Zodiac Holiday Hints! 

Aries: Action packed holidays jam-packed with interest suit Aries. This restless spirit needs entertainment and is not likely to be happy sitting on a cruise ship...or at the top of a mountain- unless of course they climbed there by rope across a precipice. Aries likes to live life to the full & close to the edge. This sign needs adequate stimulation, even when chilling out! Relaxation does not really come into the frame: OK slight exaggeration. But don’t expect to get away with sitting on a beach for days on end if accompanied on holiday by an Arian.

Taurus: Earthy, sensual connections hit the spot for Taurus. Mediterranean countries with fine culture, scenery and beautiful local talent, are what Taurus requires for a good time. They also love to holiday ‘en famille’ and need to see that everyone is catered for before they can even think about relaxing. Taurus loves to unwind and luxuriate in sumptuous surroundings. Good food is of the utmost importance and if the holiday is not self-catering the Zodiac Bull will be very difficult to please. Taurus is liable to put on weight whilst having fun. So needs to be careful if the object of the trip is to attract the opposite sex.

GEMINI: Variety is the spice of life for Gemini, who is always inclined to believe the grass is greener. Of course singletons are set up for endless fun in places like Ibizza. Since Gemini remains a child at heart, whatever the age, the scope for holiday enjoyment remains broad and exciting. Take your pick! Mad exotic locations suit Gemini with oodles of love n’ fun thrown in for good measure. This sign is highly susceptible (I don’t think vulnerable is the word!) to the holiday romance. Care should be taken of course if said Gemini is already spoken for. But apart from that there’s a free license to go (responsibly) mad.

CANCER: Seaside resorts or any place with sufficient supplies of Aqua suit Cancer. Of course the salty variety best suits this Zodiac crustacean. The Caribbean is ideal territory with wonderful food & plenty of options for scuttling around. Lay on island hopping, along with water sports galore and exciting evening events and you have a happy holiday crab on your hands. Sun, sea and sex are what Cancer expects during holiday season. Indeed whatever terrain they find themselves in, it has to be home from home, with all the extras thrown in! The grumpy crab is not a pretty sight. So if you have one in your party, make sure there is plenty of choice from day to day. Plus the facility to beat a hasty retreat for private moments from time to time.

LEO: Designer togs and five star hotels do it for Leo every time. Warm, sunny climes are the order of the day- not many Leo’s head for Lapland (unless there are 24 hour Jacuzzis on tap!) The Zodiac Lion loves to splash out, splurge, and generally indulge every whim whilst on holiday. And woe betide any killjoy who stands in the way! Leo heaven requires luxuriant surroundings, soft bathrobes and a butler on constant standby with Champagne and strawberries. Relaxation is the order of the day. For the Lion in chill out mode becomes positively lazy. Action packed ideas and package holidays fall short of this sign’s ostentatious pretensions! Though occasionally Leo ventures out on the prowl.

VIRGO: Virgo should head for the nearest health farm as an emergency measure. For by the time this sign agrees to a holiday, it is two months too late! Holidays are a stressful idea for this practical earth sign. Workaholic tendencies incline the Zodiac Virgin towards business rather than pleasure. Whilst everyone else is off having fun, Virgo will be exercising a different indulgence: Mad altogether! This is not martyrdom, but some bizarre preference, which Virgo would do well to modify. Virgo must be disciplined about relaxation and learn when to head for the hills. Earthy connections recharge Virgo batteries. So walking holidays suit the Zodiac Virgin down to the ground! This sign loves to pamper Mind, Body and Spirit. So anything that expands the aura, if not the wallet is worth Virgo’s time and energy!

