I invite you to join me on a pastoral sojourn to meet some very enlightened beings: Purple Tulips!

On this day we are walking through the countryside. We pass grassy meadows of emerald green that stretch far off to the horizon. Here and there flocks of sheep peacefully graze. Fields are defined by artfully crafted stone walls. Just ahead sits a small stone house with thatched roof. It is gloriously silent with no other humans in sight. Off to one side of the yard is an inviting stone bench. We walk over and sit down and open our senses to the environment. We soak up the sun, breeze and smell of sweet grass accented with wildflowers. It’s a delightful bouquet that creates a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Suddenly we are startled by the sound of a marching band playing The Stars and Stripes Forever. We can hear the cymbals clashing, the bass drum, the brass section. The sound is very near but the band itself is out of sight. The piece concludes and silence is once more restored.

We look at each other quizzically, chuckle and settle back on the bench to once more take in the scenery. Your eyes fall upon a row of purple tulips, fully open revealing their stamens, and you point them out to me. Together we admire their beauty. They are lush and ripe at the peak of their lives. Another day or two and their petals will begin to drop off as they begin their decline. We feel fortunate to have witnessed them at their most beautiful and fragrant moment of life. They nod their heads at us in acknowledgment of our appreciation. Then out of nowhere a trombone begins playing a jazzy piece. Inspired, the tulips begin swaying to the rhythm. It is clear that they enjoy the music very much. Trombones, sousaphones, Sousa’s march… hmmm is a pattern emerging? We shall see.

The musical tempo changes to a Charleston. The tulips go with the new rhythm enjoying it every bit as much as the jazz. We begin to wonder if the tulips perhaps have a message to share. After some hesitation, you decide to ask.

“Finally,” the one in the center exclaims. “We’ve been waiting for you to have enough curiosity to ask. Although our message should be self evident, we do feel the need to expound upon it for your benefit. You are witnessing us in our full measure of beauty. We are quite proud to put on this display and to be appreciated, but you should know that we are so much more than our appearance. What you see today is the culmination of our lives. All that we have experienced, all that we have learned, every ounce of wisdom contained within our DNA is now on display for you here."

"Our message is quite profound if you will but see it/hear it: We were born for this purpose. Today you see us fulfilling our purpose. Once it is fulfilled we can move into the next cycle of our lives and complete our journey. We do so joyfully because we understand that this is but one chapter of our journey. As surely as our petals wither, fade and fall to the ground, our stems dry up and return to the earth, we know that we will begin this cycle anew at the appointed time. It has ever been thus and so shall it ever be. It is a cycle of renewal and rebirth. We savor each moment, as we know that one is not more important than another. It all fits together like the pieces of a puzzle to form a complete picture. We seek completeness. We do not wish to end a chapter with pieces missing from our puzzle picture. That would mean our next cycle would also be incomplete until we were finally able to fill in the gap of those missing pieces. Who knows how many incarnations that might require? Best to do it when the opportunity first presents itself. We urge you to learn the lesson of living in the now and living to the fullest expression of yourself. Do not throw away opportunities to fully express yourself at this moment for you may not get this opportunity again for a very long time and it can hold you back in ways that are unimaginable."

"Should you discover that you have missed a major opportunity we strongly urge you to acknowledge it and ask that you be given another chance at grasping the golden ring. Your species has an advantage over our kind in that you have a longer life span and greater opportunity. The golden ring may come around more than once so that a ring once missed may be handily grabbed at another time. When that occurs make haste to experience the full measure of the gift you have been given. It will enrich you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Do not hesitate to take the gifts that are presented to you. They are given freely and lovingly with your best interests in mind. They may help you course correct or expand upon your experience bringing a new expanded awareness into your consciousness. We beseech you not to squander these golden moments. They are the milestone events that shape your destiny."

With that the tulips bowed again and we witnessed a time elapse vision of their “death.” At its end there was no evidence that the tulips were ever there. New grass covered the area and erased all trace of the beauty that had once stood so majestically upon that spot. All that remained was their whispered reassurance that they would one day return once more. “It’s not goodbye it’s farewell for now.”

Debbra Lupien is a Psychic/Intuitive. She is actively engaged in data mining the Akashic Realm bringing forth messages of inspiration and enlightenment. During readings the Akashic Guides always supply exactly what each soul needs at that very moment in time, leading to deeply profound, transformative, experiences. Messages intended for sharing can be found on her website: http://akashaunleashed.com

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