I AM - The Embodiment of Me, Myself, and I

I AM – The Embodiment of Me, Myself, and I

Artwork by Natalia Koreshkova

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” – Lao Tzu

Well, this may be a little confusing at first but we don't need a psychologist to analyze our own "multiple personalities" of Me, Myself, and I.  They are all Present in our Life and, most certainly, in our reality so let's learn about who's who in the equation.  The goal and purpose of Embodiment is to really come to an emotional and spiritual space of Freedom from trying to Live up to other's expectations.  By embracing our own Journey through Life it Frees us up to experience our own Voyage, in our own vehicle no less, instead of hitchhiking on someone else’s.  When we drive ourSelf we Learn to take the scenic route through Life while growing in emotional and spiritual intelligence along the way.  Quite frankly, there's enough going on with Me, Myself, and I than to ever worry about other people's perception of Self.  This Life is an Infinite River where we always have an opportunity to learn about Self in order to Grow into the Spiritual dimension, not the other way around.  Our Spirit, and the Spiritual dimension, Lives within each and every one of us and we find it by way of the symbiotic relationship between Emotion and Spirit via the Trinity of Me, Myself, and I.

Who's who of Me, Myself, and I?

Me is the one whose job it is to operate the vehicle and keep the Passenger/s Safe.  Me is our “ego” mind who likes to know where they’re going and we are going to call Me the student driver or the “Driver” for short.  The Driver is stubborn and likes patterns and familiar driving conditions.  He/she tends to play it safe by sticking to the familiar route but rarely do they realize that just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s good for us.

Myself is our own unique lens and perspective on the World and our Lives in general.  Myself is the Passenger in charge of the radio and what frequency it’s on by way of Self’s perspective.  Self’s perspective can change at any moment on this journey called Life and we will call Myself the “Passenger”.   The Passenger is the one who transmits the radio signal letting the Driver know how the road conditions are and whether or not it’s an optimal route by way of their Experiences.

I is the Higher Self that we ALL have access to if we choose to allow this Presence into the vehicle.  I holds the Atlas to the Experiences we wish to have on this passage called Life.  I is our I AM Presence who is here to Navigate the unfamiliar road and mediate between the Driver and the Passenger so we will call I the “Navigator”.   The Navigator’s job is making sure the Driver and the Passenger don’t get lost along the way in their quibbling which looks like the proverbial angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. 

Now, we have a Driver (ME), a Passenger (Myself), and a Navigator (I) who all make their Home withIN.  No wonder we feel "confused" sometimes in trying to figure out which way to turn!  The Driver (ME) has a problem because the Driver just doesn't like driving school and/or learning new things.  The Passenger (Myself) has a problem because all he/she wants to do is Experience Life and all its infinite Blessings through its ever changing lens of perception.  The Navigator (I) has a problem because the Driver and Passenger are constantly "at odds" and has a hard time getting them to Acknowledge his/her Presence.   

The Trinity and the Journey of Life

The Driver is the “ego” mind or the emotionally tender one who Experiences said Emotion by way of the Passenger’s Perspective – Positive or negative.  The Driver is the one who acts/reacts to the circumstances he/she encounters based on the conditions of “River Road” which would equate to the bumps, twists, turns, and circumstances of the Path we are traveling in Life.  This has them taking a lot of crap because it’s the Driver’s job to keep everyone in the vehicle safe and it’s a serious job, no doubt.  In that, they can be overprotective with a tendency to drive around the circular driveway over and over even if it means getting a flat tire every time around.  The Driver is scared to try new things and as such tends to play it Safe when it comes to trying alternative routes or embarking on new destinations.  In other words, the Driver wants to take the Passenger wherever they Desire but, in stark contradiction, the Driver lives in “fear” he’s going to crash and hurt someone.  Let’s just say he lacks Confidence and hasn’t done so well in driving school a.k.a. the game called Life.  The Driver and the Passenger tend to argue about the radio “channel” in regards to playing it Safe or really going for the Heart and Soul kind of music – it’s all about the radio in the car, you know?  Either way, they are constantly trying to please one another instead of paying attention to their specific roles.  Luckily, we still have a Navigator, even though the Driver and the Passenger like to think they have it all figured out.

The Passenger is the Creator of our reality by way of how they choose to Experience Life which filters into the Emotions of the Driver.  The Passenger is most important because they’re the one who gets to fully Experience the ride and has control of the radio “channel” also known as The Law of Attraction.  He/she chooses the frequency of the transmission, meaning, are we on a Positive or negative channel and what kind of vibe are we sending out?  The Passenger is also in charge of whether or not the radio is set to Receive the Positive or negative transmission or whether to turn the receiver off all together.  On the one hand, Passenger is curious and thirsts for knowledge and experiences through its own perspective of whether or not he’s enjoying the ride.  On the flip side, the Passenger sometimes likes what they see and from there may not want to change vantage points.    For example, the Passenger tends to drift off when they get busy looking out the rear window (the past) and/or the front window (the future) and forgets to really enjoy the view of Life as it passes by in the Moment of NOW.  In that, the Passenger gets distracted in trying to decide whether to re-visit a Path already taken or whether to try a new way.  The Passenger frequently forgets to slow down and appreciate that there is a scenic route through Life and it’s called the Navigator.  

