I AM Beyond 'ME'

It is hilarious yet a reality everyone will vouch by, that many times in our life we are surprised by our ‘own’ self. The expression ‘I am beyond me’ rings out loud. Our own behaviour, conduct, attitude is like a slap on our face. We feel we have ‘arrived’ yet at the nick of the moment we go ‘haywire’. Where did it come from? Who triggered it? Or was it a scar hiding below many layers.

Just waiting for the right moment to ‘flare’ up.  However the case maybe we all have surprised ourselves in our life once in a while. And the revelation leads to yet another self ‘review’ phase.

We try to go behind the scene to figure   out the cause of it and a possible ‘thought surgery’, so to speak.

There’s another perspective to it; call it ascension, DNA uncoiling, consciousness shift or energy upgrade. What is happening since few years is our bodies are transmuting within. Many past lives imprints, false dogmas, genetic root imprints, cultural conditioning, religious decrees ect, very deeply ingrained in our DNA is getting flushed out or we can say is churning out and getting cleansed in the ‘high energy’ that is streaming through earth’s atmosphere. All the debris collected in the subconscious and rooted in our DNA is oozing out as various emotions: feeling sad, feeling cheated, feeling disoriented, feeling dragged, anxious, hysterical at times, angry, resentful and ironically fleeting moments of bliss too. It is the suppressed memories that are embedded within are coming up for clearance and further healing. The belief systems carried through many past lives are coming up to be re examined and released. Traumas, fears too are subjected to review and release. All for good. It’s like a karmic cleansing is taking place at many levels. The more the lower energies, less frequency thoughts and impressions get released; the more one’s consciousness gets raised – more purity. It’s a massive purification drive triggered by the ‘universal energies’ to resurrect the lost ‘god spark’ in all of us. Old souls who have been on this planet for eons will have the toughest ‘grind’ as they are here to transmute many lifetimes energies to ‘step up’ and move on the evolutionary ladder. It’s like collective consciousness rising, a huge upgrade for whole of humanity. One’s all are through with the ‘filtration’, we can enter the much talked about ‘dimensional’ shift – a ‘real time’ consciousness shift. Many from the ‘metaphysical’ community are already experiencing it; others just ‘feel’ better!

Specifically talking about the ‘healer community’, it’s such an unpredictable ride for them. Every day we are waking up with a new level of consciousness. What felt ‘unacceptable’ till yesterday seems ‘nothing’, rather fleeting today. Words of judgements, critiques, and rules even healing fundamentals are all sounding unrequited and blasé, as if they don’t stand a chance anyway! It’s another level of irony yet resonating with many of us. Many of us are actually looking at all the bygones as ‘hilarious’ or an expression like ‘oh my god, what was I doing’! We are seeing and sensing the short sightedness of our ‘own’ mental framing. It’s like we have just let the ‘blind folds’ go! All the so called ‘dictated’, rather passed on rituals, beliefs are here to be released big-time. The roar is rather straight and loud – ‘open your eyes’!  The word ‘transparency’ is a big hit, so is ‘realization’. Awareness is actually knocking on all our doors to listen to the ‘quiet’ authentic voice within and shut out the ‘dictates’.  A massive paradigm shift

No science can explain the revelation of the ‘soul’. The wisdom which one has gained through each birth on planet earth.  As our layers peal, we go more within, deeper and more ‘quiet’.

All the book reading, trainings, workshops seem nothing in front of the wisdom coming from the ‘sage’ within. The guidance is crisp – ‘look not without’, seek within. Quieten the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and ‘whys’- hail within. It’s a profound truth clearing all the layers of doubts, insecurities, fear that we held so tightly,   for so long. As the epic revelation is happening, we are releasing and revelling in that space of absolute ‘bliss’ ; a deep sense of gratitude is unfolding to the help being offered from our higher real. There’s so much being revealed; a feeling of a walking, talking guide along.

We are being helped, guided, and enlightened in a big way. It’s an incredible journey pacing us up in many ways. It’s a time to celebrate for many, possibly our last incarnation. The more we go easy with the ‘release’ process the better it gets. The more we go in the ‘quiet’ retreat, the more light we will be and the more energy we will be able to hold. It’s a powerful time! Call it ascension, purification or transmutation we are all heading the ‘light way’ for good and forever.


 Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach . Winner of many national and international awards for spiritual work. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume 1" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II". Both these books are available on Amazon.com and flipkart.com





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Comment by Sunanda Sharma on October 1, 2015 at 11:36pm

Thank you Shelly

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