LIVING INTUITIVELY: How Space Clearing Helps Places and People Thrive

Living Intuitively main title for this two-part series is “How Space Clearing Helps Places and People Thrive.” Then each of the two articles has its own title. This article is Part 2.

Abstract: Throughout history we have tried to be comfortable in our spaces at home and at work, using rituals and techniques like space clearing. A new way of space clearing consults with both people and their spaces to mesh the needs and wants of both sides. In Part 1 of this two-part series I discuss how space clearing works and why this new way matters. In Part 2 I’ll offer a case study that revealed how a luxury yacht and its new owners used space clearing to create a business that satisfies both parties.

Part 1: Creating Healthy, Balanced Spaces through Space Clearing

Part 2: Case Study: The Luxury Yacht that Became an Adventure Cruise Ship

By Robyn M Fritz

Abstract: Throughout history we have tried to be comfortable in our spaces at home and at work, using rituals and techniques like space clearing. A new way of space clearing consults with both people and their spaces to mesh the needs and wants of both sides. In Part 1 of this two-part series I discuss how space clearing works and why this new way matters. In Part 2 I’ll offer a case study that reveals how a luxury yacht and its new owners used space clearing to create a business that satisfies both parties.

To be our best in mind, body, and spirit we need to make sure our spaces stay healthy and balanced. As I explained in Part 1 of this two-part series, we do that with space clearing, which uses energy healing to clear stagnant energy from spaces so we, and they, thrive.

To see how space clearing works, here’s a case study of the clearing of a new business—the luxury yacht M/V Sea Star in Seattle.

Space Cooperating: Energy Clearing a Luxury Yacht

As they tap their intuition, business owners are realizing they can use space clearing to help develop and maintain healthy businesses.

That’s how I met Aspin and Erik Teevin, owners of North Pacific Expeditions in Seattle. They had just launched their dream business: a small ship wilderness cruise service in Alaska. They wanted my Space Cooperating service, which clears spaces by consulting with both the owners and the space itself to mesh the needs and wants of both sides. Yes, it involves talking with the space itself.

A Space Cooperating session involves three things: a list of questions from the people involved, a one-on-one with me and the space to explain the situation and ask what it needs, and the clearing session, which brings the people and the space together to negotiate change and remove stuck energy.

So what did the Teevins’ want from their business? A close, cordial partnership with Sea Star that included providing what she wanted and needed from them. With their list of questions and concerns in hand, I talked with Sea Star. The next day I met with the Teevins onboard Sea Star to explain what I learned and to conduct the clearing.

Sea Star Speaks: What Souls Want

“She is quite the diva, but in a good way,” I said, smiling. “She thinks highly of herself and insists on being well cared for. She was created to be special, and has definite ideas about that. The first thing she said to me was ‘No fish!’ She absolutely does not want what she called ‘stinky, smelly, slimy fish’ rolling around her decks.” I pointed to the crab boat she was currently rafted to while being refurbished. “She is not a fishing boat.”

The Teevins laughed. Captain Erik asked if it was okay to occasionally fish for crab and shrimp to entertain guests. Sea Star agreed.

“She also doesn’t want any what she called ‘fuddy-duddies,’” I said. “She’s very serious about this. When she was born as this ship, she expected her owners to put her first and center, to actually use her, which you’d expect for a luxury yacht, right? Except it didn’t work out that way, so now she’s suspicious.”

The Teevins were somber as I explained. Souls are eternal; once their bodies die and they are back in the afterlife, souls review their life and choose their next experience. When the soul that became Sea Star chose to incarnate as a luxury yacht, she thought she would fulfill her dream to be an adventurer, but that didn’t happen. Her disappointment was a poignant reminder that soul plans can get derailed.

Sea Star told me that when she was built as a luxury yacht in 1965 she thought having meticulous owners meant she would have great adventures sailing the world. Instead, she was purchased and docked, where her “fuddy-duddy” owners used her as a status symbol that rarely left the harbor. After sitting unused for years, she was depressed and not sure she could trust the Teevins.

This is why it’s critical to get input from both the people and the space. A clearing isn’t successful unless it creates a healthy partnership to support both sides.

The Teevins were astounded by what I told them, saying the only way I could have known those details about Sea Star’s past was if she’d told me. Saddened by her disappointment, they were also enthusiastic, because they had been on the verge of buying another ship when they found her and immediately felt a connection: they wanted to be adventurers, too. 

They also wondered if Sea Star had been testing Erik on their 2018 maiden voyage to Alaska.

“Not so much testing,” I said. “She was suspicious of his intentions, but he saved her from a disaster, which she called ‘Fire.’ What happened?”

Erik is not only an experienced sea captain, he is keenly intuitive and quick to react. He explained that as they neared Seward he suddenly felt something was wrong with the engine and raced to the engine room to discover oil spilling out of it. Trusting his intuition helped them narrowly avert disaster. That incident convinced Sea Star that Erik cared and she was now in capable hands.

What about that collaborative relationship?

The Teevins assured Sea Star that she was central to their business, and asked what else she needed from them. She asked for dinnertime conversations, so when their guests were out kayaking or sightseeing and she couldn’t join in, she could at least hear about the day’s activities. I also suggested that they create rituals for her, a morning one to tell her what was planned for the day and an evening one to summarize it. This would help her be taken seriously as an evolved soul and partner. The Teevins readily agreed.

A fascinating addition to the clearing was when I said that Sea Star had a strong affinity for all whales and called them to her when she was out on the water.

Astonished, Erik blurted out, “We saw that! Last summer in Alaska whales were all around us, and not around other ships!”

With that light note, we proceeded to energetically clear the ship.

I removed the dense, possessive energies of a woman who was one of the original owners and of a later owner who quit sailing because of ill and disruptive children. The Teevins identified both people, and were relieved to feel that dense energy shift. I also sat alone in each cabin below deck to clear attachments from employees and guests who had spent time onboard. In other areas Erik and Aspin helped by spreading sea salt and noting the suggestions from me and Sea Star. We ended with a healthy, balanced ship and a delighted team—the Teevins and their little ship that was at last going adventuring.

Space Clearing, Partnerships, and Soul Connections

The Teevins were delighted to learn that they’d made a wise decision in purchasing and refurbishing Sea Star to pamper guests while giving them the Alaskan adventure of their dreams. They were thrilled that adventure was also Sea Star’s dream—and she was determined to have fun and protect her people and passengers. Together, the Teevins and Sea Star are proving that cooperating with a space can create and sustain a successful business and partnership.

What do we learn from this case?

Observe. This savvy, intuitive couple kept looking until they connected with the ship that was looking for the same thing they were. They fine-tuned that connection with a professional space clearing that deepened their collaborative relationship so they could literally sail confidently into the future.

Listen. Everything is alive, has a soul, consciousness, responsibility, free choice—and opinions. Learning to live in a world of equals is challenging, but collaboration helps us build a world where all life thrives.

Act. This couple found a heart and soul match with a ship and immediately recognized it and acted, giving themselves, and their new ship, the best chance of success.

For more about the Teevins and Sea Star, check out their website:

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA CHt hosts the OM Times radio show, “The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World.” An intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist, she is an award-winning author whose next book is “The Afterlife Is a Party: What People and Animals Teach Us About Love, Reincarnation, and the Other Side.” Find her at

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