Exit Stage Right, Leaving Duality and Collapsing Beliefs

Spirituality is undergoing exponential growth. Many are now ready to open their mind to concepts that were previously elusive. How do you accelerate spiritual growth? First you must set the intention, be in alignment with growth and expansion, be prepared to commit to the process and learn discernment. The ability to see clearly is important because with out that skill you will be mislead by teachings that appear genuine yet miss the mark. Teachings with inherent truth carry a high vibration and those which still exist in their entirety are excellent study material.

When you commit yourself to spiritual growth your priorities will shift. Through the law of attraction you will naturally begin to attract what supports your learning and growth. Your goal, which carries a high vibration, will allow the path to unfold effortlessly. Discernment will increase. There is a difference between discernment and perception. Discernment is seeing clearly with the eyes of Holy Self, while perception is based in ego self and that position only serves ego and cannot lead to truth or spiritual growth. It is limited and acts as distraction from the authentic spiritual path. When you operate from the position of ego self the universe of form (reality) appears to manifest according to cause and effect. This linear perception adds strength to the belief of duality. Duality is limiting, everything appears to have a cause which results in a perceived effect in your perception of reality. This leads to pain and suffering as you remain in this position throughout endless cycles. Non-duality short-circuits those cycles.

Self-realization allows you to rise above ego self and enter into Holy Self. You will find the path of illumination unfolding and the spiritual truths you’ve studied may now have a deeper meaning. Their meaning slightly different as now you have the lighting to see all the richness, including nuances which were previously obscured. Non-duality is formless. It is not experienced in outer world reality. It is divine, and is experienced as the quality of divine presence. It is limitless potential expressed as consciousness or awareness. It is this state that you experience “be-ing”. When you hold this state you are in the position of Holy Self. Holy Self is oneness, there exists no separation of me or you. The unlimited potential can manifest as an act of creative divine expression, what in ego self appeared as miracles. Thus you are exchanging reality (ego) for Reality (consciousness).

How is this accomplished? It is not the about knowledge it is through knowing-ness, which is only found when you surrender ego self. That means no longer believing ego self and giving up that position. The position of “I”, “me” and “mine” and the experiences which accompany must be surrendered. The thought forms, and beliefs which support the illusion of separateness must collapse. The ego self will revolt, it will try to convince you by distraction and through fear that you are making a mistake. You must attune yourself to small silent voice within and disregard the loud noisy sound of ego self. The spiritual journey is one that shifts you from ego self to Holy Self. It is this transformation that leads you from reality to Reality. It is illumination of truth, and the presence of divinity. Your experience will shift from “being in the world” to “being of the world”.

Your ego self served a purpose. It allowed you to survive, by giving you a position from which to relate to the appearance of the outer world. You learned to see thing as separate and therefore you developed a sense of self and of others. Thought forms were attached to emotion and you created belief systems.  These belief systems attracted supportive validation from the universe of form thus the story of you evolved. The ego mind is like a computer program that has run amuck. It has ceased being the tool and has become the master. You only need to course correct to put it in it’s right position.

Spiritual growth emanates from the Holy Self. It is fulfilled by divine will. It is found by understanding ego self’s function, acknowledging how ego self operates and by choosing to be in alignment with Holy Self. Discernment illuminates ego self’s tricks such as distractions (worldly gratifications), negative emotions (especially fear) and projections. You are called to make the commitment to living as Holy Self. Ego self will be in resistance, you must summon willpower, be dedicated and forgive errors while learning how to “be”.

Lynn Zambrano

Lynn is an HSP advocate and shares what she has discerned on intuition, emotion, energetic frequency and thought forms. Heralding the transformation of HSPs (highly sensitive persons) into HAPs (highly aware persons).

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Comment by Lynn Zambrano on October 15, 2015 at 6:59pm
Thank you!

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