APRIL 2011

The messages that have been coming through for the next months have been ones containing multifaceted images. On March 8th the following painting was completed, it took quite some time to finish. It had been a reoccurring project, as each time I attempted to start the faceted images kept continually shifting. Many scenes of huge waves of water, volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes and the sun with solar flares kept coming to me. In the middle of the chaos a crystalline pyramid with the rainbow ray clearly visible, the area inside feels like it is calm and peaceful. I sense it is showing a foundation of what can be, and one word came to me when focusing on the energy within the pyramid that was "Utopia". Below the pyramid you can see the violet ray surrounding Earth in a heart shaped energy, this is the transmuting the non healed energies. There is also depicted the energy of the galactic center, the central sun, that is activating our shift by pouring forth high vibrations to Earth.


The main message that comes through clearly in this painting is: remain calm, centered and focused even with the chaos that seems to be surrounding you. The similarities to the images to what has now happened in Japan, the earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption and possible nuclear devastation were chilling for me, even down to the way that the amazing Japanese people handled the aftermath of these disasters, cool, calm and community minded.

The next message that came to me was yet another multifaceted image, but this one felt like rebirth. The energy of the phoenix is clearly surrounding the multifaceted gem, with a brilliant ray of light illuminating the way.


Both of the images also flow with a message that I received in the form of poetry in February.


Feel the power of the creator within,
allow this magnificence to flow.
sense the incoming brilliance ,
as energies begin to grow.
These gifts create the glory of love,
before returning to the vibrations above.
Sharing this knowledge with Creator source,
as we continue upon our course.

We each are facets of a glorious gem,
spread far and wide across space and time,
All unique but of the whole,
starseeds all from one Divine.
As you grow the facets gather,
returning home to be complete.
Each aspect drawn by magnetic force,
as we continue upon our course.

Once complete, at one with all,
we Ascend to higher planes.
feel the love of the Creator then,
as each reveal thy names.
Is this the end, our journey done,
To be at one with source?
Or once again go journeying
as we continue upon our course.

©Deb Graves Araznu
Feb 28th 2011.


During these times of intense transformation the energy can become overwhelming even for the ones who are leading the way. The high vibrational energies that are flowing to earth from the solar flares and geomagnetic storms have been affecting many, with reports of similar symptoms I was guided to write the following:


Here are a few things that you can do to get through the incoming solar and geomagnetic blasts.

1. Drink lots of water, this helps to assist the flow of energy.

2. Ground your energies to Mother Earth, allowing the flow of energies to pass through you rather than build up and cause discomfort.

3. How many of you can't seem to decide what colour to wear in high energy? Choose something neutral (tan, taupe, brown) as this will gently absorb all rays equally. If you wear a particular colour it will activate that chakra and sometimes overload it.

If you wear blue or purple you may find you have headaches or migraines as these colours will activate the energy in your higher "head" chakras. Red, may cause back pain as it is connected to your root chakra your foundation and support. Yellow can cause stomach problems, Orange, bladder and sexual energy problems. Green, the heart energy can overload to cause heart palpitations.  Any of this sound familiar!

White will reflect the energy, black will absorb all the energy at full blast.

4. Rest when you feel the need, even a few moments of inner reflection can bring you back to a centered place.

5. Eat light meals, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit (mixed juices are perfect) this will allow your body to focus on integrating the energies and not have to use so much energy on digestion and elimination.

 Many are feeling dizzy, hyperactive, light headed or the extreme so tired that they cannot function, others are feeling pressure on their head and shoulders. Allow and choose to let these wonderful cosmic occurrences raise your vibration. Yes it will shake loose anything that you are holding on too, recognize the lessons in the scenarios shown to you and release!

 Enjoy the ride!

Much Love and Blessings
Deb Graves Araznu

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