Life is a Game of Cards: What's in Your Hand?

Alchemists, mystics and intuitives believed that the Tarot sprang from the anima mundi-soul of the world—the vast repository of knowledge also known as the Akashic records—the Universal Library filled with memories, wisdom and knowledge of the past, present and future.  Ancient Tarot Cards, Conventional Playing Cards and Birthdates are all intertwined.

This blog is a summery and extention of my August 8th radio show Beyond the 5 Senses  The show airs on Wednesdays @ 1-3pm EST. Call in # 347-884-9691

Each show begins with a protection blessing. If you are reading this blog you may do the same by cocooning yourself in protective mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to enter into any Tarot information. Everything else is reflected back from whence it came. We wish it so and therefore it is. 

During the show, I introduce callers to their personal Conventional Playing Card and Tarot Divination Card by using their birthdates. These are then used for readings and dream interpretations. 

After the show, I post the readings and additional pertinent information that correlates with the reading on my blog. Callers are identified by their name and area code.

Here are their stories, dreams, challenges and triumphs over adversity.

Caller: Leslie 626- DOB=January 30 =Aquarius = 9 of Diamonds=  9 of Pentacles Pentacles revolve around health, wealth and physical well being. Leslie’s card suggests that she integrated the factors of her life into a secure financial base that has resulted in an independence from financial concerns and money worries. She may not have all that she wants, but she always has enough of what she needs.

9 is the number of the Initiate- that which brings things to an end and prepares for the new beginning of the number 10.

Leslie asked me to interpret the two dreams she had concerning a long lost friend named Lori whom she has known for more than fifty years. They have not spoken since an argument five years ago. Yet, her friend Lori had recently been in two dreams. They grew up across the street from each other as children and teens. They argued when Lori got married and did not share the news of her engagement with Leslie. Leslie found out from friends. Leslie says Lori tends to pull away from friends when falls in love. Lori’s world revolves around the new man in her life.

Q. “My friends told me that although I saw Lori as a friend she was never really my friend. She was not a true friened to me. Should I call her?”

Dream #1- Lori is in a store with Leslie picking out dishes. The owner of the store tells them they may take as many plates as they need for free but must hurry, the store is closing. Leslie and Lori sort through the same red, white and cobalt blue dishes. Leslie carefully chooses her dishes. But Lori quickly takes many dishes and can hardly carry them out the door as the shopkeeper reminds them that the store is closing. 

A: A store is a place in which one makes choices among many choices. They may be shopping for new meanings, in this case choosing something to hold the choices that will give spiritual and/or emotional nourishment. Lori was balancing plates on top of plates. Red is the color of life force, new life and anger. White is purity and enlightenment and the combination of ALL colors. Cobalt blue is another name for Indigo blue which is the color of fulfillment and the sixth pineal or the Christ center. Indigo is a strong influence on soul development. All the choices in this store are free. The price they pay is time.

Interpretation: Lori is contacting her long lost friend Leslie thought the medium of dreams. Perhaps she is waiting to see if Leslie will be receptive to her calling out to her. Lori is making a move that is most likely life changing and she is on a tight schedule. Time is running out. She must make her choices quickly. True to her nature, she piles up more “stuff” than she can handle while Leslie watches her.  

Q:Dream #2- Lori is talking about her husband (of the past 5 years) to Leslie and discussing things that had happened in their past as friends. Leslie says the color of her dream is blue.

A: The color blue is spiritual, contemplative, dejected and moody. It goes with the saying, “I’m feeling blue today,” when we have feelings of melancholy. 

Dream Analysis: The theme of both dreams is time and memory. Lori is reaching out to Leslie. Something has happened to Lori and she is hurriedly making new choices and explaining decisions she made in the past, while reminiscing about good times they had when they were best friends. The dream could have been Leslie seeing aspects of herself in Lori, but the fact that both dreams are dealing with limited time makes that unlikely.

Leslie chose the Tarot Card 6 of Wands to validate the dream interpretation. Wands are cards for communication, the power of intentions and ideas, and new beginnings after long periods of inactivity. Wands have sprouting buds that prove they are indeed alive and under the right circumstances can grow again. We often forget that we are spirit inhabiting body. Dreams are the phone lines by which our inner ET phones home for help and information.

Conclusion: Lori and Leslie are still very connected, even if only though dreams. Their connection transcends time and space. And, Leslie’s dreams appear to show the seasons of their friendship. Although it has been dormant, it has the potential to bud again, but time is of the essence.

Mini 3 card spread reading: Card #1= 10 of Pentacles= peruse it= 10 is the number of completion and the return to unity and plans to build a new home due to financial security. Card #2= 6 of Cups= your attitude now=six is the number of love that has gone from passion to compassion. You are emphasizing home and family at this point in time. Card #3= 7 of Swards= consider= seven is the combination of 3(heaven) plus 4 ( earth)- a complete period or cycle.

The spread validates that this situation is time sensitive and shows completion of a cycle in life. Leslie should call Lori, quickly!


Caller #2- Vivian 972- DOB= Dec.1= Sagittarius = 4 of Diamonds= 4 of Pentacles

Vivian is someone who holds tight to her money and material possessions and always has something, no matter how small, stashed away for a “rainy day.”

The number 4 is symbolic of humans in the earth plane, the four corners of the earth, four winds, four elements…Vivian is grounded.  

Q: Vivian wanted a card to give her guidance concerning a job or career. She chose Major Arcana 3= The Empress which is the Universal Mother. This is a positive card for her question.

Vivian then told us that she wants to peruse a license in nursing.


Chat Room # 3-Viki- DOB= July 19= Cancer= Jack of Clubs = Knight of Wands

Viki from Chat is the knight in shining armor. She thrives on love and encouragement yet her idealism and generosity are associated with compassionate understanding and a tender heart. Knights are messengers. The Knight of Wands is a bearer of good news.

Your number 19 = 1+9=10=1+0=1 The beginning and creative energy.  

Q: Viki wants to write a book and doesn’t know where to start.  She chose the Tarot Major Arcana 8= Strength.

A: Begin the book with your strengths. Be true to yourself and steadfast in your work. Use your creative energy.


Chat Room Oracle Tree House- DOB= Oct 26 = Scorpio=9 of Hearts= 9 of Cups Oracle Tree house is The Wish for Card. It doesn’t get much better than that!  Oracle Tree House must be careful what is wished for because that wish will most likely come true. This is a person who has the potential for great joy and happiness.

Q: Should Oracle Tree House pursue being a clairvoyant? The 7th Major Arcana card was chosen. The Chariot says you can achieve greatness in your desire from hard work and that your goal is in sight. The number 7 is perfect order and a mystical relationship sacred number.

Yes, I think you should go for it Oracle Tree House.

About the author- Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos is a two- time breast cancer survivor who penned SURVIVING CANCERLAND., is a contributing author in FACES BEHIND THE PAGES THAT INSPIRE, Radio Co-host of Beyond the 5 Senses & is represented by Devra Jacobs- Dancing Word Group Literary Agency & Steve Allen PR Media. Follow her on FB@  T@ LI ,

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