Intuitive Sensitivity and the Authentic Self

Do you ever deny and hide your true feelings and thoughts from others? Maybe you want to fit in, make friends and be accepted and being who and what other’s expect you to be seems more important than being yourself. Have you ever said, yes to someone or something, when you really wanted to say, no? Do you ever feel odd or different when you do not share the same perspective, judgments and beliefs of your family, friends or social group? Do you go along with popular opinion, despite thinking and feeling differently?
Sometimes it is obvious when we compromise our true thoughts and feelings. At other times, it is more subtle and barely noticeable. We may find ourselves going along with others desires and wishes and hide aspects of our truth when it would be just as easy to be honest and share who we are.
Over-compromising and denying the authentic self, is often rooted in emotional and intuitive sensitivity. If you are innately intuitive, you may at times, feel and absorb the feelings and thoughts of others and confuse them with your own. Or, you may not trust what you think or feel and easily adapt to others expectations.
These kind of behaviors often begin in childhood and can unknowingly follow you through life. Children that are emotionally and intuitively sensitive, can have had a hard time differentiating their feelings and thoughts from those of their mother, father and siblings. Although this might sound far-fetched, imagine this common scenario in the life of an intuitive child.
You are sitting playing a game and all of a sudden you feel a wave of sadness come over you. You look up at your mom and she does not look sad. You might even ask her, if she is sad. Instead of confirming that this is true. You mom, in an attempt to hide her feelings and not upset you, says that she is happy and not sad.
Here is another common situation. Your father comes home from work late. As he comes in the door he tells your mom that he was hung up at work. But, this doesn't feel right to you. You look at him and know that he was not at work. Yet, everyone accepts his reason for being late and you begin to wonder what is wrong with you. Why would you not believe him?
Overtime you continue to feel feelings and know things that are met with denial and suspicion. You begin to disregard and distrust these thoughts and feelings and go along with what others think and feel.
If you were an emotionally and intuitively sensitive child you may have instinctively and unconsciously tried to disregard and ignore your sensitivities and intuitive awareness. Done continually, this eventually silences the voice of the inner true self and your truth becomes more distant and silent. You may lose your conscious connection to your authentic self and unknowingly take on the feelings, thoughts and expectations of others and the norms of your environment. As you got older you may have continued to unknowingly repress your truth and take on others thoughts and feelings.
Compromising and denying yourself in order to be safe, liked and accepted by others never satisfies. It robs you of energy, confidence and healthy self-esteem. You may be more susceptible to addictions and other unhealthy behaviors. There can be no authentic joy, when you are not free.
Yet, your truth can never leave you. You can begin to reclaim your authentic self and your intuition and sensitivities can help you to do this. Start in small ways.
Listen within to your thoughts and feelings and accept them. Love and encourage yourself and accept all of who you are. Even the parts of yourself that are confused and afraid to surface.
Become aware of when you repress and deny your authentic self. Pay attention to the unsettled or heavy feeling in your gut that lets you know when you go against what is right for you.
Listen within to the still small voice of your intuition. Begin a daily habit of trusting your intuitive impressions and insights and acting on what feels right for you.
Say, no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes. Some people may judge you, others may argue against what you believe, but there will be others who continue to love and care about you. However, no matter what others think or feel about you, how you feel about yourself is all that matters.
It can at times be intimidating to reveal and express your authentic self. Yet, it is the only way to live in joy and inner peace. Take back your power to be you.
Sherrie Dillard is a best-selling author, psychic, medium and medical intuitive. Check our her new book Discover Your Authentic Self

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Comment by Regina Chouza on June 6, 2016 at 6:27pm

Hi Sherrie - Thanks for the note. I think this one will be okay =)



Comment by Sherrie Dillard on June 2, 2016 at 7:49am

Hi Regina,

Your right, I was confused. I thought you wanted it in second person. I had most of it in third person, but changed it to second person. I can change it back to third, if the editors would like me too. Thanks for the clarification. 


Comment by Regina Chouza on June 1, 2016 at 10:16pm

Hi Sherrie,  Thanks for the response and sorry if my comment was confusing

I didn't ask for a change on your bio. The point was about it being more likely for our bios to end up on the 1st page of the article (as a standalone link) when articles are short - nevermind

If you want to keep this in 2nd person to avoid the rewrite, that's OK, but for the future please keep in mind Kathy's update from April 2016 where she suggested we shy away from 2nd person too. I know the guidelines can be confusing sometimes, here is the link:

I'll send it through to the publishers as is, and if they have any feedback I'll let you know.



Comment by Sherrie Dillard on June 1, 2016 at 7:55am

Hi Regina, 

This article is in complete second person and I deleted a sentence in the first paragraph. I deleted the first version when I made some changes to it. I am not sure what change you would like in my bio. 

thanks so much

Comment by Regina Chouza on May 31, 2016 at 5:55pm

A quick question Sherrie ...

Would you be OK with rephrasing this so that its not in 2nd person - maybe from the second paragraph onward? Our Senior Editor posted updated guidelines in the forum in April asking that we stay away from 1st person singular (I/My) and 2nd person (you) because they can create more of a divide between the reader and the writer - especially if we are presenting a different way of being and it could come across like the reader is in the wrong.

For example, the 2nd paragraph could begin with ..

Sometimes it is obvious when we compromise our true thoughts and feelings. At other times, it is more subtle and barely noticeable. We may find ourselves going along with others desires and wishes and hide aspects of our truth when it would be just as easy to be honest and share who we are.

Also, and this might just be a question of tastes, but the first paragraph could be trimmed down a bit so that readers get to the gist of the article faster. Also, on some of these shorter articles, our author bios make it onto the 1st page and that can lead to more traffic to your website/book.

Let me know your thoughts on both points, they are just suggestions (more so the 2nd one)

Thank you!


Comment by Regina Chouza on May 31, 2016 at 5:40pm

Hi Sherrie, Thanks for this - quick questions though. Is it the same article that you posted on the 19th May? If so please delete one of them (maybe the other) so that we don't double up.

I'll review this one now.



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