Lilith, Goddess of Freewill,   By Nancy Oakes


A Glimpse of the Splendor of the Goddess”


I am Lilith, daughter of the Creatress, Sophia, Wisdom

I was created within primary love and purity

Not in jealousy, nor judgment,

I am daughter of Sophia; she the delight- beloved of Father God


I was there before man drew his first breath

During the chaos and before the orchestration of humankind

I was the first of my Great Mother, Sophia’s, image

Coming down to earth to begin humankind by her command


I was his first- he saw me- when he opened his eyes.

He beheld my loveliness; my beauty

He compared me to the golden sunlight of dawn

I was there when consciousness began


I held within my womb all possibilities-the gifts of co-creation

Curiosity, imagination, consciousness and free will were my offerings

 This a divine plan of co-creation a lineage of the Goddess, Sophia

I am the key and the doorway to the mystery of feminine


 He was to be my beloved companion

Our union a mirror of the sacredness of the heavens

The glory of the highest, the original divine plan of duality

Yet no trace of my sacredness remains on earth


Be not afraid for I am female-daughter of the Goddess of Creation




Lilith, Goddess of Freewill

     Lilith’s story requires a rewiring of our brains regarding how we imagine creation of humankind.  If all the information you have read declares her a whore, a she-devil that kidnaps babies, and that she lies in wait for the destruction of mankind then you have been misled regarding her purpose and her existence.  Lilith was the daughter of Sophia, Wisdom, the Creatress.  Lilith’s purpose was to begin a lineage that which was created by her womb and the man named Adam resulting in demigods, but specifically of Sophia’s lineage.   Their offspring would begin one of the stories of humankind created on this planet.  Lilith was a powerful Goddess whose gifts to humankind were curiosity imagination, freewill and consciousness.   The divine plan from her mother Sophia, Wisdom was that she was to be regarded by Adam as an equal.  However Adam was being coached by the Angel Samael, Lucifer, (a fallen angel who has until this day has taken control of the consciousness of humankind), to demand that Lilith be subservient and lie beneath him.  This commandment by Samael, and the patriarchal authority that followed eliminated free will for Eve, (the female substitute for a non-subservient Lilith, who left of her own freewill) in the garden, and all the women born of her unions with Adam and Samael.   This very principle established the primary rule within what would be soon recognized as a patriarchal religion.  The descendants of Eve practice this religious dogma today, thus eliminating free will for women for eons.  He, Samael, created the story of original sin, and perpetrated the enslavement of humankind, thereby eliminating the feminine from the creation story and placing her in the position of judgment and ridicule as the primary cause of the downfall of mankind. Also the gifts of the Goddesses are wisdom, knowledge, love, peace, curiosity, imagination, art, creativity and freewill, all the feminine virtues that do not produce war, enslavement and evil. Sophia, Wisdom, Lilith and all the Goddesses honored and worshipped by many cultures were eliminated from the creation story, and eventually the consciousness of humankind. But none have been degraded such as Lilith, who has been reduced to a myth and depicted as a dark evil witch, a sexually deranged murderess, which fed on other woman’s babies, and destroyed men’s souls. This defilement of Lilith was the primary extreme upset for the descendants and the lineage from the garden causing confusion to this day in the role of the Goddess in the creation story.  Several religions have developed from this error thereby accepting the defilement of the feminine in their religious dogma.  Replacing Lilith with Eve, was everything the patriarchal Samael wanted, giving him the basis for his continued oppression of the feminine, and control of humankind.  His plan by eliminating the feminine caused the separation from Sophia, Wisdom, Goddess of the Universe.  Humankind has been in chaos ever since, until the awakening of humanity in the new era, and the return of the Goddess.


The Mystery Is Solved And The Remembrance Begins!

     There were many other entities arriving at the same time, from other origins (planets).  Thus this would explain where Cain and Abel’s wives come from and where the dark-skinned people came from living in what we now refer to as Africa.  Many different people were recorded in the Jewish Old Testament writings, and other ancient documents.  Also recorded in those same documents are the Queens, and Pharaohs of Egypt, a different people with different DNA from the other races in distant communities.  A people depicted on the great stone tablets and the wall of the pyramids of Egypt, arriving from the stars, namely Sirius, with very different skull shape.  They worshipped Goddesses, and also built the great pyramids.  Would it also explain the great thinkers, those philosophers, the Greeks from where much of western literature, and language is based?  The Greeks again another skin colors, totally different philosophies, religion and culture. Our faces, our physical structures, skin color, the color of our eyes and our hair proves that we are not from the same source, DNA, or bloodline-no matter what mainstream anthropology, science and religions would prefer you to believe, it cannot be possible.

Where Did The Different Races Come From

     There are at least five or more races living on this planet, and each have a different origin, DNA, and bloodline.   Asia, Africa, the Americas, Egypt, Greek. Romans, Sumerians, are all races from different sources.  This has been going on for millions of years and many civilizations have been destroyed by natural disasters. The Cherokee elders say we are living in the “Fifth World”, which means we have been destroyed four times previously.  As humanity is awakened with love we begin to realize there is so much more to our individual lineages, and even more to discover about the creation and arrival of humankind on this planet.  These differences are also our greatest similarities, as we have arrived from different sources, but we have all made this planet our home.


     Humanity will always long, and search for the paradise that was spoken about in the beginning a place of harmony, abundance and peace, because it is encoded in our DNA.   Although we are from different origins, we all want the same things.   We have struggled to remember our origin, but this knowledge remains in our subconscious.  The races are human beings who are totally different genetically, not connected within our traditions and cultures. Why? Our ancestors brought those diverse sacred traditions with them when arriving from the stars, and the heavens.  Most of us have been travelers, lost, deceived, and separated from the truth of creation.   We are beginning to remember, to recollect our past ancestral history.  It was never one story, or one tradition or culture.  In this new era of love, the Goddess returns with her gifts to rescue her creation.  This awareness dissolves the confusion for all of us who are finally awakening and arriving in the new era together.



Nancy is the CEO of the “Spiritual Life Style Center.”  She is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band. Her first book will be available on spring 2014 “The Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe.” You can contact her at and

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Comment by Nancy Oakes on April 22, 2014 at 11:09am

Thank you so much-May I ask our wonderful graphics department-if the article gets published could I have the depiction of Goddess Lilith with red hair-much of what was documented about her described her as being adorned with jewels from Egypt(thus a connection to Isis), in red attire, and she had the most beautiful red flowing hair, which wore uncovered. Thank You

Comment by Trevor Taylor on April 22, 2014 at 4:46am

Thank you Nancy. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming editions of OM Times Magazine

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