Incoming Energies for November and December 2010



November/December 2010

As I sat before the calender for November 2010, I noticed something
different about these pages. For me I usually have many notations,
numbers and circled dates, but this month had one thing alone
marked, the full moon. This one thing was not unusual, as every month in
my channeling calender the full moon has been circled.
Without my many usual notations I now opened my computer with the
intent of creating the energy image for November.

Colours and shapes began to appear to me very quickly. It is at times
challenging to keep up with the information that I receive. I do not
know the end result until the energy providing the image stops. Before
me was a beautiful picture, and as I focused one word came to me
"Intersect". It is at this time that I now go about focusing on what
more information is attached to the one word and the image.

I decided to meditate and see what information I could receive,
nothing! I felt a calm, peaceful energy and that was it. So is November
going to be a month of relaxation, a void before the storm? What other
things had come to me this month that may lead me to understand more of
what is happening. I had written an article about ascension symptoms
and asked for feedback from lightworkers around the world, yes, that
was it! Many were experiencing the integration of the male and female
aspects, eyesight, hearing and physical pain on one side or the other
for no known reason. With these immense energies coming in, we would
need to take time to rest.

The Channeling? Well at least the start:
November 2010, a time of rest, calm, integration and assimilation. We
will be continuing our transformation and balancing the male /female
aspects, the twin flame energies now within us. I read back this
statement. Wait... The twin flame energies now within us? Was this what
the twin flame energy was about?

The last visionary painting that I had just finished in September, was all
about the twin flame energies. I had assumed, as it seems many had, that
the twin flame was to be a meeting of two energies (as in a couple), but now
as I focused I could see what it actually meant. These aspects were in
fact to be integrated into our own being, both male and female,
reunited once again after eons apart. Both parts of the Divine spark
that had separated. One to be incarnated the other to guide in spirit
form from the higher realms.

It had been at the end of August when I experienced the flow of the twin
flame energies within me. On a meditative journey I had been joined by
what I can only describe as my other half. I had always felt this energy
around my being but now it was combining with my essence. I will tell you
bluntly what it felt like when these energies entwined, "orgasmic".
A wave of unconditional love erupted, I felt like I was in the stars with
fireworks going off all around me.

Poem written after this experience:

As the vibration increases igniting within,
twin flame energies entwine.
flowing together towards the stars,
erupting in waves like fireworks shine.
male and female in balance and joy,
reunited after time untold apart.
together as one cosmic love unfolds,
unconditional love through the heart.

For the days that followed I felt, complete, centered, balanced, calm
and in a place that I wanted to stay.

So, November 2010 is a time of integration and assimilation of our male
and female aspects. A time to stay calm, centered and balanced (as best
we can.) Allow and embrace the flow of energies that wash over and through
us. Some may feel discomfort on one side or the other, remember left
female, right male energies. If you are being challenged on the left,
take time for creative projects, embrace your feminine qualities,
including nurturing and emotions. If you are being challenged on the
right, embrace your logical thinking and all things that masculine
means to you, I think of courage and strength.



I turned the page on my channeling calender to December and dates
were marked drawings and symbols on specific dates jumped out at me.
The most obvious markings were 3/3/3, four dates in December total the
3/3/3 energy. What is so important about the 3/3/3 you may ask, this is
the Christ Consciousness number!

How do I come up with the 3/3/3? December 3rd 2010 or I will write it
3/12/2010, you will notice that each section adds up to a three. The
other dates are 12/12/2010, 21/12/2010 and 30/12/2010. It was at this
time I was drawn to December 21st, I had sketched a triangle and within
this triangle was a large open eye. My notes read, golden triangle,
golden glow, eye of God, 3.3.3, full moon and solstice on same day,
HUGE ENERGIES of the Christ Consciousness, gateway, universal nurturing
and three fold flame.

Curious that this date is two years to the day that the Mayan calender comes
to an end, or should that be a new beginning? I sense that this gateway
is the start of the acceleration towards 2012 and also the end of the 3D
reality as we now know it, as the 3.3.3 energy totaled equals 9 which calls
for closure.

So there you have it, the makings of a channeling, well at least how it
works for me. I use images, words, short phrases. Numerology and
subliminal sketching. Notations on a calender, physical and meditation
experiences. With all of these puzzle pieces coming together, I intend
to assist us in understanding what is to come.

Much Love and Blessings

Deb Graves / Araznu.

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