“In a single breath God has given us a million blessings and shown us the miracle of life. In a day he can show us immortality of the soul. Love life to experience the breath of wonders and the sacredness in your immortal spirit.” Remembering those principles can and will enhance our lives extensively and will make it colorful beyond words.

There are many questions regarding life, and the meaning of life. We are driven by the need to realize life and our life’s mission. In our eagerness to question and to know life we seem to forget that life can be the greatest miracle we as souls have come here to witness and experience.

What is life and why so many don’t know how to really live?
Why is life taken for granted by many more?
Why is the life of others taken for granted by the wealthy and powerful and the

Life is an action of the self and a state of being of the soul. It is a process of manifestation of love at a molecular level. Life at every level and form is love acting as a creative force to perpetuate the fluidity of creation. Life is the love of a greater force who wishes to experience every aspect and angles of itself.

Life gets taken for granted as something easy to discard my many who are in deep pain and who have forgotten the deep love that life is. They have forgotten the deep love that created them and the love that surges and vibrates through their physical and energetic essence. I know as I have been one of them. Pain forces many of us to view life as a burden, and not as the miraculous gift that it really is. Pain, specially the emotional type is extremely difficult to overcome when we have no real coping mechanism or a sacred space that can remind us of our true origins. Lack of understanding takes the miracle away from us.

The same can be said for the wealthy and the elite who only care about playing
with the lives of those they consider less than. It is their lack of understanding that makes them see the rest as play toys or as servants. If they understood then wealth would be distributed equally as they would let go of the need to accumulate to fill a void that only love can really heal. Even governments fall into the lack of understanding in the true value life and individual life has. If so they wouldn’t send people, soldiers in this case to kill and be killed as easily as they do. Even the more powerful countries wouldn’t just take advantage and steal land and resources but instead would share the wealth and have great compassion.

It is up to us to learn an understand the true purpose and value of life. In understanding the basic facts of life we could all develop in a place of love and joy. If we could simply live in a constant state of wonder and awe then we could live life to the fullest because life would become beautiful. Our life lessons would have a greater role in teaching us in a more fluid form and we would stop taking small things personal.

At some point as we become adults many loose curiosity, and their joyous view of life when growing up. We must then bring back our curiosity and wonder and awe to our daily living. After all each and every day is always unique, as it is the only one of its kind.

Life is best lived daily with the purest intent to manifest the absolute best of our humanity and of our divinity. I’m not referring to always having to be happy and in joy, but to be conscious of our daily creations through our actions and thoughts. We are after all energy and our frequencies and vibrations can be directed to be manifested as love and compassion. When we manifest ourselves as love and compassion the world will change as we would have achieved the necessary change to create it so.

We all are carries and keepers of the seals of life and the seals of joy. They are indeed the best kept secret each and everyone of us holds within. Making the choice to daily express our greatest joy allows for our seals to activate within our cells. We therefore begin to resonate at the speed of life. Nowadays theres so much talk about the great changes that are taking place energetically and so much talk about ascension. Ascension is simply the realization that we must take responsibility for life and for our creative power. We must always carry the intention to be the absolute self. We will vibrate at a higher rate and our cells will be in a constant state of exaltation. When our bodies are exalted we can vibrate at the frequency of love and joy thus attracting the same as we give out the appropriate signals to the universe.

Being the absolute best every moment of our lives takes courage and the will to be fearless and impeccable through our word and deed. When we love life, simply because life is worth living we become magnets for life. Life then begins to pour blessings of joy in the simplest of forms. You attract what you are and what you put out through resonance.

I’m sure many have heard of the great secret for manifestation. Simply stated manifestation is a form of mastery of energy and frequencies. As we experience the greatest love, joy and gratitude for life we start resonating at the frequency of creation. Creation loves to evolve and manifest itself, in order to understand all we need to do is turn and look all around us, Mother Nature is the closest manifestation on life in a joyful state. Life is all around us and within us therefore life is indeed our divine inheritance and our birthright. Our birthright is our responsibility to be kept at the highest level of love and light.

Claim your birthright to a happy loving life and I guarantee you the meaning of life will be manifested through you. In reality creation will manifest through you as life in the form of a greater power. Live, love, laugh!

Who I am: Ever since I can remember, I have always lived from the heart. I hold within me a great desire to be of service, as an intuitive healer, teacher and channel I bring all of my skills as an explorer, and innovator in energy work to assist in understanding yourself and bring you to the highest level of self love you are willing to achieve.
I am following my joy and it is through loving and understanding my own life that I provide my greatest service. I invite you to embark in the greatest journey to self-reconciliation, to self-forgiveness and self-love.

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Comment by Jose Sanchez on February 10, 2015 at 4:03am

By the way I have edited the article and took your suggestion of creating another article for creating a sacred space. 

Comment by Jose Sanchez on February 10, 2015 at 4:02am

Dear Sarah, 

I greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions. You inspire me through your kind heart. 

Comment by Sarah Nash on February 10, 2015 at 1:44am

Hello again!
Thank you for the addition of the bio -- I know that it might seem redundant to add it each time you post an article, but it does make our jobs as editors easier when we submit our suggestions to the senior editors.

If you're interested, I've added my own discussion regarding some guidelines here: (just copy this link into your address bar)

When I prepared your piece for review, I realized that this work would be excellent if you edited them in such a way that you had two articles. One about creating sacred spaces and the other your thoughtful prose regarding "Life". As it stands now, this pieces is about 250 words over our maximum limit -- and should be edited by you.

Feel free to send me a message, or add your thoughts to this comment thread. I look forward to reading more from you. Have a wonderful week!

Comment by Jose Sanchez on February 8, 2015 at 6:28am

Greetings and thank you Sarah, 

I hope my bio which I just added is appropriately written. I'm new to this site and I'm hoping I can offer the best I can. 

Blessings of love. 

Comment by Sarah Nash on February 8, 2015 at 5:55am

Greetings Jose! I've recommended this article for review and possible inclusion in the magazine. As a side note, if you would add a brief bio (60 to 100 words) at the conclusion of each submission (presuming you'd like it considered for publication) -- it would be very helpful for the final editing team.

Thanks for your participation and creative input.

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