With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the focus on finding love or being in a wonderful relationship comes to the forefront for many singletons. However, for Highly Sensitive People dating and finding love can be somewhat daunting, sometimes even challenging -especially for those who are more on the introverted side.

Understanding and managing certain aspects of the HSP trait is the first step when it comes to successful dating. A second step can be calling on some angelic assistance!  

Understanding the trait.
One in five people (approx.1.4 billion globally) are born with the high sensitivity trait. Anyone who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) processes emotions more deeply than someone without the trait, and often for longer. They are reflective and deep thinkers. They can also pick up on subtleties that others are unaware of and are highly empathic. But they also get affected by environmental and sensory stimuli, such as high noise levels, bright or unnatural lighting and strong smells. HSPs have a low tolerance of high levels of stimulation, and if there is too much, their sensory nervous system goes into a state of over-arousal and they can begin to feel overwhelmed.

So, when it comes to dating, their sensory processing sensitivities are working overtime. Meeting someone for the first time, being in a busy restaurant and trying to process the subtleties that they are picking up on, can end up being too overwhelming for some HSPs, unless they know how to prevent or manage the overstimulation effectively.
Other HSPs who have been judged, criticised or shamed for being ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too emotional’ by others, may have built emotional walls around themselves for self-protection or wear a ‘false mask’ to hide their sensitivity. They can also struggle with self-esteem and self-worth issues. The Angels can help us to heal on all levels. They also gently remind us that in order to attract a loving relationship with another, we must love, value and respect ourselves first and feel worthy and deserving of love.

Calling on the Angels for help

Thankfully, they are many different angels we can call on for assistance and support when it comes to dating and finding love, but we must remember to ask for their help because of our free will. Here are some of the different angels you can call on and what they can help you with specifically:

*Before you embark on the dating scene, call on your Guardian Angel and/or the Angels of Romance.
Your own guardian angel has been assigned to help you with everything in this lifetime. They also know you better than you know yourself! Start by developing a strong connection with your Guardian Angel so you can follow their guidance more easily. Then make a list of all the qualities that you are looking for in a partner, the interests you want to share and what’s important to you in a relationship. Then ask your Guardian Angel and/or the Angels of Romance to bring a partner that reflects what you are have written down by saying: ‘Thank you Guardian Angel/Romance Angels for bringing me a partner who is (then say what’s on your list e.g. kind, loving, spiritual etc’). I trust you will bring them to me within divine timing and for the highest good of us both. Thank you. And so it is.’

*First date nerves? Call on Archangel Michael.
Michael is one of the best known and most loved of the Archangels. He offers protection, courage and strength to all those who call on him. Ask him to wrap his wings around you to keep you safe and protected. His beautiful rays of blue healing light will help you to feel calm and soothe any feelings of anxiety.

*To feel more peaceful and confident on a date, call on Archangel Uriel.

Uriel’s name means ‘Light of God’ and his energy is a beautiful yellow colour. Yellow is also the colour of our solar plexus chakra which is the centre of our feelings and emotions. Uriel is the perfect Archangel to help you to shine and feel more confident.

 *For discernment and trusting your gut instincts: Call on Archangel Raphael. 

Raphael oversees our psychic and intuitive abilities (as well being the Archangel to call on for abundance and healing). Call on Raphael to help you heal any trust issues or to receive guidance or further clarity about a potential partner/relationship.

*To help you recognise real love or to work on any self-love or commitment issues: Call on Archangel Chamuel.
Chamuel works with the pink ray and her loving energy will help to deepen any romantic feelings between you and that someone special or help to heal any issues that are blocking you from finding or committing to love (including self-love issues).

Mel Collins is a UK-based author, qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, spiritual healer and angelic channel. ‘The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People – How to transform feeling overwhelmed and frazzled to empowered and fulfilled’ is published by Watkins Publishing. (Available now on Amazon.) The Handbook includes more in-depth information about relationships, dealing with overarousal/overwhelm and the unseen help around us.

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