Jupiter and Saturn: The Big Picture of LIfe

                            The Big Picture of Life:


The Tango of Jupiter and Saturn, and how they shape our destiny



There is one side of us that enthuses about possibilities, and aims at big things, creates plans for how to make them happen.


Jupiter's symbol means "soul over matter". What does our soul really want, and rejoice in contemplating, for the rest of our life?


If our lives are a story, from birth to death, a heroic voyage of possibility and freely chosen risk--then what is the "ultimate movie" that we are the star of? What is the best that could be, the world where we aim our arrow, like the archer of Sagittarius, that Jupiter rules?


What keeps us feeling alive and invested, through the ups and downs, gains and losses, triumphs and frustrations? To what do we give it all, for all of our lives, even as the shape of our destiny changes every moment?


Some people actually mold their day to day lives around what makes them quietly, solidly excited for years, and have goals that thrill them and give an undercurrent of happiness--no matter what craziness happened today.


And that's because of Saturn, the practical one, the one who shows up for work on time, who remembers to cultivate our garden of great people and allies, powerful talents that really take us somewhere--and a bank account or land or power that sustains the dream in the earthy world, not just the lofty one. 


It’s hard to stay enthused about a dream if it never lands in the physical world. We need results to keep us credible to ourselves.


When a healthy Saturn has the steering wheel of the dream--it happens.


Saturn gets results. (S)he means “showing up” till the job gets done. And remembering to call Mom. To apply for that grant. To nail the job we really want, or create it ourselves and make it work.


Saturn gives security, the partner of enthusiasm. Saturn is integrity, discipline, loyalty, consistency, accountability. Those unglamorous qualities that say that we are “for real”.


Pragmatic wisdom to balance the lofty kind, the understanding and higher vision of Jupiter.


Matter over soul, is Saturn's glyph. We either got the result, or we didn't. We either learned how to do it right--relationships, home, vocation, health--or we suffered.


Jupiter is "I want to be a rock star."


Saturn is "Where are you going to practice, what songs are you going to do, what's the best price for your instrument, who are your mentors? Is this really going to happen?"


Jupiter is also personal growth, the ability to learn from all the losses, to do mid-course corrections, to adjust the vision and re-aim the arrow.


“Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


--Winston Churchill, who failed many times before saving the world and winning the Nobel Prize in Literature.


Jupiter is meaning, purpose, direction. The constant choice of the best possibilities.


(S)he asks, "Do you know what you really want? And what your values are? What can you totally get behind? What's your best vision for what could be? Are you growing and learning, and really liking this incarnation? Not just that great breakfast this morning, or that kiss from the beloved--but the overall direction you’re going in.


Jupiter and Saturn are the sage and the manager.


The navigator and the pilot.


The map and the driver, who monitors the fuel and the tires and brakes, so that we go where the map takes us, safely and smartly.


If Saturn is too strong, we are too cautious, too needing to be in control. We don’t aspire and gamble on the possibilities. We don’t truly go anywhere new. Our soul suffers from a kind of suffocation, of not playing big enough. This can lead to depression, the opposite of enthusiasm.


Enthusiasm is chi, the lungs breathing deeply, the heart singing with love of the Plan we are living, the Quest we are taking on, to go where we haven’t been—as if we have found the story we were born to live.


Saturn keeps that story grounded, the bills paid, the agreements kept, the trust maintained, the friendships solid. The plan executed, step by step, at the highest level of quality. The gas tank filled. The suit pressed before you meet the Big Cheese who can back your dream.


When Saturn goes “off”, we live in fear.


When Jupiter goes off, we can’t find our mojo. OR we gamble the treasury on something stupid and overblown.


Saturn tempers and sobers the enthusiasm, eases up on the accelerator.


When both planets are healthy—we like our lives.


They are perfect marriage partners, making sure we live what we came here to live.


They are what makes us grown-ups, owning this life, in the driver’s seat with a good set of directions to our chosen destinations.



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