LIBRA: Hang gliding, Balloon Riding…or any bizarre recreational activity that gets this sign air born is to be welcomed. Libra loves to holiday en famille or in a group of bosom buddies. The sign of balance needs convivial company and fun times in order to recharge. Social events of all kinds hit the spot, so long as there is plenty of alcohol on tap and high jinx for entertainment. To have a laugh is the aim of the Libran holiday. This sign does not really need peace and quiet. Indeed too much time alone can drive the Libran nuts! Holiday romance becomes the quest of the season. Along with anything unforeseen that makes the spirit fly! Libran holidays don’t have to be planned. Spontaneity and a ‘go with the flow’ groove turn this sign on. Libra is ready for anything or anyone when the sun goes to the head! Be careful out there…

SCORPIO: Deep sea diving in the Caribbean does it for Scorpio. But so does the hectic pace of any metropolitan city. Variety, places of interest and unusual activities are needed along with ample opportunity to unwind. Links to water along the way are fundamental or this water sign’s batteries won’t recharge. Intrigue, mystery and sexy encounters are crucial to satiate the Scorpion appetite. So whatever your relationship status, make an effort to spark up the unexpected on holiday. This sign needs a honeymoon every year: use your imagination! In a way location is not madly important to Scorpio. So long as there is a sense of adventure thrown in, whether it be between the sheets or not, all will be well! Haunted houses, eerie hangouts, and dark nightclubs all appeal to the subterranean depths of Scorpio…especially in restless mode!

SAGITTARIUS: So long as the Zodiac Archer’s appetite for adventure is satisfied, this fire sign is a happy holiday bunny! This restless spirit is easy to please, so long as an element of surprise is maintained throughout the season. Not too much to ask for really! Yes, in fact the friendly Sagittarian is NOT the most relaxing company if you want to unwind! Leave this one to their own devices and they will hit on what’s required: usually it lies over the next hill where the grass is greener. Hot spots do it for Sagittarius, who needs to be stimulated at every turn. Whether it be the sweltering heat, the white-knuckle ride, or beneath the sheets. This sign wants to live life close to the edge, and would feel short changed on a reflective retreat with the grand parents.

CAPRICORN: Posh hotels in beautiful surroundings suit the earthy Capricorn with the Midas touch. Vegas and the Casino world is an acquired taste that may appeal to male Capricorn’s in theory. Certainly demonstrations of wealth, fine food and extravagant romantic gesture all happen on the ideal Capricornian holiday. But even those not yet in their material prime enjoy the pretence of being so. This sign attracts financial issues. So in some shape or form holiday enjoyment succeeds or not because of the filthy lucre! Watch out for arguments and stress re money: don’t let the same old problems spoil the fun. Holidays are about switching off, indulging a bit and perhaps letting rip with the odd fantasy or two. Go on live dangerously!

AQUARIUS: Long haul flights to interesting exotic places please Aquarius. But too much hectic, frantic activity is not up this Air sign’s street. Remote hot sticky environments suit, so long as the humidity is not too desperate. Aquarius needs variety and stimulation. But only when the privacy groove has been satiated. Holidays have to be on their terms. Part of this prerequisite is that everyone else is happy too...so there should not be too much grumbling in the camp. Family holidays are very important in secret, special places if at all possible. Aquarius can be a bit of a holiday snob and hates to feel part of the rabble! Holiday packages and tours are not ideal for this sign that hates to be dictated to. Aquarians are not boring holiday chums. Their general kookiness and sense of humour provides hours of endless fun. But where there is discord, they will suit themselves!

PISCES: Pisces likes all sorts of nonsense on holiday, so long as there’s water involved. Swimming with Dolphins, water sports and fishing all suit Pisces. For water signs need to connect with their element to get the best benefits of a proper rest. After dark the Piscean likes to socialise and to connect with the local flora and fauna! Going out and about to see what’s on offer appeals to Pisces curiosity. An element of go with the flow is important and Pisces does not like regimented regimes. Boot camp is definitely not an option! Unusual or spiritual places provide the necessary nosiness fix. Pisces likes to experience what it would be like to live elsewhere. So tends to fully absorb the holiday environs, whatever they may be. Psychic sensitivity means that Pisces should be discerning and careful with holiday choices.

Sarah Delamere Hurding is Ireland’s famous Mystic, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, Writer, Media Personality and Consciousness Facilitator. Ashton Kutcher identified her on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as his psychic. Simon Cowell was stunned into silence when she predicted the full line up of his Irish Popstars. Louis Walsh, perhaps dangerously, called her “the woman who knows everything.” http://www.sarahdelamer.com

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Comment by sarah delamere hurding on June 30, 2015 at 2:40pm

will do ...where is the word count to be found on here.. cant see it!! 

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