"I Will Tell You Your Future! Now Hand Me That Screwdriver!"

Tarot Cards, tea leaves, scrying balls, pendulums and other divination tools are perceived with some amount of misconception. First, lets identify a few things VERY briefly:

Tarot Cards: It is widely believed that they originated in Milan in the 15th Century.  They were actually fashioned from playing cards and over time developed significance as a tool for spiritual practice.

Tea Leaves: The idea is that a seer lets you drink a cup of tea and the leaves that are left in the bottom of the cup provide him or her with spiritual information.

Scrying Balls/Mirrors: These are usually black.  The whole crystal ball image comes from the talent of scrying, or "perceiving dimly".  The idea is for the seer to meditate into the object falling into a state of "trance" or elevated energy frequency and receive images that he or she must then interpret.

Pendulum: Ever see those crystals on the end of a chain? Thats a pendulum.  The pendulum's "power" originates from the "earth".  They are made of natural objects, usually crystals. This is because of the idea of oneness and all things being connected.  If you "power" the pendulum with your energy, which basically means to hold it for a while or have it on your person, it connects you more strongly to the earth so that when you ask a question, it is a direct link to that energy.  How it works is by simply "answering" your questions by moving in certain forms or directions as it is dangled over something or someone. The seer will understand its direction because he or she actually programmed it that way.  Left to right swinging means no, circles mean yes is a basic strategy most seers use, but each practitioner has its own interpretations of the pendulum's movements.

Psychometry: This practice allows the seer to see the past, present and future of an "object", not a person.  He or she will hold something and see its "life".

These are just a FEW divination practices out there.  There are countless more. 

So here is the reality:

There are no powers in these objects.  The power is in the seer.  To be even more accurate, the power is in the heightened connection that the seer's energy has with the collective energy of the universe.  There is no magic that comes from tanglible things. A person would have the same psychic result using a packet of splenda and a screwdriver as they would with 14 crystal balls. Magic and mysticism come from energy, everything comes from energy.  The Law of Attraction is all about energy. However the "magic" of these tools is that they are  helplful and useful in grounding the seer and to  help them get into a state of peace to be able to "read'.  However, once that connection is made, it is simply energy exchanged by the reader and the querent that provides the necessary information, not the tool itself.

There is no more validity to the gifts of a reader who uses these tools prominently or a person who simply closes their eyes and connects.  The point of the art and the craft is to be able to assist humanity in its search for truth and enlightenment.  The universe doesnt care what your "alter" looks like, or what kind of tea you drink, or if you need to spread out a display of 78 pictures to get the message to a person who the universe has brought to you for guidance.  There is no right or wrong in this practice. 

Additionally, there is no good or evil in it either.  The good and evil comes from the energy being exchanged.  People have widely frowned upon the use of certain tools like the Ouija and even Tarot Cards as a practice of dark arts.  The reality in this, again, is the energy involved.  If a person takes the "risk" of playing with a Ouija for the thrill of the result, with a knowledge of possible "evil" surrounding it, if something bad happens it is not the fault of the cardboard and plastic, it is the energy being released into the universe by the participants. The same goes for Tarot cards or any other divination tool.

It is energy itself that moves people and situations and helps to interpret the past, present and future of all things.  Few people realize just how powerful collective energy is. Gratitude, love, peace, collective humanitarianism and spiritual enlightenment can change the world.  Someday perhaps, but for now...let's keep our energy proud, keep it powerful and glowing with joy!  Make a list of all your blessings and for every one, plant one flower in your yard, give one dollar to a charity, hug your pet, have one piece of really delicious chocolate!... or just smile.  The energy of a smile is more powerful than any force on earth!...love to you...xoxo

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