Intuition: 4 Simple Ways to Use Your Super Power

Intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning; a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Many people don’t think they have good intuition, but everyone has it. There are so many things we do to either nurture it or block it. Intuition is far from logical. It calculates answers and delivers them unapologetically, with no explanation, and is usually right. So while tuning into your intuition may be scary at first, I’m going to help you with steps to do it easily, so you can harness this awesome super power.

If we considered the awesomeness of intuition more often, we’d be better friends, spouses, parents, children, and career people. But the fact is, with the information overload we are constantly exposed to, we have learned to check with ourselves…well…last. 

Coming from a place of greater balance, you’ll be more able to connect to this amazing tool inside your very own body that is far more accurate than guessing and analyzing or worse—listening to everyone else’s guessing and analyzing.

Here are my top tips to re-connect with yourself and therefore, your intuition.

1. Focus on feeling safe. Not feeling safe is the basis of much that keeps us stuck emotionally. This includes feeling safe enough to speak up for ourselves, safe enough to trust life and let go of trying control everything, safe enough around loved ones to let them be their true selves, and more. The practice of learning that you can be ok no matter what happens in life, will allow you to feel safe enough to trust your intuition. When you are constantly in fear mode, it’s nearly impossible to hear anything but doubts. Simply repeating, “I am safe” as you fall asleep at night or find yourself full of doubt, can be very helpful. 

2. Stop asking for other people’s opinions. Talking things over with a friend can be helpful, but asking opinions can be a dangerous addiction—one that will never really lead you to what’s right for you. Make a conscious decision to stop seeking opinions, at least before you ask yourself what you think. This includes online reviews and message forums too. When we invite so many opinions, we get confused about what it is that we actually think ourselves. It’s too easy, especially for those of us who like to keep everyone happy, to let our family’s and friend’s opinions drown out our own intuition. It’s so easy in this society of information overload to talk yourself into or out of anything based on facts. But remember, intuition isn’t fact; it’s what you feel. 

3. Ditch the pro and con list. The reason? Intuitive decisions have nothing to do with logic. Logic interferes. So many of us talk ourselves out of listening to our intuition because it “doesn’t make sense.” Accepting intuition is just that raw gut feeling will help you start separating from the need for things to make sense. What makes sense on paper won’t necessarily make sense intuitively. In fact, it probably won’t. The problems with pro and cons lists is that they don’t take everything into consideration. Imagine a list on whether or not you should stay at a specific job. Perhaps the salary is good and it’s close to work, but it’s not fulfilling. Each pro and con on that list is treated equally when you’re looking at it as a whole, but it’s likely that being in an unfulfilling job is more detrimental to your health and happiness than a longer commute would be. One con can be more important than 10 pros and vice versa. Again, pro and cons lists are logical and the best decisions are often made with intuition.

4. Consider the true feeling of “I don’t know.” Typically intuition feels like a knowing about something. In my experience, not being sure is a pretty good indicator that it’s a NO. You’ll know a strong YES when you feel one. They’re the ones that keep us in line with our hearts. While you’re practicing tuning in to intuition, you may feel like you just don’t know. This is okay and part of how you’ll make progress. As you start making intuitive decisions and see the consequence of them (positive or negative), you’ll begin to understand and fine tune your own intuitive process more. You can’t go wrong.

5. Finally, intuition about something doesn’t usually come with a lot of emotion. The more you “feel” something is right or wrong without strong emotion or physical sensations, the more likely it’s your intuition speaking and not your fear or conditioned logic. An intuitive hit usually feels strong and clear. If you are really wavering it, you can be pretty sure you’re conditioned brain is getting involved. Again, just keep practicing.

Now you know a few powerful secrets to unlock the answers that have been trying to call out to you. Start small, practice often, and allow yourself to see what happens when your intuition guides you.


Amy B. Scher is leading voice in the field of mind-body-spirit healing and L.A.-based author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can (Llewellyn Worldwide, Jan. 2016). As an energy therapist, Scher uses energy therapy techniques to help those experiencing illness and those in need of emotional healing. She has been featured on healthcare blogs, CNN, Curve magazine, Elephant Journal, Cosmopolitan magazine, OM Times, and the San Francisco Book Review. Scher was also named one of Advocate’s “40 Under 40” for 2013. She can be found at


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Comment by Regina Chouza on April 15, 2016 at 6:15pm

Hi Amy,

I think that should be OK - the bio usually needs to be 60 words or 400 characters approx and you are under that limit. I went ahead and made those tweaks, as well as editing out the word "you" so that the article is in 1st person plural as much as possible (sorry, forgot to mention that).

Our senior editor, Kathy Custren posted updated guidelines a few weeks ago and this was on the list (staying away from "I" and "you" and shifting instead to "we" or to third person). Please keep these points in mind as well for future submissions, if you missed the update, etc 

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again



Comment by Amy B Scher on April 15, 2016 at 5:40pm

Yes, Regina! Please do fix whatever you see. I've gotten my bio down to 60-something. Is that ok? :)

Oh and I love Llewellyn, too!

Amy B. Scher is the author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can (Llewellyn Worldwide, Jan. 2016) and a leading voice in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. Amy uses energy therapy to help those in need of emotional or physical healing. She has been featured in CNN, Curve magazine, Elephant Journal, and the San Francisco Book Review. She can be found at

Comment by Regina Chouza on April 15, 2016 at 4:13pm

Hi Amy, Thanks for this, yes it is much better.

I have two minor comments and I can fix them myself, if you are OK with these suggestions:

-        Removing contractions and spelling out the full words

-        There is one line where you speak in first person, saying “So while tuning into your intuition may be scary at first, I’m going to help you with steps to do it easily, so you can harness this awesome super power.” … We can rephrase this so that it reads “So while tuning into your intuition can be scare at first, here are four simple ways to harness this awesome super power.

Otherwise your bio is a tad too long (90 words when 60 is the limit), would you be able to trim this down a bit? And congrats on publishing with Llewellyn, btw, its one of my favorites =) 

Reiki hugs,


Comment by Amy B Scher on April 14, 2016 at 12:56pm

Thanks, Regina! I don't know how I missed that the first time. I have the new article up if you can take a look? I'm new at this so thanks for your patience.

Comment by Regina Chouza on April 12, 2016 at 3:41pm

Hi Amy,  Thanks for getting in touch

If you look above the title of the article there should be 2 buttons, one that says Options and one that says Add. Click on Options and on the drop down menu you'll see "edit article"

You might have to do this on a computer rather than a tablet, etc.

Let me know if you run into trouble.



Comment by Amy B Scher on April 10, 2016 at 5:24pm
Hi Regina! I can't figure out how to edit this article. Should I post it again to see if the changes helped? Thank you for your suggestions!
Comment by Regina Chouza on March 8, 2016 at 11:06pm
Hello Amy! Thanks for submitting this article :-)

My name is Regina, I'm the new metaphysics editor at OM Times. I really like the theme you've chosen though the article doesn't quite fit our guidelines.

Here are a few suggestions, if you'd like to try rewriting certain elements:

- We would like to stay way from 1st person narratives (using "I" or "my"), opting for language that takes the focus off the writer and onto a shared experience. This would be the main comment on the article ...
- Please include an author bio at the end (up to 60 words)
- Word count, 700 to 1200 words

Please let me know if you have any questions,



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