The perception of illness is really nothing more than a state of mind. Healing or the state of being healed is one’s natural state of existence. When one perceives an illness it is because they have wandered out of their natural state of wholeness. Remember to be whole means to be healed and vice-versa. If one’s natural state is to be whole or healed then it can be said that there really is nothing to be “done” with regards to healing a perceived illness. The illness itself is a manifestation in a false state whereby one perceives themselves to be separate from God and the universe. One cannot fix something that exists within a scenario that does not truly exist in reality.

For example, if someone was having a dream that they were having some kind of a bacterial infection, to assume that within that dream taking antibiotics would fix the perceived illness is really nothing more than an addition to the dream itself. Attempting to heal the infection in this state actually perpetuates the dream, causing the mind to further separate from the normal waking state of existence. The real healing in this case would simply be to wake the person up, putting an end to the illusory state once and for all. Upon waking the person would realize that there was no infection to begin with, therefore the perceived illness does not need attending to after all. In other words the healing itself was merely a shift from one state of consciousness to another and nothing more.

Similarly being in the physical world people suffer from a sort of waking dream state whereby they believe that the illusion of separateness is real. When one remembers their divine connection with everything in the universe through meditation, the awakening process is set in motion. When someone is fully awakened or even experiences periodic moments of lucidity then they perceive not only their natural state of consciousness but also a period of time where they are free from perceived illness.

Illness cannot take place in the awakened state of consciousness so this in and of itself can serve as a reflection of where a person is currently at in their spiritual development. An enlightened monk or holy man who spends his time training his mind and controlling his thoughts is no doubt in control of how his mind will perceive his own body. Healing for him would be as simple as flipping a switch from on to off. He knows all that is required is the act of regaining his sense of wholeness or oneness and he can quickly restore himself to that divine state through meditation.

You can look at meditation and illness like this. When operating from the split mind or from a place where you are not connected to Spirit then you always run the risk of getting sick. The risk of illness always exists in that state of mind. Likewise if you eat undercooked chicken you may not get sick from salmonella every time but you run the risk of getting sick every time you eat it when it is in an undercooked state. However, if you cook the chicken fully you will never get sick from salmonella. The illness cannot survive at the appropriate temperature or in the appropriate state. Similarly perceived illness cannot exist when one is fully engaged in the appropriate state of existence for wholeness and health. In this metaphor meditation would basically be the cooking process. The process of cooking something or heating something is simply the act of speeding up or raising the energetic vibration of that thing. The higher or faster your rate of vibration the healthier you are. The more you meditate and connect with your whole (healed) state the less likely you are to fall ill.

To truly understand how the mind creates and heals illnesses we can examine the minds and bodies of patients with Multiple Personality Disorder. Michael Talbot points out in the Holographic Universe that people with MPD have the ability to heal their bodies and change their physical attributes upon the switching of their personalities. Tumors, burn marks, and scars disappear and reappear. Epilepsy and diabetes appear and disappear. Eye color and eye vision changes. Left and right handedness changes. Some MPD females experience two to three periods monthly. The most amazing thing about these changes is that they all happen instantaneously.

Healing essentially is nothing more than recognizing your wholeness. There is nothing to “do”. Healing is not “doing”. It is the act of “being” whole. Wholeness cannot be achieved or gained even. You cannot gain something which you already are. Healing is the act of remembering your wholeness. Remember with the dream scenario that nothing needed to be done or achieved to heal the perceived infection. The healing was already done as there was no infection to begin with. The personality merely needed to awaken and shift its consciousness to the state of reality and away from the state of the dream.

The simple affirmation of wholeness itself contains so much healing power. Whenever an illness is perceived it is helpful to make a simple affirmation or declaration to the universe that you are indeed AWARE of your natural state of existence and that you have somehow shifted away from it temporarily. Affirm to yourself that your natural state of existence is whole, holy, and healthy. All other perceptions are false and not a part of the true you. Then upon re-connecting with the whole of everything through meditation you will re-awaken to your true authentic state where illness can no longer be perceived.

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