When people spend their lives healing others there can be a price that is often not recognized by their clients. In the case of Lightworkers and energy workers there is a malaise that can form as a result of being in constant demand and from not setting appropriate borders with your clients.

Working with Lightworkers and energy workers throughout the years, I have seen the malaise increase with frequency in a number of practitioners who have not been able to set the rules required to keep themselves healthy and safe.

The individuals who become Lightworkers and energy workers have a very special desire to help others through their challenges in their lives.  These workers are trained in various modalities and spend time working with their clients providing healing sessions. These workers are highly spiritually developed and tend to be connected to the universe and the knowledge contained within it.

There seems to be an inner knowing also known as “claircognizance” that allows these individuals to tap into the universe and to “know things” that seem to be unavailable to others. While this can be very helpful in the Lightworkers everyday life and in providing treatments for clients it can be highly disadvantageous to the rest of their lives when a malaise sets in. People begin to rely on the Lightworkers uncanny ability to advise them on every aspect of their lives and soon are turning to the Lightworkers to ask to help with simple every day decisions.

Increased Requests

Clients become excited when they realize that the Lightworkers/energy workers are able to provide information about their lives that were previously unavailable to them. Some become so excited that the clients begin to telephone the Lightworkers/energy workers on a regular basis to consult with them about important decisions.

While being consulted on important decisions is not an issue it becomes an issue when it escalates into being consulted on every day decisions.

No Payments

Once the Lightworkers finishes work and goes home life you would hope the day would end there, but it doesn’t. Family and friends begin to pop up looking to you to “tap into the crystal ball” and find out what’s happening with…” a situation they wish to know about. There is an expectation that there is no costs associated with this as it is just something you know and you do.

The question is why our non-immediate family and friends try to take advantage of this? There are a couple of theories.

  1. There seems to be a lack of understanding that connecting with the Source to retrieve information is an incredible gift. Lightworkers/energy workers should always receive a fee for the service provided.
  2. Some Lightworkers who don’t charge because it comes easy to them. All of the Lightworkers/energy workers need to charge for services or at least receive something of value in return for their efforts.

When Lightworkers are not paid for their work on a regular basis this can result in serial mini-readings of and/or by one or more clients. This is problematic as these clients will call, text, Facebook and otherwise social media you to the nth degree to ask you “crystal ball” questions on a regular basis. They want free readings all the time. They check with you on every little thing and often do the polar opposite of what the advice you had for them was. It takes up the Lightworkers time from other paying clients as well as taking time away from enjoying other endeavors and leads them towards what I term the Lightworkers’ Malaise.

The state of dissatisfaction, uneasiness, and anxiety begins to approach only when certain people begin to approach the light workers. The Lightworkers’ Malaise hits out of the blue when a client’s number flashes across your phone display and you avoid answering the call, you duck the emails and avoid going to the shop today to avoid running into the person. It has become too much for you and you need to fix the situation, but what can you do?

How to Fix the Malaise?

  1. Call the person you dread most.
  2. Set ground rules:
    1. This is how we will be working with services moving forward;
    2. No free information – you need to reciprocate with money, trade or barter;
    3. Only available to you during certain hours, days, weeks, etc.
  3. Stick to ground rules with the client.
  4. Do this with all clients who are causing concerns.
  5. Begin to regain control over your time with meditation and clearing your mental space.

Remember that Lightworkers make the perfect advisors, but that doesn't mean that you have to suffer the Lightworkers’ Malaise that can go with it!

About the Author

Susan Eskdale is a professionally trained writer and editor, a Reiki practitioner, an intuitive and a medium. Susan writes for on-line magazines with submissions ranging from articles to poetry, fiction and self-help oriented topics. She enjoys a diverse range of interests, but professes her passion remains working on her novels.


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