Intuition for Kids! Help them discover their Super Powers!

It is important to encourage kids to expand their intuition, to better understand the power of their feelings and thoughts, and recognize their own inner guidance. We have the opportunity to set an example of mindfulness for kids (and some adults too). We all have the power to choose our thought focus… which in turn attracts our experience. Kids can be taught that what they focus on expands…whether it is love or fear, sadness or happiness.

“Kids are our future” is not just a tag line…it’s a fact. Imagine the next generation having presence of mind, self-esteem, compassion, kindness & empathy and the understanding of how to be responsible for their own actions and reactions. What if they had the tools to make their own greatness shine and create the energy of gratitude in our world. What role can we play to assist them in this process? We know that as adults, we take the mission of inspiring and guiding the hearts and minds of these kids very seriously. It is a journey that can be filled with joyful practice, repetition, sharing & learning.

For the purpose of this article, we define intuition to be the inner voice or knowing, sometimes called a “gut feeling”.

There are many ways to recognize intuition, whether working with a larger group of children, or an individual child.

We may ask them to:
1. Share their thoughts & feelings about intuition as part of a discussion.
2. Learn to pay attention to gut feelings.
3. Practice going inward and “listening to intuition” by meditating.

Once a child has learned to recognize their innate intuition, it allows them to act from a place of empowerment to lead a more joyful life, rather than just reacting to random thoughts.

The energy of “internal guidance” is felt by the body in a different place than the neural pathways of the brain stimulating thoughts. How one has assimilated their thoughts through their unique neural networks is key to the formation of their beliefs and perceptions. This is how they interpret their experiences and the world around them. Their beliefs and perceptions can be positive, neutral or negative.

Intuition on the other hand, is always an expansive feeling that just feels warm and right. It is life-force energy emanating from the heart-space.

Once we’ve helped children recognize their intuition, what do they do with that knowledge? We don’t think it would be an over-statement to tell our kids that intuition is part of a unique set of Super Powers! After all…it can be instrumental in extending kindness, empathy and compassion to their friends, family & eventually into the world.

Other Super Powers triggered by our intuition are:

Mindful Shifting!
Mindfulness is paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. That is the first step. Shifting involves the realization that we’re thinking a thought or feeling an emotion that doesn’t serve us. Instead of acting on it, we choose to shift it to a thought or emotion that does serve us by telling a story that feels positive, right or good.

By shifting our thought from one of negative judgment to positivity or empathy, we can also shift our action or reaction to one of one of love and kindness.

Positive Self-Identity! (I AM)
The words “I AM” are the most powerful in determining our self-esteem and identity. It is who we believe we are…whether it’s true or given to us by others. An example would be a parent calling us the shy one, pretty one or the one who isn’t good at math. Whatever follows the words “I AM” are what we become.

Uniqueness is good and something to be valued. We are all part of the painting of life and it is what we do with our paintbrush that lets our greatness shine!

Belief in Miracles!
The belief in miracles is what allows them to happen! If we have the courage to ask for what we want…or better…and believe in the field of pure potentiality, then we are expecting the miraculous! It’s important that our kids understand that this Super Power works in many ways. If our belief is that a negative outcome will result, that belief can unfold as the negative result we’ve attracted. This concept loops back to Mindful Shifting where we teach kids to notice their emotions and what thought & belief proceeded that feeling.

Once our kids learn to listen to their intuition, they will recognize the inner guidance of their gut feelings. Like any skill, it just takes practice. These feelings…whether love or fear, sadness or happiness attract and expand their experience. What a wonderful gift we can give to the next generation…the understanding of their Super Power of intuition!

About the Authors:  Matrix Productions is a multi-media company represented by partners Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant.  Co-authors of the internationally Best-Selling Children's book series "Journey of Joy", they share mind, body and spirit connections, teaching mindfulness and I AM principles. Their publication of books, and “Echoes of the Soul” multi-media projects, produce tools that shape the thoughts and hearts of like-minded people.  Find them at and!

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Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on April 8, 2019 at 2:55pm

Good morning Omtimes Media!  We've made the changes you suggested by removing our image at the top, adding our book cover image inside the article (above our bio), and replacing the bio with one that includes the two links.

Is there anything else that you need from us or suggest that we do?

Thanks for your help!  Beth & Dagny

Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on April 3, 2019 at 6:05pm

Omtimes Media, thank you, that makes sense!  When you say "The  Bio should be 7 words..." should we assume that you mean 70 words?

Comment by Omtimes Media on April 3, 2019 at 4:48pm

 Hi, No we can't use the image on our magazine, we need to have the ownership of all the images we use.  It is a copyright issue. Having said that, you may want to upload the book cover inside the article and I will list at the end with your bio. The  Bio should be 7 words and have your website and one social media link. But you are welcome to list here on your profile all the social media links you wish.

Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on April 3, 2019 at 12:12pm

Thank you so much Omtimes Media!  We have a few questions!  We assume that the B Edition is the second edition in the month of June?  Is that correct?  We've edited the article by adding a picture from our first children's book.  Is it possible that you might use that image when it's published?  You had suggested that we add web and social media links, which we would love to do.  Are those included in our word count?  Would you recommend that those links be part of our article, or part of our bio?  

Comment by Omtimes Media on April 2, 2019 at 12:53pm

Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly, thank you for your submission. Your article will be published on June B edition. I would like to ask you to please add your website and one social media link to help the readers to find you. 

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