Life Is A Game Of Cards! What's In Your Hand? (Part II)

The Psychic readings below are from the radio show link above. Join me every Wednesday from 4-6pm PT for live readings using my unique method of connecting you with your Spirit Guides for a reading that is ALL YOU! 


The mystical tarot card has come a long way from its humble origins. In the field of psychology, Carl Jung (1875-1961) used tarot cards in analyzing the Subconscious.  I use this same technique today on my radio show.

Tarot cards were originally used to play a card game that was very similar to bridge. As with the Tarot cards today, 21 of the special cards served as permanent trumps. These could be played regardless of what suit was led, and outranked all the ordinary cards just as the Trump cards of the Major Arcana do today. The game became known as the Game of Triumphs and was popular especially among the upper classes of society. In my radio show I use both a deck of playing cards and the Tarot cards for more accurate readings.


In my radio show I use numerology, drecions, colors, astrology through birthdates an much more for more accurate readings from both a deck of playing cards and the Tarot Cards.


Each radio show begins with a protection blessing. If you are reading this blog you may do the same by cocooning yourself in protective mirrored light that only allows that which is of the highest and best to enter into any Tarot information. Everything else is reflected back from whence it came. We wish it so and therefore it is.


In this blog, I have the time to add additional information concerning the personal readings including synchronicities that become apparent during the show.


What are synchronicities? By definition a Synchronicity is a noun, an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated. As you read this blog you may see even more.  Synchronicities in the reading will often mirror what is happening in your life.  This is because we are all connected by the Greater Oneness of Life. There are no accidents, only accidently on purposes. The number synchronicity in these readings is 3.

During the show, I introduce callers to their personal Conventional Playing Card and Tarot Divination Card by using their birthdates.  I connect these with numerology and astrology. These are then used for readings and dream interpretations.

 After the show, I post the readings and additional pertinent information that correlates with the reading on my blog. Callers are identified by their name and area code.

After the show, I post the readings and additional pertinent information that correlates with the readings on my blog. Callers are identified by their name and area code. Chat room people are identified by their chat names.


Chris called in for a reading. She remembered that her personal Tarot Card is the 4 of Swards and wanted a mini reading on her life.

 Using numbers, colors, wind directions and seasons, Chris chose three cards with the help of her Spirit Guides for her past- present- future mini reading.  If they were placed on a table as a spread the first card she chose would be the NOW (center card) the second card would be placed to the left (near past) and the third card would be placed to the right (near future). This is a very simple-to the point- three card spread. This reading is for a six-month period with the past within the past three months, the present NOW and the future in the next three months.


1)      Now-  14 of Pentacles= King of Pentacles= This is the card of influence. Chris is comfortable with the power, influence, and status she has achieved. This is a person who is comfortable with themselves and can be of great help to others in the mastery of their life skills because this king recognizes the talents and skills in others.


2)       Past= 11 of Wands = Page of Wands= In her younger years Chris was a sensitive, optimistic person who had great hopes for financial success.  Pages are youth in the Tarot Cards. This is validation that indeed Chris has chosen the correct card for her past. The Page of Wan s wears a robe covered with salamanders which symbolize fire and creativity. Salamanders often have red markings on their bodies that look like flames. The wand in his hand shows the renewal of life in the form of budding leaves. The word that described her past is COURAGE.

3)      FUTURE= 14 of Swords= King of Swords= Authenticity- use your original ideas. Reconnect with your past for your future and use your mental strength and power. This card knows the truth of metaphysical law= energy follows thought.  You have the ability to Manifest the future you want and your past can help you.


Stay tuned for more readings in part III.

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