Journeying to the Source – Rainbow Beings, the Inner Suns and Immortality

The Source is the origin of all love and all of conscious awareness. Deep within our being this Source awaits to be rediscovered, the love experienced and the vibrations assimilated in order for us to ascend to a new level of consciousness where the Source is ever present and ever visible.

In the beginnings of our spiritual journey the Source is felt vaguely, and guides us on the path. Later on we can begin to actually see the Source upon the awakening of the pineal gland and higher heart center. Love coupled with dimensional awareness opens up a window looking out upon an amazing inner landscape of magic and wonder, colour and luminosity, loving beings and angels..and in these inner realms we are able to perceive the spiritual light.

The spiritual light awakens, heals and charges our vibrations as it emanates from the Source itself. After a time one wonders where the light actually emanates from. As we deepen our inner work we can have the experience of a white or golden sun rising over an inner sea. What we are seeing here is our own inner essence which contains a Divine piece of Source itself..and so by seeing our inner essence we see Source.

Seeing our inner essence is a work of vibratory purification which includes a thorough cleansing of the heart of negative karmas and emotional toxicity caused by fear, resistance to loving and lack of forgiveness. If our hearts still contain impurities we may have the vision of the Source – The Inner Sun but we cannot get very close to it. We will reach a certain point and be repelled, and then we may feel an instant fear as the unresolved emotion is suddenly brought into awareness by the strength of the Source. The more we journey consciously inward toward Source, the deeper is the purification, and over time we can begin to enter the corona of the Inner Sun.

The intense luminosity bathes the DNA strands and one can have the experience of ones DNA flooded with all kinds of strange symbols, imagery, light codes or rainbows. Angels inhabit the corona of the Inner Sun and here we can meet many benevolent and loving intelligences and receive healing from them.

As we continue to work with pineal detoxification and clean up the channel from there to the higher heart centre we begin to perceive the Inner Sun very intricately and as an intelligence itself with many layers of light, like the layers of an onion. Working with our fears and embodying more love, we can learn to be fearless about becoming intimate with this Source energy and the layers peel away unleashing vast amounts of energy into our DNA strands, our being and our heart. By this point we may often feel like the physical body is being purged, as this kind of energy will instantly dislodge cellular toxicity as it tries to recalibrate and heal our DNA strands so we can become more aligned with this energy.

Over a period of what may be many months the journeying continues ever deeper into this Inner Sun. What lies at the very core is conjecture..but after many journeys into the coronas one begins to be able to handle the vibrations without being repelled and one day one penetrates mutliple layers to find oneself inside the Inner Sun itself with the light energy around oneself – and when one looks to the center a dazzling rainbow globular object appears taking on the appearance of another Sun. Here all kinds of dimensional vibrations are flooding ones DNA and one can travel into the DNA strands themselves seeing the dormant parts being activated, reactivating dormant memories of past lives, existences in other planes, and enabling the awakening of a very profound love that emanates from the Rainbow Sun.

Closer to the Rainbow Sun the surroundings take on a deep violet hue, with silvery luminescent strands floating around, having the appearance of being studded with coloured jewels. As for the sun itself, many orbs and spherical flying objects can be seen coming out of tunnels – with purposes unknown. The vibration here is particularly intense and one is sent back many times.. Entering into the corona of the Rainbow Sun is like being plugged into an indescribable bliss, a knowing, the experience of Oneness and tasting the vibration of immortality. The love here moves effortlessly through the heart – one with no fear can assimilate and integrate these vibrations of love..

Rainbow beings who are part of the intelligence of this Rainbow Sun channel loving energy through ones being, and one can often have the experience of seeing a flashing cadaceus or the kundalini swirling and spinning with rainbow light. They carry a vibrational medicine of immortality that is extremely etherically purgative, eliminating denser vibrations and sometimes triggering physical cleansing too. They appear with cups of this shiny sparkling liquid, allowing one only to have the smallest amount, as this astral medicine carries the ability to slingshot one into far out planes and the body whilst in 3D can only assimilate a little of this vibrational input at a time. This liquid appears to have the purpose of preparing ones DNA for immortality, purging DNA toxins and healing aberrations in the double helix. It is only the errors in DNA replication that create aging and death, along with the damage caused by environmental, chemical and dietary toxins. At a certain point on our vibratory journey our DNA heals and begins the work of purging toxins so we can become immortal beings again. The cleansing of the physical DNA also activates the dormant metaphysical strands and completes the work of integrating the physical with the spiritual. Upon the completion of all DNA activations, matter and spirit become one, duality is transcended, and every single particle in ones body becomes aligned with the vibrations of immortality.

It would appear that immortality now lies within reach of humanity – if we are able to journey to the heart of the Source and be purified of all of the toxins we carry – physical, emotional and karmic so as to enable DNA healing before our bodies succumb to irreversible decay. A healed vibratory being has DNA that can replicate perfectly and indefinately, thus elimating aging, and this healed physical DNA paves the way for the full awakening of the luminous light body.What happens from here is conjecture, but it could be surmised that if one reaches the heart of the Source ones physical body transmutes and one becomes metamorphosed into an immortalised light being radiating the love and light of the Source..

Love and Blessings

Free Spirit

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