It's ALL Spiritual - Even the Stuff You Don't Like!

"That's not very spiritual of you!" It's a phrase uttered far too often in a community of people who, by sheer probability based on their life's creeds, should be well evolved beyond such contentious speech. In a purportedly heart-centered movement of love that seeks to practice inclusion, non-judgment (or, as I like to more correctly term it, "non-condemnation" - that's a whole other subject), and compassion, a phrase like this should not even exist. 

Just the other day, someone told another person online that they were (basically) too fat to be spiritual, that instead of teaching others about spiritual matters maybe they should just have another donut. What on Earth does that MEAN?! Not only is that incredibly mean-spirited, but it is also completely insane! Spirituality does not depend on any physical element. It is, after all, SPIRIT we are talking about here! 

Here's the surprising thing that seems to be so nearly universally misunderstood: EVERYTHING is spiritual. Spirit is the source and foundation for all that we see - and a lot more that we do not see. Anything at all that is manifested has its beginnings in the energetic realms of spirit. So there is not ONE thing that can be considered "not spiritual". EVEN the things we do not like, the things with which we do not agree, the things we find abhorrent, the atrocities, the criminal, the insane - ALL of it, every single last mote - it's all spiritual. 

Many of us have heard the quote: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience" (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955). Yet somehow, it does not seem to translate well into an actual reality in the minds of some people, to understand that we are ALL these spiritual beings having this human experience. It is not just the people who exude loving-kindness and joy. It is not merely those who teach spiritual concepts to others or who practice healing. It does not belong only to certain organizations or groups, it is not just the proprietary state belonging only to the pure of heart. 

No, the non-corporeal inheritance of every single living creature is that of a foundational spiritual state of being. The bad guys as well as the good. So every curse word you've been assaulted with, every single argument you have had, every wrongdoing you have witnessed, every cruelty, every crime, have originated from within a "SPIRITUAL" person. They might not be living a life of spiritual consciousness (or, more likely, not living YOUR version of it), but they are most definitely still spirit, having a human experience. The worst of the worst, even still. 

Even amongst those who practice the spiritually conscious life, there are still judgments being made, and all too frequently those are followed by reproach, whether spoken aloud or not. Some of the very same people who will expound passionately about Oneness also know how to point out to others those who are not on the Oneness Train with them. The thing is, "Oneness" is the supreme exemplification of LACK of separation, which should indicate that these sorts of prejudicial statements have no meaning. Yet still, too many of us are still using the language and exerting the censure, draped richly in our self-righteousness.

We need to work hard as a society to overcome this tendency, realizing that we only have the ability to create the reality of Oneness if we begin to recognize its potential within every single living creature. It's there because it IS the reality, we just have not collectively realized it yet. So, begin to understand that your annoying brother - he has a potential for Oneness. Your snooty sister? She does too. Your meddling mother in law? Potential for Oneness. Your overbearing boss? Still has that potential. The neighbor who kicks his dog? Yeah, EVEN him. The list is much longer, and gets a lot more uncomfortable, but you get the idea.

Maybe we should nurture those seeds of potential, instead of throwing our energetic poison all over them. Maybe, just maybe, if we did that, we would grow the garden that we desire and see less in the world that we would WANT to criticize.

About the Author

Holly Austin Grimes has gathered a broad base of multi-platformed knowledge and comprehension, in areas including spirituality, psychology, metaphysics and others. Her goal in writing is to reframe concepts and to offer deeper observances about her own everyday experiences in order to offer insight to others as they traverse the path of life's journey.

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