Subtitle: Are they going to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in?

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Summary: Kids are our future… and what we teach them today, will guide them to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in when it’s their turn to lead the world.

We believe kids need to be brave enough to stand up for what they believe in, and it’s up to the adults in this generation to show them how!

Kids are literally our future! So, if we want them to live with integrity, peace, and equality…we need to be an example of that. And, we need to create books, films and other media that teach what authentic happiness really is… at a young age. If we do that… the formation of what they believe in…will reflect kindness and appreciation for the people, the animals, & the beauty of nature that surrounds the world.

Many kids do not believe that they are enough to make a difference. It’s important that our kids embrace what they uniquely bring to the world and have the courage and inspiration to express that. When kids discover how to be comfortable with who they truly are; they embrace their “happy place” in their hearts, and never give up on their dreams.

If adults help kids to be open to the endless possibilities in front of them, they may be surprised to find something even better than they imagined, or more fun than what they even wanted at first!

We believe kids need to be aware of their superpowers! We live in a time where many people feel kind of powerless or scared about what the future may hold. What do we mean when we talk with kids about superpowers?

We’re talking abut the innate gifts that every single one of us has the ability to embrace and enjoy! These gifts are superpowers, expressed as…Intuition, Empathy, Gratitude, Kindness, Connection and Forgiveness.

“I AM” Statements and Self-Identity
Often, as kids we are told we are the shy one, not good at math, can’t dance, aren’t pretty enough, and things like that. These things create our self-identity, and we can hold them throughout the rest of our lives. Sharing a true self-identity that encompasses the unique and wonderful qualities that we all have, should be encouraged by everyone influencing a child’s life. Children can be taught how to create healthy I AM statements, and to be mindful about when an identity may be assigned to them that is not authentically theirs.

Kids should be encouraged to believe in the power of magic. What is magic? Well, the magic of the universe is the belief in the field of potentiality…free will…choice. When kids hear words like you don’t deserve it…it’s not possible…the wonder and discovery can slip away from them. Kids need to be encouraged to dream it, to believe it, and expect that potential can become a reality.

A quote from the character Glitter, in the children’s book “I AM Great!” kind of says it all:

“The thoughts we have… create our life. It’s like when we paint a picture. No one gets to choose the colors we use but us. That means we are in control of the colors…of what we think and how we feel. Once we blame someone else for what we do, think or feel, we hand THEM our paint brush.”

Some people don’t even realize they have this power… not giving any consideration to how the focus of their thoughts and feelings shape their own world. They see themselves as victims, not creators. Kids need to realize that they are responsible for how they choose to act and react, and that those choices mirror back to them the results that they see. It’s…like magic!

We believe kids need to understand the power there is in allowing love to guide their actions and reactions.

We all know that in the past few decades, our world has evolved to one where tv, movies, video games and social media can influence our kids to believe the answer is to be scared, angry, violent or just mean-spirited. Often kids don’t have the tools to make other free will choices that will serve them in a positive way.

Our basic simple premise is that our actions are either stemming from love or fear. Take bullies for example: children may be served by the compassionate understanding that the bully MAY have just came from a situation where someone was mean to them! We don’t know what the other person’s life is like. When a person does not feel good about themselves, sometimes they tend to use unkind words and behavior. Of course, we need to tell children that if they ever feel threatened or unsafe, they need to tell a responsible adult right away.

Kids are our future… and what we teach them today, will guide them to be brave enough
to stand up for what they believe in when it’s their turn to lead the world.

About the Authors: Matrix Productions is a multi-media company represented by partners Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant. Co-authors of the internationally Best-Selling Children's book series "Journey of Joy", they share mind, body and spirit connections, teaching mindfulness and I AM principles. Their publication of books, and “Echoes of the Soul” multi-media projects, produce tools that shape the thoughts and hearts of like-minded people. Find them at, and

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Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on April 6, 2020 at 2:37pm

Hello again  Omtimes Media !

We want to touch base again regarding this article.  As we noted in the message below, you had said it would be published in the March 22 B Edition, but was not.  We noticed that the April A edition came out this weekend and had an article featured on the cover, titled "A Future For Our Kids", yet we couldn't find that article.  Was that intended to be our article "Kids Are Our Future"?

We'd appreciate your response and hope you are staying well!

Dagny & Beth

Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on March 22, 2020 at 12:12pm

Hello Omtimes Media !  There was a comment here in January that this article would be published in the March B edition which came out today, and we're not seeing it there.  Stay well and healthy, and please advise on publication status!

Thank you!

Dagny & Beth     

Comment by Dagny Grant and Beth Donnelly on January 18, 2020 at 1:26pm

Omtimes Media, thank you so much!  We are grateful, and hope you are having a Happy New Year as well!

Comment by Omtimes Media on January 18, 2020 at 10:34am

Hello Ladies,

 Thank you for your submission and Happy New year. This article will be published on March B edition, to be live in March 22.

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