LIVING INTUITIVELY: Making Sense of Intuitive Hearing

Abstract: We are all intuitive. The trick is learning how each of our unique intuitive abilities work. In this 4-part series, I’ll discuss the four main intuitive skills—seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing—and include tips and stories about how to recognize and use these skills every day.

Yes, we are all intuitive, no matter how inexpert we think we are. We’re also using our intuition all the time, so it makes sense to learn how it works and make our innate skills second nature—just like our physical senses are.

In this four-part series I’ll focus on the four main intuitive abilities: seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing. This time, it’s intuitive hearing.

Clairaudience: Intuitive Hearing

Clairaudience is the intuitive ability of hearing other beings telepathically talk with you. Think of it as the real-life intuitive version of the Star Trek universe’s universal translator. People who are strong clairaudients can have conversations with all kinds of beings, from other humans to animals, trees, the ocean, their homes and businesses, weather systems, the dead, spirit guides and angels, anything and everything out there! It just depends on how open you are to everything being alive and capable of communicating with us. After all, if you aren’t aware other beings can chat with you, you won’t even try (and, quite often, neither will they).

Most people really want to be able to talk to other beings, especially their beloved dead. It makes sense because talking is our primary way of communicating, so it’s something we’re already good at.

However, learning to tap your clairaudient ability requires you to be diplomatic, compassionate, and understanding, as well as a good conversationalist. Why? Because in my experience other beings are extremely literal and open; they expect straightforward, say-what-you-mean interactions. As you well know, humans add layers of meaning and often conceal what we’re really thinking and feeling; in short, for us, the truth is fluid. This can cause serious misunderstandings with nonhumans, from our animal families to … whatever we’re conversing with.

How do we solve this issue? First, as in all intuitive interactions, consider what you’re doing. Nonhumans don’t think like we do, nor should they. Learning to get along in the universe, to collaborate in contributing to the welfare of our living, evolving planet, we have to think in universal terms. That is, we need to consider all life as equal to us, so we don’t “talk down” to other beings or make assumptions. We start by introducing ourselves. We ask, politely, for information. We ask again, if we don’t hear or understand something. We clarify. We thank nonhumans for chatting with us. And we add everything we learn to our intuitive journals. (You do have an intuitive journal, right? Something that records your intuitive experiments, your hits and misses, so you fine-tune your abilities?)

Clairaudience in Action: A Story

Some years ago I talked to a family dog, Cookie, who insisted she had joined the family to comfort them as they endured the loss of their newborn son to a rare heart condition (she was a stray who showed up in the neighborhood). The family thanked Cookie for supporting them. Then things got sticky: she decided that she had accomplished her soul purpose and, since there was nothing left to do, she could now die.

Wait, what? I was horrified, but Cookie was matter-of-fact, if a bit hesitant. I knew the family would be crushed if she died. I didn’t personally know her, but her tone made me wonder if she really understood what she was doing. Did she know she had options?

Concerned and perplexed, I asked her if she would talk with me before dying, and she agreed. I told her that she was still a young dog, and could enjoy her body for many more years. Was it possible, then, that she could choose another job and stay with her family? Would she like that? Because I knew the family would love for her to stay.

Puzzled, Cookie asked if that was even possible. I assured her it was. She asked what that new job would be. I said, well, she’d just completed a huge job, and if she wanted, she could just relax and have fun and be the family dog. Thrilled, Cookie chose to stay, and lived a long, happy life.

What would have happened if I hadn’t heard the hesitation in her telepathic voice and pursued that? I was listening to what she was saying, but I was also trying to hear beyond that: did she understand what was involved in her decision? By carefully and respectfully listening, and compassionately pursuing the conversation, I helped this dog understand that our jobs can change and she could choose to live, which enriched her life and her family’s. 

If your strongest intuitive skill is clairaudience, remember to consider nuances. While it is possible (and common) for us to telepathically talk with other humans, most of us are using this ability to talk with nonhumans, especially our animals. While we learn amazing things and foster better relationships with nonhumans, we also have to be very careful to think and talk literally and precisely to prevent misunderstandings. Practice. It matters.

Robyn M Fritz MA MBA CHt hosts the OM Times radio show, “The Practical Intuitive: Mind Body Spirit for the Real World.” An intuitive and spiritual consultant and certified past life regression specialist, she is an award-winning author whose next book is “The Afterlife Is a Party: What People and Animals Teach Us About Love, Reincarnation, and the Other Side.” Find her at


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