The Navigator's job is most certainly to guide the Driver and Passenger through the ever changing River of Life.  Because the Navigator is only Present in Spirit he/she is in charge of delivering Conscious Awareness or our I AM Presence into our physical realty a.k.a. the vehicle. When the Passenger decides where they want to go on the ride they send out a radio transmission to the Navigator who then, Lovingly but forcefully, encourages the Driver to change course or direction.  The Navigator is hard to communicate with sometimes because we first have to acknowledge their Presence and then give them Permission to Create the Atlas, map, or lesson plan – however you choose to look at it.  In other words, we have to Invite the Navigator to do his/her job of gracefully giving the Driver a new route and encouraging the Passenger to tune into the receiver on the radio.  The Navigator is the Unconditional Love of our I AM Presence who Loves us no matter what we choose to Experience on the trip but asks that we not harm ourselves or others along the way.  

The Infinite River

Life is a River that runs in the Infinite pattern of the Creator so there is Always an opportunity for the Driver to change course or direction.  This infinite pattern allows the Passenger time to observe and tune into where we want to visit or re-visit.  Our Conscious Awareness of the Navigator permits us to feel Safe knowing someone has a map of the River of Life and we can always find our way to another crossing.  When we reach the same crossing over and over again it is at the insistence of the Driver, Passenger, and Navigator asking the vehicle of Life to make a new decision, just this once, and go from there.  Recognizing the pattern of the Infinite River assures us that we always know where we’re coming from and where we’re going.  We know there’s always an opportunity to Experience something new or to keep having the same Experiences – we know we have a choice!  It makes it simple if we Learn we can always ask the Navigator to bring us to another intersection or take us to the restful shore of the River.  We understand that Spirit may not always give us what we WANT but we get what we NEED first to ultimately get what we want in the bigger picture.  This means we can virtually “start over” in every Moment just by asking for a new itinerary that will have the Driver forging a new Path and the Passenger sporting a new lens of Perspective on Life and its Infinite possibilities. 

To fully Embody the trinity of Me, Myself, and I with the Emotional and Spiritual aspects of our I AM Presence let’s talk about what it means.  Spirit is not something “tangible” which is why we just have to KNOW that this Presence is like mist on the River ever weaving Love and Connectedness into our “reality” if we choose to Allow it.  We also have a physical vehicle (Life and its Expression) that needs to be tended to in order to keep the vehicle functioning and moving on down River Road.  Let’s think about the word Embodiment and break it down into the Trinity. 

The Embodiment


Em is the Emotional aspects of our vehicle or Life expression and how we FEEL about things which also relates to our Spirituality.  We have to FEEL it, all of it, to know what Feels harmonic and melodious or what feels dark and disturbing.  The Em asks us to be Emotionally present in the vehicle (Life) and to be Aware of how we FEEL so our Spirit can help us Navigate the twists and turns.  Are we paying close attention to our Emotions and really Listening to what they’re trying to tell us about ourselves?  Are we choosing to act and/or re-act from a negative “vibration”? 

The bodi asks us to be physically Present in our Lives with our body, ALL of our “bodies”- meaning are we physically in attendance, actively participating, and attending (Nurturing) to our mind, body, and Spirit?  Are we exercising?  Are we eating properly?  Are we cherishing our Spirit and what it wants to accomplish emotionally via the physical body?  In other words, exercising our physical body it a great way to rid ourselves of anxiety, anger, depression, and a plethora of other vibrations we are looking to release.

Ment is the Mental/psychological lens we use which is equivalent to our Perceptions and how we choose to define our Experiences or whether our Experiences define us.  Are we mentally allowing ourselves the opportunity to Experience the infinite options the River has to offer?  Or are we holding onto the shore for dear life afraid to let go and really engage the River?  Are we “sober”, awake, and aware of what’s going on around us and in our Lives or are we in denial of our “reality”?

The Embodiment of the Life Experience and the Infinite River is the Conscious Awareness we bring to our Lives in general.  In short, we have a symbiotic relationship between our Emotions and our Spiritual Awareness or Presence which is the number 2.  We have the Trinity of Me, Myself, and I or the Driver, Passenger, and Navigator of our Life Journey which is the number 3.  And, we need to care for, maintain, and nourish our vehicle which is the Emotional/Spiritual, Physical, and Mental/Psychological components of said vehicle which is also 3.  Add it all up and we get the number 8, flip it on its side and we are limitlessly and undoubtedly prepared for the Journey of Life on the Infinite River.


About the author and instructor:

Jennifer Deisher has been sharing her gift of emotional and spiritual Healing through soul readings and an ability to connect with others via intuition, empathy, and emotional experience.  A profound Spiritual awakening opened a creative writing channel that converted her traumas into artistic expression unlocking the authentic Blueprints of the Soul. Today, her unique insight and connectedness with Spirit allows her to guide others into their Higher Self where our own unique and individual Blueprints await discovery.

Jennifer believes the art of human connection has been conditioned into detachment from our True Self, which consequently denies us the essential Blueprints of our evolution. Driven to share her perspective with the world, her writing has been published on numerous websites around the world. She is also a Guest Writer for Wake up World and founded the website BlueprintsForButterflies to help others connect with their Higher Self and create a spiritual foundation in line with their own individual energy signature.

For more information please visit BlueprintsForButterflies.com or stop by Wakeup-world.com.

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on June 29, 2014 at 10:06am

Hi Jennifer. Your article is being assessed for publication. We need it to be re-worked to bring it in at about 1,200 words. You need to shed about 900 or so words - I assess that in this instance it can be done without materially lessening the message of your narrative. If you do decide to re-work it, suggest you re-post, but with a title that doesn't reflect the 1st person, perhaps simply 'The embodiment of self' or something similar that you are happy with. Namaste, Trevor

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