Life Is A Game Of Cards: What's In Your Hand?


Part III of September 5th Radio Show Beyond the 5 Senses

The mystical tarot card has come a long way from its humble origins. In the field of psychology, Carl Jung (1875-1961) used tarot cards in analyzing the Subconscious.  I use this same technique today on my radio show. We are always speaking to ourselves. It is one of the Keys of Life. One key is knowing how to listen. Another key is knowing what to do with the information to lead a better life.

I always start my radio programs with a protection meditation of imagining being surrounded by a mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to pass through it. Everything else is returned from whence it came. If you have read this you are now protected. Read on….

My show revolves around dream interpretation, connecting listeners with their Personal Tarot Cards for proper readings if they ever want to get ne from another establishment. Know yourself to know what the cards are saying to you. I use birthdays to connect readers to their cards.

Here are their Life Cards, stories, questions and answers. Let’s see what is in their hand. …

Donna- DOB= Sept/9= 2 of Diamonds= 2 of Pentacles.

People who are 2s are balanced, considerate, cooperative, receptive and very agreeable. They go out of their way to lead balanced and peaceful life.

People who are Pentacles are practical, down to earth, analytical and very resourceful.

2 of Pentacles is the card of COMMUNICATION. Donna is a communicator who likes to talk problems out rather than resorting to physical means of solutions. Donna is also very light hearted.

Q= When will my business take off?

A+ Card 13 of the Major Arcana= Death Card. This is the TRANSFRMATION Card. It does not mean someone is going to die.( We are all going to die eventually so saying that would be cheating. No one lives forever. ) It means there is going to be a transformation of the old ways to make way for new possibilities.

Donna, you may need to look over your business and see what aspects of it need to be removed to make way for the transformation. Think of your business as closet full of clothing. What is out of style or does not fit anymore. You cannot cram more in so remove some and the chnge will happen.

Almusic DOB= Aug 18, 1980= 8 of Clubes= 8 of Wands

People who are Wands re the bears of the Trot Card World. They go through long periods of inactivity, hibernation or stasis, and then they are hungry for life and off and running gin. They are the dreamer of the Trot World because of their long spaces of inactivity during which time they are thinking, day-dreaming, and therefore hey can manifest their reality from their dreams. When they wake up they have a plan.

Almusic you have many 8s in your numbers, including your number (the addition of all your birthdate numbers together.)  It may be your synchronicity number, also. Do you see 8s often? On time pieces, TV channels? License plates on cars in front of you?

8s are goal oriented and strong people. They are very determined and work hard. The can also be controlling and stubborn. (If you are like me you are not stubborn, you are right. LOL)

Q= About he girl- Does she want to meet me?

A= Card 16 of the Higher Arcana= DISRUPTION

The Disruption card is the SH#% Hits the Fan card. Truth will surface and there will be breaks down all around you. You may feel trapped in her problem or your problem because of the changes in the new situation.

Almusic draws 2 or Swards as a Validation Card. 2 of Swards is DENIAL. It shows a woman sitting on a bench with her back to the ocean( cut off escape) holding tow swards crossed protectively over her chest while wearing a blindfold. All she needs to do to get out of her predicament is set down one sward and life the blindfold, but she is stuck in place by her own situations.

Almusic draws the 1 Card of the Major Arcana- The Magician= Mastery through creative thought. Exercise your will power and take control of your world.

Almusic, the cards are all saying the same thing. This is going to be a very trick situation. You do not know everything, she is in denial and you are going to have to be a magician to make this work. It is up to you. I get the feeling this relationship is from a previous life. You two have just found each other again and much of what you are experiencing is the accumulation of unsolved situations from lifetimes, hence the Tower. She still does not want to address them, hence the 2 of Swards and you are going to really have to be creative to work through this, hence the Magician.

Almusic decides to “wait ‘till she emails or calls me.”

Good idea, Almusic.


Trudy asks for a card to “see how the world is doing.” She chooses 4 of Swords.

4 is the number for hard working and security-consciousness. They look for stability and security. Too much change in their lives feels overwhelming.


Swards deal with thought, challenge and observation. They have the means b which to protect themselves yet it often seems to get in their way.

4 of Swards is the Card for “Soon Change for the Better.” I think Trudy chose a wonderful card for a much needed world message. The 4 of swards shows a man sleeping while his hands are in prayer. He is watched by the Angels in the Stained Glass windows. His messages are heard.


Tune in every Wednesday from 1-3 EST for more readings on Beyond The 5 Senses. Or call in  with your questions. 347-884-9691.

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