Our reality, in the third dimensional realm, is rooted in the concept of space and time. Our physical bodies are formed within a specific space, we are born at a certain time and, as humans, our lives continue to unfold along this linear pattern. As third dimensional beings, in order to live on planet Earth, we must agree to the time-space continuum. Though confined to some degree by our physicality in this dimension, we know our spiritual essence is eternal and constant, which defies both time and space as well as any particular dimension.

Our thoughts, feelings and other non-physical aspects of ourselves are already engaged in other dimensions, namely the fourth and fifth, but we often don’t recognize these dimensions as such. Instead we “densify” our non-physical energies by habitually incorporating them; or we disregard them altogether. Yet, at this time in our human-spiritual evolution, our awareness of our multi-dimensionality is expanding. We are ready to move beyond the third dimension and consciously explore higher realms beyond mere thoughts and feelings.


For many, the idea of higher dimensions can be intriguing, overwhelming or incomprehensible – or a little of each! Though simple in the practical sense, living a third dimensional life, unconscious of the other realms, is becoming more unsatisfying for the masses of awakening people. Whether one has a sense of “something more,” wants to experience greater meaning and purpose in life, or has decided to follow a specific spiritual path, the need to pursue deeper aspects of “being” is gaining popularity.  


As we begin to reflect on our state of being, we expand beyond the knowing of self into a grander awareness; one which touches on the vastness of infinite dimensions. Though the awareness gained may not be detected by our conscious mind, or understood fully, the experience opens patterns within us to allow for deeper connections to these other realms. Even without personal effort, since our collective consciousness is evolving so quickly, we are each becoming more aligned with higher dimensions. Of course, we can catapult our personal awareness with focus and inner work.

In our interest and quest, we may wonder where these higher dimensions are or how we can get to them, as our linear minds try to grasp something tangible. However, these other dimensions – as we can experience somewhat with our thoughts and feelings – aren’t actually in a location at all. Yet, we can imagine their existence in a field around our physical bodies similar to our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, or that of our chakra system.


In terms of accessing these dimensions, we can first realize that we already experience them on a daily basis – we dream, think, imagine, love, and so on. Clearly, just like our dreams, we can choose to deepen our conscious connections.


To learn to sense other dimensions more keenly, you can practice tuning into the more etheric, yet familiar, fields and observe what’s there with greater neutrality. For example, you can pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without engaging in them. You can set the intention to dream more vividly and record your dreams without having to interpret them. You can practice “sensing” your chakras and notice their qualities. The more you connect with and observe these aspects of yourself, the more open you become to dimensions beyond them.


As you practice and evolve, you can then develop a means of interpretation or understanding which will bring greater awareness about yourself as well as the energetic fields you encounter. Allowing the awareness of your emotions to be indicators of deeper energies, rather than reacting to them, brings an equilibrium which opens your ability to explore higher dimensions. If you’ve discovered that your dreams are guiding you to be more self-loving – and you take action to do so – not only will you experience positive results, you learn to trust your dreams and your relationship to this realm. Paying attention to your chakras and working to keep them clear and balanced also greatly improves your spiritual awareness.


For serious seekers, a mystical practice can take you into realms beyond everyday comprehension. Deep meditation, shamanic journeying, intense breathwork and spiritual fasting can open your body, mind and spirit to realms that are indescribable, profound and even life altering. In time, these states can become integrated into daily life and the need to use extreme means to access them becomes irrelevant.


At this time, many are excited and wondering about when the fourth or fifth dimensions will become realities on planet Earth. Just like our individual range of energy fields, all dimensions already exist in the fields around the Earth; we simply need to create a relationship with them. As each of us tunes in and utilizes the information from other dimensions, we simultaneously open the patterns in the collective. And, of course, the more of us who consciously access the higher realms, the more incorporated – and natural – it becomes for our earthly experiences.


With awareness, trust and practice, each of us can create our own reality shift into higher dimensions. From the basics of third dimensional living, to neutral observations of thoughts and feelings, to deeper interpretations of dreams and patterns, to the more mystical experiences of higher states, we are ready, here and now, to explore and expand. 

Just think, in the reality without time or space, we are already there!

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on June 15, 2013 at 12:42pm

Hi Veronica - selected for one of the August multi-media editions

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