Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa shows us in this article that when we embrace Karuna (Compassion in Action) instead of Coronavirus (Fear in Action) we can spread positive, enlightening energy to a world that is caught in the grip of fear. Through first learning to love and care for ourself and then embracing all others we spread a culture of love and compassion instead of fear and inaction. From the ashes of the past mistakes of humanity, in every sphere of human life, the Phoenix is rising and will transcend the need for such a fear-based life. 

Coronavirus and the Culture of Fear

We have all become worshippers of fear! We only talk about the Coronavirus and its evil possibilities. What if, instead of spending so much time on Corona news from around the world, we withdraw from all the news sources and stop strengthening the energy of the dreadful virus by not thinking or talking about it. Then we could find more time to be with our self, sitting and watching our mind at play, allowing all the fears and negative emotions to surface. The goal is to just witness, witness, witness the play of our mind, releasing all our thoughts from our subconscious minds. There is no effort needed to de-clutter our minds. We just witness, and the unwanted fears are released, creating space for health and wellness.

Our body’s defense system (immunity) to fight back any virus or germ and keep us free of any disease depends upon our state of mind. If we meditate and practice yoga, have healthy food and don’t ingest negative energy through our senses, if our mind is trained to nurture thoughts and feelings of love, compassion, inspiration, creativity and most importantly, gratitude, then we can strengthen our immunity. Through this committed practice we learn to be more kind and compassionate to our own self. We find the source of true sustainable happiness in the sanctuary of our own inner silence. From this place of strength and personal sustainability we are then ready to embrace Compassionate Action.

Karuna and the Culture of Compassionate Action

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning the grace and compassion of God in action. What is needed in our world right now is this culture of compassion where we focus more on God’s Karuna than the corona!  Our selfless acts of love, however small and intimate, are manifestations of this infinite spirit and its love for humankind.  They are the rekindling spirit in motion, flowing forward in the time stream with vast powers of proliferation, with ineffable powers to awaken and to heal.  If everyone committed to one additional act of compassion a day, even if it were to only bring a smile to the heart of another who is unhappy or afflicted, our personal and collective human consciousness would begin to expand.  The seeds of a new human culture of compassion could take root.  

What is needed is a soul-centered life, not a self-centered life.  What is needed is a compassion-centered life, a prayer centered life, a spirit-centered life that transcends fear and negativity.

It is not by fearing the Coronavirus that we stop all this human suffering.  It is by creating a deeper human regard by creating more powerful healing energy in the atmosphere in which we all live and breathe.  Then those who are rooted in fear naturally grow toward a gradual transformation from within.    

Whatever our external situations are, we mustn’t repeat the same old patterns of reacting, resisting, and screaming; it will only worsen the situation and deplete our life energy. Instead let us meditate and compassionately work to strengthen our emotional immunity to prove that come what may, our self love and positive attitude will take us to a new life of good health and cheerfulness, love and compassion, fearlessness and freedom. 

The world is gradually emerging into a new era of love and compassion. From the ashes of the past mistakes of humanity, in every sphere of human life, the Phoenix is rising and will transcend the need for such a fear-based life. Humanity is thirsting for a religion-less religion of pure love for love’s sake, and Karuna is its vehicle. A world where the individual would have the privilege to live as an expression of indivisible divinity is the world we are all born to create and see!

Bodhi (Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, India) is a Globally acclaimed spiritual  teacher with 40 years of meditation experience, author, and visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission serving thousands of poverty-stricken individuals. Received Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015. Author: Living with My Himalayan Master. YouTube Channel: Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa.







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