Laws were made to be broken..or at least be in the background!

So much is written about the Law of Attraction yet it is hardly a law and it is certainly not just about attraction. When I learned of this 20 plus years ago it was one of many hermetic principles and it was not just that we attract (draw in) but also that we radiate (send out). Who you are is what and how you “vibrate” and that is largely about what you tune into and what you broadcast…. No it is not just staying artificially happy…. and superficially upbeat… that’s just plain silly. If something feels awful--it feels that way so you will change it! …..Not to pretend that you like mice in your pantry or an aching back!

We have a full range of emotions for a reason. God didn’t make a mistake there… when a saber-toothed tiger is snarling at you…run baby run!



So isn’t being positive the main component of vibration?


On a very real and deep level it is your connectedness to Source, God, the Universe….. The Source of All Goodness, the Source of health, sanity, beauty and prosperity that matters. It is the GENUINE level of experienced gratitude and joy that flows through you.. from Source –through you—to there ---that alters your vibration and creates out of formlessness into form. It is what you can focus on ..that inspired impression in the formlessness that has you attract to you in accordance with how you vibrate.


In English… the more you tune into, be aware of, gratitude and joy, beauty and prosperity, the more it will keep you FROM BEING DISSATISFIED.

Being dissatisfied is a natural mechanism in humans. From the moment a child wets his diaper he cries. Why? Is he content to stay in a substandard condition? NO!
He / she is dissatisfied and requires changing.  Just like that small apartment that you have outgrown or the area that it is too crowded for your liking.  The human side of you constantly informs you through dissatisfaction and the spiritual side of you informs you through your heart-- as it is in a constant state of inner peace and inner harmony.


It is not so much that we have to CULTIVATE inner peace, or DEVELOP a harmonious relationship with our world…It’s more like we have to quit interrupting and disturbing it with all the crazy programming! There is sanctuary inside all of us…You have to just let it be. The more precious you see life as being, the more gratitude you can express…the more you see Abundance and Joy in your outer world. Until ultimately you become ABUNDANT!


Yet look around…   what do you see? People trying to get there by pretending to never experience a negative thought.. ABSURD!


You struggle with manifesting because you have to impress upon the formlessness a constant and clear picture. This is the information age and you keep jumping around and never choose one thing at a time..or for very long. Plus you have grown up with television and advertising and zillions of outside voices implanted in your head that you should look like this, live like that and dress like her, be fit like him… and you can’t hold this thought…BECAUSE IT IS NOT WHAT IS AUTHENTIC TO YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR HEART AND YOUR SOUL.

So we have to learn to pay attention to the things that matter to us and to learn to filter out the noise.
First you have to get clear about WHAT MATTERS… and express your true nature. Sometimes that is a little bit painful for some folks. They come to a point where they realize they spent 25 years creating a life that was scripted for them by big corporations and broadcasted into their subliminal mind by a shiny black box. When the realization that they spent their whole life chasing advertising sets in it is somewhat unsettling but again part of the necessary process to become a fulfilled human.


Attracting what you do want will happen quite effortlessly when you broadcast the signal for it genuinely and with purpose. PUROPSE IS THE KEY TO FULFILLMENT.

Being fulfilled keeps you in gratitude. The Attitude ofGratitude is the soil for manifesting... Inspiration the seeds.


When you are filled with love for your work and desire for --that new house to raise you children in because it is in a safe, clean and spacious area—there will be no conflict. You won’t need a vision board or a gimmick. You will have a clear plan and such excitement for this new thing, the next wonderful part of your life, that nothing could stop it!


You won’t have to pretend to be happy –you will be. You won’t have to force yourself to avoid dissatisfaction. Your creativity will flow and nothing could disturb your peace of mind…because you, yourself are connected to that amazing divine inspiration.


So quiet that inner chatter and breathe and walk in the woods a while. Breathe in clean, fresh air and clean, fresh ideas. Let go of all the noise that has informed you of what to think for so long but kept you constantly dissatisfied and just allow yourself to Be.


Be happy for real... NO- Not when you stub your toe. Be happy when you think of what’s next for you. What would be satisfying on all levels?

The law of attraction is supposed to work in the background.  So just let it be there. Pay attention to you and your beautiful heart's desires…it will never let you down.


Andrea Martin


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