Most of us in the Western world and many in the Eastern world have been taught that heaven is a place. Not only is it a place, but it is a place to which we may retire upon death—i.e., it cannot be had prior to death, except in those rare instances in which we might say that we get a little taste of it through some euphoric event.

Further, most who participate in Western religion, have been taught that we can find reference to this particular description of heaven in the Christian Bible or the Jewish Tanakh. But what if we were to learn that that version of reality is based in what can be called a duality trance state?

Well, if we look deeply into the root language of the texts referred to above, these texts actually say something quite different about heaven. And as we learn that root language--those same options for intertation that were available to those who translated these texts originally--we begin to understand that the options chosen for interpretation came from that same duality trance state. That state of consciousness meant that they were going to choose the words that matched that state. And becasue they chose that way, we have huge misinterpretations regarding what the Christian Bible really means.

The duality trance state was incorporated into the body/mind of humanity at the metaphorical tree of knowledge of good and evil. There, as a part of the creative endeavor to unite form with formlessness, we became hypnotically entranced to the idea that we were separate from the divine. We did not “sin” when we did that, for the way had been prepared by the divine (‘elohiym), when the idea of ourselves as divine, was placed into the past tense. Further, the so-called “curses” given to humanity as a result of the incorporation of duality, were actually informing us of what it was going to be like as we lived in form as if we were not also formless and divine. We’d be cut off from the internal and live only from the external, we’d believe that we had to struggle for our suppers, and we would dedicate ourselves to that struggle as if it were the only truth.

And so we have, haven’t we? So, why did we have to do that? Well, when we created ourselves anew as form, we then had to answer all the questions inherent to form. Is form a separate entity? And if so, what do we do with this longing to reconnect to that divine essence? We rationalized that the reason we were separate was because “God” was good and humanity was evil. So, regardless of what the “history” of the Bible tells us about the horrendous deeds done by this God, “he” was good, even holy. And regardless of what that same history tells us about what humanity was capable of, “he” was still considered to be evil. And we have built our entire cultures on that framework. Everything, literally everything--from our behavior and thoughts, to the food we eat and the lovers we’ve had--fits neatly into one of these two categories, good or bad. And we live our lives split off from any identification with divinity, instead living an “as if” existence, as if we are not divine at all.

But the truth that we find when we look into the root language of the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian Old and New Testaments, is that we actually are divine, and the process of our awakening through the very journey of duality, is what we are here to do. Incarnation after incarnation we are gaining in each lifetime more and more information about who we are as divine beings. And we are more and more putting to rest the notion of duality.

In fact, heaven is that very process of coming from the divine and walking through duality to become aware of ourselves as divine. But instead of being divine in formlessness, we will come to know ourselves as divine in form. In other words, the body will be invited into its natural divinity. We came here to unite form with formlessness—not to win a battle between good and evil. We came here to complete the process of uniting form with formlessness by answering every single question relevant to living as divine beings in form. And we can only answer those questions by walking through the questions with all of the uncertainty and blindness that comes with any question. We must EXPERIENCE both the question and its answer one lifetime at a time. This is definitely an experiential journey. And it is this very experience that is putting into the body a physical awareness of its divine nature.

If we think about it, we are only now on the furthest fringes of beginning to even respect that body for its wisdom and its generosity to us. We have a ways to go. But that path is the path of heaven. Heaven is an incessant transformative process ongoing, never-ceasing, eternal and all about our being fully absorbed in the all-consuming love that is the divine. And we are there. NOW.

We can experience that heaven NOW, however, much more openly when we come to know that we are always there. So, yes, we can have all of its joy, all of its power, potential, freedom and love. Right now. But we can experience it even more deeply when we realize that that thing we call “pain” is a deep and potent energy of love. Pain, like anger, fear and other energies that we typically call “negative” are but energies of the all-consuming love of the divine. Not only are they powerfully transformative, but the energy itself when experienced as energy puts us in touch with the divine we are.

So, it turns out that the Bible, like the Indian Vedas, the Buddhist and Sufi sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts from various world religions, is telling us that we are divine Self. Jesus--that great Zen Master--was telling us the WE ARE heaven. Thus we can inhabit heaven right NOW. 

~~~~If you’d like to learn more about this, get the book, Inhabiting Heaven NOW, recently published by John Hunt Publishing, by Andrea Mathews. Andrea Mathews is a psychotherapist with a thriving private practice, offering Transpersonal Therapy to her clients for the past seventeen of her overall thirty years’ experience as a therapist, manager and a supervisor of therapists, in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health field. She is the author of three books, RESTORING MY SOUL: A WORKBOOK FOR FINDING AND LIVING THE AUTHENTIC SELF, and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: THE SOUL’S ANSWER TO WHY IT ISN’T WORKING AND HOW IT CAN, and most recently, INHABITING HEAVEN NOW: THE ANSWER TO EVERY MORAL DILEMMA EVER POSED, as well as several articles in national and international magazines, and several poems in literary presses. For the past five years she has been the host of the AUTHENTIC LIVING SHOW on, with over 150,000 listeners, having interviewed some of the world’s most profound and prolific spiritual teachers, authors and entertainers. An inspirational speaker to both corporations and large and small groups, Andrea’s theme is always authenticity. For fun, Andrea is also an artist and a musician. Learn more about her and her work at and at

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Comment by Andrea Mathews on February 1, 2014 at 1:35pm

Thank you Kathy!

Comment by Kathy Custren on February 1, 2014 at 12:31am

Thank you, Andrea--will be recommending for the website. ~ Blessings!

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