Journey to the Akashic Record and Beyond

Journey to the Akashic Record and Beyond

Every morning when I first wake up, I spend an hour meditating. It helps me set the tone for the day. This morning, like almost every morning, I grabbed a few crystals to help me ascend into the spiritual world. I chose selenite, celestite, and Herkimer diamonds. As I focused on the meditation, people, places, and experiences popped into my head. I let them play out in my mind for a little while. Eventually, gently, I push any thoughts that float into my mind aside. I concentrate on clearing my mind and getting ready to journey.

On some days, I know where I want to journey to. Today, I was open to where the spirit world takes me. I concentrate on my breathing, feeling my spirit rise within me, floating upward through my body and out into the air. My spirit rises higher and higher, up into the clouds, past the stars, into the sky. My spirit continues onward to outer space and then through a layer of fog. Traveling through the fog, the words akashic record came into focus and there is where I landed.

As with all my journeys to the akashic record hall, I see a massive library filled with millions, even billions of books. It is a vast hall that still impresses me every time I visit. Every being is draped in black robes. This includes the librarians as well as all those who seek answers to their own quest and journeys. I, covered in my own black robe, walk straight through the library to one of the narrow hallways that lead me to my book. The book is waiting for me, open in the middle, sitting on a pedestal. As I walk up to it, I do not want to visit a past life. I’ve done a lot of past life work already.

What happened next was a journey I am sure to remember for many years to come.

I flipped through the pages until I felt I was on the right page. When I do past life works, I would typically feel I’m being sucked into the book. This time around, I felt a shaft of light from above me and I was drawn to float upward. I was in an elevator of light. As I rose higher and higher into this light, I felt such a sense of peace, love, and joy. If I was looking at my physical self, I’m sure I was smiling from ear to ear.

As I continued to rise, I stopped at different points on the elevator. In one room, I saw a dozen or so light beings. They were completely white and not simply wearing white robes. There was such a sense of pure love in that room that I didn’t want to leave. I sat myself down on the floor as these being walked around. I was in complete bliss. Eventually, I did make my way to the elevator of light again. In another room, I saw what looked like a giant golden orb of sunlight. As I approached, I knelt and bowed to it. And that was when I knew I was in the presence of “The Source.” Off to the side, I noticed a room. Curious, I walked in. On the screen of a mini theatre was the story of how the Universe was created. There were several beings in the theatre watching the movie. For some reason, I knew these being were living beings of Earth or another galaxy who are here to learn how Earth and other planets were first formed. Though the movie looked very interesting, I wanted to continue my journey. I walked out of the room back to the source. Knelt and bowed once more. I got up and walked toward it. As I walked into it, I felt such connection to every being and everything. I saw my guides within this golden orb of light. I stayed in this light for a long time. Eventually I saw another corridor suddenly appear which I followed. I could see a banquet at the end of the hall, one long row of tables going on for miles. The room decorated in red, white, and gold. As I entered the room, I saw thousands and thousands of people clapping and looking toward the door. I didn’t know who they were clapping for. There was no one else behind me. Then I noticed these people are my ancestors from generations upon generations back. I felt slightly embarrassed not knowing why they were clapping for me. I continued to walk down the hall, eventually walking into a room that was completely dark. I should note here that I am afraid of the dark. I have been working on this issue over the past year and have come to terms with darkness. A small screen flickered on. I see myself as a child, as a teenager, as an adult. I was wondering if I am seeing my life being reviewed. Several spirits in black hooded robes also appeared. I felt I was about to be judged. Telepathically, I was told these scenes and thoughts that were coming into my head are experiences I needed to let go. Though I had worked earnestly on myself the past year or so, these also need to be let go. I suddenly felt raindrops like taking a shower, except there was no water. I was being energetically cleanse. Once the shower stopped, I walked back into the banquet hall. Again, all my ancestors were clapping for me. I learned that as we live on earth, as we fall down and get back up, as we fail and succeed, there isn’t necessary anyone clapping or celebrating or motivating us to keep going. They are clapping because they can see where I have been, how far I’ve come, getting up after falling down. They see everything about me and are happy that I exist. How many people clap that you exist? The feeling that I actually matter, the feeling is so profound I cannot even put it into words.

I walked out of the banquet into another room.

In this room, everybody was hurrying. It looked like a few dozen parents were trying to get their kids ready for school, except it wasn’t school they were going to. They kids were being reincarnated into bodies on earth and other planets. Everybody was hurrying.

I walked back to the elevator of light and felt that it was time for me to return to my physical body. As I floated back down to my body, the feelings of peace, joy, love linger. I came out of my meditation and realized an hour and a half has passed.

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Comment by Susan Chu on March 12, 2015 at 11:54pm

Shelly, Thank you for the tips. I will keep them in mind for the next article.

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