Jesus as the Sun, astrology is the fundament of Christianity!

 The solar myth is known to Christians as the life of Christ, who is just another of the thousand names of the Sun god. Charles Dupuis (1742-1809) In the beginning of our era we see with the downfall of the matriarchate and the cults of the goddesses and the start of the patriarchal dominance, a shift from Moon centeredness to Sun centeredness, from a translation of the unknown reality as a goddess to that of a god, and especially of a son. This means that especially the young Sun, the Sun of spring, was of great importance. About the Babylonian sun hero Mardoek is written: ‘My son, the sun of heavens.’ Te Sun of spring brings the return of vegetation and fruitfulness. Therefore are all the gods of those times, Dionysus, Horus, Bacchus, Hercules, and Mithras young man and sons of the great mother. She was the earth or the moon. Therefore we see in mythology that the mother goddesses had a son as a lover and not an adult man. I broke longtime my head about this, but with some astrology everything becomes clear and falls in place. In the Egyptian temple in Saïs we find this famous inscription: ‘I am all that is and will be. No mortal has ever taken my veil and the fruit of my womb was the Sun.’ So was Tammuz the son of the Semitic Astarte, Horus the son of the Egyptian Isis and Jesus the son of the Jewish Maria. This means an evolution from Moon to the young Sun. The cross with a circle is an old symbol of the Zodiac. Therefore the image of Jesus is always with his head on the cross, because Jesus is the Sun, the son of God, who every morning resurrects and gives light and life. The thorn crown is nothing else as the corona of the Sun. We see this also with the other, so called heathen gods like the Persian Mithras who was very popular in Rom. At the hill of the Vatican was the center of his worship. Mithras in the Louvre in Paris The sect of the Essenes of which we find descriptions in the Dead Sea Scrolls left the Jewish Moon calendar and honored the Sun. The later Christians prayed always with there face to the sun rising east. The Sunday became the holy day, the day of the Lord! In the New Testament we can read: ‘The son of Man comes on the clouds of heaven and every eye will see him’! Who else can this be than the Sun! Everyone sees him!! Because Jesus is the Sun, we see him in the images always with blond hair. He is the Sun where he shines the most, in spring. He is the Lamb and that is the old Persian equivalent of the astrological sign of Ram. The traitor (as mythological as Jesus) Judas has red hair, the same as the Egyptian Typhoon, because he is the symbol of the astrological sign Scorpio, where the sun goes through in November, when the sun is weak and colors red. Everywhere in the Bible we find Jesus as the Morningstar, as the light of the world and as the sun of justice. In the early church even the orthodox fathers of the church called Jesus the true Sun (sol verus) or said: ‘he is our new Sun’ (Ambrosius, 4th century) or ‘ Our Sun’ (Gregorius and Zeno 4th century), ‘the Sun of resurrection, who gives life with his beams’ (Clemens of Alexandria, 2nd century) And why Jesus began his mission when he was 30 years old? Its again astrological simple! Every sign through which the sun travels (or builds like a carpenter. Therefore Jesus was a carpenter!) takes 30 degrees. And that takes one year, as Jesus mission in the historical story lasted only one year. And why 12 disciples? Because there are 12 constellations, 12 astrological signs. Also Horus had 12 disciples. Hercules had to do 12 works. There are 12 tribes of Israel, Joseph had 12 brothers, The Islamite Shiites discern 12 imams, Salomon had 12 governors, ‘for each month one’. ( I Kings 4.7) King Arthur had 12 knights. There are many more examples of this same symbolism that shows the importance of the Zodiac in those times. Horus with his 12 friends When in those early times someone entered the Roman Catholic church they had to say the following oath: ‘I curse those who say that Christ is the Sun and who pray to the Sun, the Moon and the stars and study them as if they were gods. Who not pray to the true God, but pray towards the east and turn with the movements of the sun with many prayers. I curse those who say that Zarathustra and Buddha and Christ and Mani and the Sun are all the same.’ This cursed vision was the vision of the Gnostics, the first chrestians (not Christians. From the word chrioo, what means ‘anointing’. The name chrestians comes from chrestus what means ‘good or friendly’. They wanted a friendly God after the Jewish war) We all lost this knowledge of astrology and mythology because we are 2000 years indoctrinated. This astrological knowledge has been changed in quasi historical stories and figures. We are all indoctrinated with a Jesus who walked on this earth as a human figure. Lets see the reality: a personalized Sun is ‘the reason for the season’!  Riet Okken

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