I realize I have created a legacy.  People associate in near twenty projects, with circles being created within, in addition to Taa-naash-kaa-da Sanctuary.  It requires little thought to realize  that in a very short while the love and truth of what we do will spread.

Much as I look forward to the extension, I must focus on my winter chores.  Aiee, many times in the dream I have gathered with our original women’s circle in San Diego.  And these, visionary and strong, women carrying the love of Yraceburu!  The people we call our family are our fortune.  This has always been the premise of our family.  I have achieved my 4th World mission.  To Cure Soul Sickness, I have spent a lifetime Making Relations, and my efforts are reflected in you.

For now, we are integrating.  Before we close the door on the 4th World, it is necessary to agree that we are done and complete in our need to “process” 4th world experiences.

I uncoil my consciousness as Grandfather taught me to do and shake the stiffness of addictive behavior sensations, then inject the sensations of tranquility and a momentary glimpse of 5th World reality occurs.  Slowly, I begin to see more glimpses reflected in and around our family, talking and soft ceremonies were occurring.

At first the sensations left folks a little bewildered, an some even experience a physical loss of equilibrium.  The Hat’ii in San Diego has been the first to relax into the Dream.

It’s dark and cloudy today.  A day suggesting to humans that we become reflective.  The Dream will not retreat, it simply hovers until we open to receive it.  This is a moment when the clear intent to watch each change in life and realize we are living the Dream.

With the coming of snow, I relax the need to be hyper active.  I wave to individuals personally as I allow the keys to the future to unfold in my less-active moments.

Right now, for the first time in a long while, I am able to sit by the fire and sleep curled into the warmth of Changing Mother’s winter dream.  This has become a very important thing.  I am warmed not only in my body but in spirit, and it seems my medicine is good.

At daylight the horses gallop past the dining room windows where Lynda and I have coffee and say our morning prayers.  I check email and the voices are softer, and I reply to them softly.  Most are completely unafraid, and I work more intimately with these.

Carefully I chart, one person to the next, slowly and deliberately taking the new life patterns in.  I intermingle through, between, among, every varied pattern possible, calming sensations as we become accustomed to our new robes.

Before Water Dancer swims with the great Manatee, I will gather and prepare the pilgrims, the Akicita – Guardians of Future Prophecy.  An idea is beginning to form in my mind.  I have already decided it might be possible to drive, stopping for ritual along the way, in the old style.  I’ve changed a lot in how we do the pilgrimages to make them more of a Task of Calling, everyone responsible for themselves, but personally the travel to and from pilgrimage is where I receive what I need.

Now I begin to think in terms of my students.  I wish to make things more participant friendly, and with the Sacred Parents’ blessings it will be possible for me to give personal discounts in the tuitions.

Meanwhile, the future of the Sisters of Honua Project will depend entirely on our Council Retreat next month.  Even at the crossroads of this project, the possibilities that lie within change show a strong presence of becoming with these involved.  I have stepped back in the energy, watchful, hopeful.

After innumerable attempts to provide individuals with opportunities to move from “I to We” I am confident my transition provides the final stimulous.  I step back and release outcome.  For the rest of this Dream Season, I move slowly, deliberately and in snake rhythm.  I uncoil my consciousness and wear it as my truth.

The task is endless in it’s spontaneity, and at times I almost vibrate in what I see.  Gradually, it has become apparent, the interactive energy is trust.  My beliefs are calmer, more receptive.  I uncoil my consciousness.

The sight of integrating wheels of energy seem vibrant again, and it requires less efforts to regain our balance.

I noticed at 12:12 the energy tempted us to react.  It was a ludicrous interaction, and each time we thought it was resolved, it would return.  This momentary test put a few others in motion, a chance to be done with 4th World Soul Sickness we might still carry.

I studied the week that followed, as we slid into the infamous 12:21.  I climbed through information sent to me to find the passages my words and imagry might utilize to change a perspective toward the positive.  A few scrubby accusations clung precariously in the news casts, as they giggled and announced “we’re still here! They Mayan’s were wrong!”  Overhead, the golden eagle landed on the large pine that shaded our spirit plate.  I laughed out loud and shook my head.

Quietly, I arranged my crystal dream grid as we headed into Christmas.  When the last stone was placed on the world map overlain with a medicine wheel grid, I sprinkled pollen in gratitude.  I descended into the winter, gathering wood, and spreading word-painted visions around the internet.  It is easily shared these days, though my electrical time capacity shortens.  The earth vibrates my 6th Kyong (navel) and conceals a new discovery within me.  The energy repeatedly brushes past me without harm.  In addition, I know that my silver cord has just been rewired.  There would be a space of a few heartbeats within the narrow space in time when I had to acknowledge this truth.  That was all the time that was needed.

I turned, moving slowly, and walked among others dreams toward the common dream.  Now will be the most powerful time of the 5th World.  I ponder what April and May will bring.  April we’ll be in Arizona for the activation of the West Polar Axis that induces the narrow connecting path between Tibet and North America.

Carefully we circle, chanting ceremoniously.  The dragon moves aside, steps lightly around North American, and directs us briskly to perfectly encircle our belief systems.  We move slowly, diligently, walking and singing our song of Making Sacred All Things.  The dragon moves the earth, as they have numerous times before, glancing coyishly as we follow.

We approach a moment where the dragon has repeatedly turned, and in April the progeny of Tashina, the Earth Dragon will stop.  Dzit’dzil will daintily step around our doubt, duck her head, and lung into our conscious reality.  The connection to 5th World Truth strengthens as the Dragon realizes we have passed our final Rainbow Warrior’s task.

I sit and watch the clouds, my pen scribbling thoughts quickly.  The great eagle cries, looping high in the sky, and vears over the ridge.

Lynda prepares for her mother’s crossing.  We babysat a two year old wolf pup.  A few times the pup become confused and frightened, and paced frantically avoiding Lynda.  Mom was with Lynda.

I was elated.  The connection was strong in their transitions.  Eve better, it was apparent in other members of our community experiencing similar family situations, that everyone was choosing an easier path… yalan intin – good journey.   I watched these things, not trying to do anything, which would end with me accomplishing anything anyhow.  I danced in deams and vision, and it seemed that the more I relaxed , the more was accomplished without trying.

At last the dream is quiet, breathing peace, streaked with vibrancy, trembling with ecstasy.  Atop the truth, we dream and tremble.  We have exited the 4th World and are exhausted from the birthing journey.  We sit and call one another to council in our dream, gently discussing sensations in progression.

“You see, Naylin, the earth changes you.”

My guide Nakia cocked his head to one side as he used my childhood name… my great grandmother’s name.  There was only love and compassion in the gaze, and excitement.

I sat and sang softly until Little Wise Coyote appeared in the meadow, then disappeared into the tree line beyond the pond.  Finally I put pen to rest and devote myself to Lynda.

“A good year,” I sigh. “A good year, ukehí!  Thank you!”



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Cycle of the Star Path

Year of Patience

5th World Coming Together

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