge it without judgment. Then embrace and explore it. That means no emotion stuffing you must face it and travel through it. What is behind it? Is it a self-worth or apathy issue for example? Why are you holding that? What’s the payoff? Are you letting yourself off the hook somehow by holding that vibration? You feel okay about not stretching beyond your comfort level and extending yourself towards another goal? Ah, but if you did you would shift into the higher vibration of courage! The scale of emotions also correlates with the chakra system.

Using both you can get more specific on the details of each emotion and how you are projecting them through your energy centers and into the world surrounding you. It is in this way you draw people and situations into your life. Creating your reality to validate what you are feeling, thinking and believing and choosing to experience. People who are highly sensitive or empaths will pick up on the collective, because you are connected with all. All of us originated from the same source and are still a part of a whole. The goal of this existence is to have the experience of individuality and then return to wholeness by giving up the illusion and waking to the truth…. You never really left source, there is no “other” only oneness.

A mass awakening is occurring, more people will find that they are tuning into vibrations of “others”. This is the first step of the return journey home. Often it is not until challenged or overwhelmed that you seek change. The highly sensitive person is learning that there is no separateness. This step leads to exploring why is this happening, how can you manage overwhelm, just what is going on? When you explore and change what is within (vibrational frequencies) the world around you changes. It must because it is only a mirror for you to experience and validate your illusionary experience of separateness. Now you can begin to create with conscious mind by extending your higher vibrational patterns. Ego mind is in balance and you are free to create heaven on earth.

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths and highly sensitive people all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. If you have enjoyed this article please visit her blog at

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