Lower Stress by Tapping into your Stress Shock Absorbers

Let's face it, the day we were born we stepped on to the stress train. From birth to death, our bodies go through a series of stressful situations. 
Leading research has now figured out that 90% of illness is caused by stress. Stress related illness arrives in all sorts of ways such as auto immune diseases, cancers, heart disease and many others.
You would think as humans evolved with better technology, medicine and agriculture, the world would be a less stressful place, but it's not. We are actually more stressed today than our fellow homo sapiens were 50 yrs ago. 
The question is why don't we deal with stress as we were designed to? Do we think too much? Or are we just a bunch of lunatics living in our ego state and not in our spiritual state? 
Our bodies are built for enormous amounts of stress, but our minds are the "weakest" links to stress. Unbeknownst to us, we are actually equipped with "stress shock absorbers", but we just don't know how to access them. 
So how do we tune-in to these Stress Shock Absorbers in order to deal with stress? Whether you're an empath, suffer PTSD or are just are just prone to stress. These tips will help you. 
1- Breathing: Learning how to breath properly will defeat the stress response. It also clears your mind, lowers anxiety and keeps your adrenaline low.  When we get stressed out, our adrenal glands release adrenaline in order to keep us in the "flight or fight" mode, but let's face it, a traffic jam is not life or death.
The trick to proper breathing is to imagine your lungs are in your abdomen and not your chest and when you breath, focus on your stomach going up and down. The goal here is to just focus on breathing from the belly (diaphragm) just to get the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) engaged. The (PSNS) can only do two things: be relaxed or be stressed. Once you learn how to breath from the belly, you engage the (PSNS) to relax and then stress is a dead duck. 
2- Meditate: I know, You just rolled your eyes. The word meditation makes some people clench because they think right away "I can't meditated" or "I fall asleep"  or "meditation is for hippies".  Well, hear me out: you know that feeling you have when you get a raise, a new pair of shoes, meet a new love or win the lottery?  Well that euphoric feeling is meditation in a nutshell. 
When you apply proper breathing and visualize what you love, that is meditation. It can last 30 secs or 30 mins, The entire meaning of meditation is to connect to the things you love that give you a happy feeling. That focus of happiness, relaxation and calm sends a signal to every cell in your body to relax
3- Acceptance; Oh yes humans, the masters of control. We need to control everything. You never see a bird trying to control the wind, they just spread their wings and fly. Not us, we need to control what time the wind comes, when it will go and how and which way to fly. You wonder why we're all stressed out and sick. 
Acceptance of what is, how it's happening and letting go of your need for control will lower stress by over 80% in the body. It's sort of like the "let go, let God" theory that when we let go and allow a higher power to take control of what we can't, the healing process happens and stress is lost in the letting go of that resistance.
4- Visualizing; What are you doing in your most relaxed state? Getting a massage? Are you in bed snuggled under the covers? Where ever your "comfy" spot is, go there in your mind when you're stressed out. The body has relax-recall and when you conjure up the thoughts or memories of the relaxed times, the body begins to release stress in that relaxed state.  
5- Exercising and a clean healthy diet is probably the best way to give the body/mind the added kick it needs to put the Stress Shock absorbers into place. Without proper nutrients, the body just cannot function properly. Exercise allows the body to release your most natural anti-anxiety and antidepressant chemicals called Endorphins. 
Endorphins reduce the sensation of pain and affect emotions. If you cannot get to a gym, then stretch. Move any way you can. 
There is no way to avoid the stresses of life. Stress will and can kill you, but there are ways to ease stress and that is when you engage and ignite the stress shock absorbers. 

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