It’s Magical, It’s Creative & It’s Divine!

Your words have power. Each word you speak about yourself, and life in general, shapes the life you personally live. Specifically, there are two words that are used often and usually with little to no awareness of the profound affect they have on the life someone lives. It would serve you to begin to use them with more awareness and consciousness. They are the most potent two words you will ever use. They are magical, creative, powerful, and influential. They are also magnificent, imposing, and they are Divine! And, they happen to be...


The word “I” is used by the speaker to refer to himself or herself, and also encompasses the concept of the ego, or the mind. The word “am” refers to the singular present of ‘be,’ or ‘there is’ or ‘there are.’ It refers to something occurring, or about to take place, having the state, quality or identity of, a nature or a role. 

When you connect the words “I” and “Am,” magic begins to happen. At the moment you use those words collectively, you tap into the creative powers that are instilled in you as a part of Existence, and it unites with the creative energies of the Universe. The artistic Universe hears you, and begins to form those words into a visual expression of your spoken word.

Existence, or life, is creation in motion. Existence/life is constantly changing, unfolding, and revealing itself. It never stops; it is rolling, twisting, turning, one moment into the next. The word “life” in the dictionary is considered a noun; however, I would ask you to begin to realize life is a verb. Life is continuously in action. Life evolves, it transpires, it plays, it happens, and it is always happening. Yes, there is a power or force that governs life, and that power has given each of us a gift that other beings do not have: the ability to create the life we wish to live. The Universe does not judge you, or interpret your words. It just simply responds, relating to your repetitive thoughts, belief systems, and your spoken words. The Universe also wants you to have your desires, and the Universe takes those three things (thoughts, belief systems, and spoken words) as your truth, and your desires. It is as if each person has their own genie in a bottle that grants their desires; but, how much awareness do you have about your repetitive thoughts, belief systems, and desires? More specifically, how much awareness do you have relating to your “I am” statements? How much awareness do you have about your use of “I am...” and what that brings about for you and your life?

Awareness is the key that will unlock any chain that happens to bind you. It is ironic; at the beginning stages of practicing awareness, it is not easy to live in awareness, but once you do, awareness makes your life so much easier to live. So, as a life coach, I will often give clients an exercise or two to use, to help them practice being more aware. One that made a huge impact on me was becoming aware of how often I used the word “I.” I began to use my name in place of the “I.” For example, Vedam would use Vedam’s name anytime Vedam was about to use the words “I, me, mine, etc.” Besides getting strange looks from people that did not know Vedam, or did not know what Vedam was doing, it was fun (it made you not take life so seriously), and it brought a tremendous amount of awareness on how often Vedam actually used the word “I.” Vedam had to think as Vedam began to form sentences, and in many cases, if Vedam forgot, Vedam would back-track and correct what Vedam had just said, continuing to speak of himself in the third person. Vedam realized that to get the most out of this exercise, Vedam had to do it, even when it was annoying, not comfortable, acceptable, politically correct, etc. To truly reveal how many times, Vedam used the word “I,” Vedam had to do it whether Vedam was comfortable or not! If you choose to try this exercise, Vedam recommends that you do the same. All Vedam can tell you is try it, you will be amazed with what you uncover.

Now, let’s look at the word “Am.” The word “am” refers to something that is already occurring or about to occur. When you use the word “am,” you are claiming something to be, or you are calling something forth; you are stating that something “is.” There is alchemy in the word “am.” It is as if the word “am” has magnetic qualities to it, that extract something out of the void, and bring it into reality as we know it. As you fully realize the magic behind the word “am,” and you also begin to be aware of the use of “I,” you begin to start paying attention to what you are claiming for yourself, and what you are calling forth. There is liberation in that, not to mention the amazing effect it will have on your life.

Life does not happen to us, but rather, life happens through us. Yes, there is life all around you, movement all around you, and much of it you have no control over, but ultimately, you create the life you live. The life you are living is directly related to your prominent thoughts, existing belief systems, prominent perspectives and outlook, and the words you speak. Regardless of whether you have any awareness around this occurrence, the Universe simply says, “your wish is my command.” What are you commanding with your “I am?”

Vedam Clementi is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Coach, Author, and Lecturer. A full recovery from paralysis using spiritual concepts, meditation, and natural healthcare led to Vedam’s spiritual awakening and desire to share what he has learned. Vedam has taught fellow souls for over a decade to leave the past behind, plant seeds for their desired tomorrow, and to be present in each moment as they move through life. Vedam has a unique way of uniting psychological and spiritual tools that support the individual to relate to themselves, others, and life in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically.

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Comment by Vedam Clementi on January 15, 2013 at 6:51am

that's Great Dawn... thank you!

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