I Am…

Who am I?

How many times do you answer that question? OK maybe not phrased like that, yet in every judgement, label or like and dislike you answer it. You became aware of yourself around age 3, by 4 you were getting the hang of it. You had a distinct personality and began your life’s work of defining that question of “who am I”. The problem with ” who am I” is it is ultimately false. Why? You are more than your favorite color, food, or ice cream. The concept of “who am I” places you in a container, and separates you from others who are not you.

You are born into this life, rather like a stage actor you’ve been given a part and developed your character, yet after the lights go down and costume comes off….. are you still who you thought you were?

Consider that you are of two natures here in this life, one is human and needs persona/ego to navigate the earth terrain. This is why you individuate and learn a sense of self. You’ve chosen your part (karmic perhaps), your costume for the play of “who I believe I am in this life”, which is always evolving in accordance with your last thought.
What of the other part? The part of you beyond persona, that which is directly from the creative force, the God spark, the eternal part. Does it care about ” who am I”? Perhaps it is the audience, watching and observing, supporting you as you unfold the drama of your life’s story. What happens when the curtain falls, the character is put aside? When there is no purpose to the question of “who am I” you surrender persona and once again return to your eternal truth of who you really are….. Of God.
Now in this moment, without any mind chatter, thoughts, worries ect. , your two natures are balanced. How would you experience life from this balanced point? Would there be acceptance, joy…. peace?
Without believing the next thought and being immersed in the story of “who am I” life might become kinder, after all it is only unfolding as does a play and with that knowledge of what happens after the drama ends….. Does it matter what happens to the character you played?

Tips for examining thoughts and feelings:


Ask Yourself:

What am I feeling?
What was I thinking as I felt this?
Does the thought match the feeling?
Did I feel this emotion yet not have thoughts that contributed? (did it come out of the blue?)

That last tip comes into play if you are highly sensitive. When you are sensitive you may pick up energetically (thought or emotion) and have a 3d experience of your environment. Imagine this, everyone else has well defined edges surrounding them. You do not, instead you flow in and out of your container. When you do that you might pick up feelings or thoughts that are not yours. Being unaware that you have done this, as you notice them you claim them as belonging to you, though in reality they do not. As soon as you claim them guess what! Yep, they become part of you until you cast them out. Using some simple questions, and assessing the answers will help you discard what isn't yours. Whether your thoughts and beliefs originated with you or you picked them up, you need some skill to re-define yourself. Who you are, what you think and believe, which in turn influences how you feel.

Tips for over-whelm:

Develop a plan to help you deal with over-stimulation and overwhelm. Step one is to acknowledge your overwhelm. Then try to re-frame the situation you are experiencing. Take a step back. You can use a mantra or phrase that brings you back to center and gives you sense of peace. Acceptance of the situation (which doesn't mean you'd go back and choose it) will allow you to flow with the experience rather than resistance, which brings even more anxiety. Remember to love yourself, so often it is tempting to berate and criticize yourself for being weak or for not reacting in the ways others do. You are wired this way, and you are perfect in your design. You can love yourself without loving the situation. When you want to shift out of this state you can use these techniques: remove yourself physically, either leave the situation or take breaks. Closing your eyes to reduce some of the visual stimulation will help, take a walk outdoors if you can, use breathing exercises, wash your hands and visualize the stress leaving, a good ole salt soak in the tub is great, and drink plenty of water. Boundaries are very important, make sure you set them and define them so others don't cross them. You can be flexible but know your limits.

Lynn Zambrano

Lynn shows highly sensitive people how to identify and bring balance to the energy and emotions they feel, so they can heal and find joy and peace. Please visit: http://www.lynnzambrano.com

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