Spending much of my adult life exploring and working with people in light and energy related fields such as Reiki, Angel Card readers, mediums, aroma therapists and other metaphysical healing modality practitioners it has become clear that the individuals conducting the sessions become advisors in your spiritual journey. This is great news as making a spiritual journey without an advisor can be a frightening experience.

Many of the energy/lightworkers are very advanced in their spiritual development and along with this comes a connection to universal knowledge that some might equate with God, Universe or “Source” (depending upon your religious beliefs).  These individuals feel comfortable working with the energy and the knowledge that seems to “appear out of nowhere” when the knowledge is needed. It is the well-developed spirituality combined with the energy/lightwork that allows these individuals to become advisors to people for more than just the average day-to-day and run of the mill concerns that they encounter.

Working with advisors can be very helpful in making your way through some of the tough spots in your life. When working with energy/lightworkers there are times that these individuals will speak with you about how your life is going. If you are willing to explore your life with the energy/lightworker it is possible that your will have the opportunity to explore information beyond the realm of the everyday.

Being able to tap into universal knowledge that is yet unavailable may contain a certain degree of excitement for you as a client of energy/lightworkers. Just imagine how your life could change.

How Does It Work?

  1. The energy/lightworker needs to ask the client if he/she is willing to receive messages from the Universe/Source/God.
  2. The energy/lightworker needs to determine whether or not the messages will cause harm to the client if provided to him/her.
  3. Messages are delivered exactly as received from Universe/Source/God.

Each time a person visits a Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader, or physic there is an energy connection that is created between the energy/lightworker the client. As the worker spends time working with the client the transfer of energy allows an open connection to the universe and the energy that is shared. If the worker is open to and is capable of receiving messages the Source will provide messages for the client.

When messages are delivered from the Source there is always a choice of whether or not to deliver the message to the client. If the advisor believes the message will cause harm to the client he/she may not deliver the message. The advisor also has a responsibility to ask the client if he/she is okay to have knowledge that is being introduced by God/Universe. Some clients do not want to know anything other than what they can see and feel and the energy/lightworker in the role as an advisor must be sensitive to this and not deliver messages in these cases.

Most clients are okay with having messages delivered. When the messages come through there will be times when they make little or no sense to the light worker, but the individual will deliver the message as it is presented to them.

When the lightworkers/energy workers receive a message and have permission to provide it to the client receiving a healing, that message is meant to be understood only by the client. Frequently the messages may be of a nature that it would not make any sense to the lightworker/energy worker even if he/she tried to interpret it. When the session is over the information is released along with the person who just completed the session.

Understanding the Messages

A single word can have the greatest of meanings to someone. Having delivered messages to clients and having received messages it is safe to say that sometimes messages can be meaningful and sometimes they can be downright funny.

Sometimes the messages are as simple as a single word, other times the messages are presented in images or in more complex combination of words, sounds and imagines that can take some time for the lightworker to interpret and then deliver to the client.

Upon delivering the message to the client the light worker will often seem pensive and may ask “does this mean anything to you?” after delivering the message.

In many ways lightworkers become the perfect advisor as they do not become invested in the messages that are being delivered. The messages that come from the Source/Universe are being received through the energy/lightworkers, but the message does not get interpreted and is not remembered by the individual providing the healing to the client. Instead, it is the wish of the lightworkers to provide healing to their clients and a means with which to allow the clients to continue on the path to self-healing.  

Remember that your energy/lightworkers can also be an advisor on your journey!

About the Author

Susan Eskdale is a professionally trained writer and editor, a Reiki practitioner, an intuitive and a medium. Susan writes for on-line magazines with submissions ranging from articles to poetry, fiction and self-help oriented topics. She enjoys a diverse range of interests, but professes her passion remains working on her novels

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Comment by Susan E. Eskdale on April 1, 2015 at 9:54am

I've updated m bio to reflect my knowledge. Thank you for your feedback.

Comment by Susan E. Eskdale on March 31, 2015 at 9:02pm

I am writing as one who is a meidum, Reiki practitioner and psychic who has also had reading an healings.

Comment by Susan E. Eskdale on March 31, 2015 at 8:53pm

Hi Shelly, I will look at my bio right now.

Comment by Susan E. Eskdale on March 31, 2015 at 8:01pm

Hi Shelly,

I've changed title and refocused the article for individuals getting treatments.

Please let me know if you wish to have further changes made.


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