Do you remember being a kid, those easy days of magical living, laying on the grass naming cloud formations, giggling as they shape-shifted while the breeze caressed you and the sun kissed you?  Have you ever had a close encounter of the Divine kind as a Swallowtail danced before you?  Did you ever chase fireflies and make up songs about them while screeching in utter delight at the sight of violet, turquoise and yellow bubbles? Do you remember those magical days of daydreaming and playing until the sun went down – “worn out but not weary?”


We lived carefree lives when we were children. Most of us maintaining our innocence, lounging in the splendor of the present moment gifts, soaking up the juicy days bestowed upon us just by our awareness.

Then we grew up.  Life got busy.  The magic seemed to have melted into long to do lists and non-paid overtime at work.


Take a look around and notice how many people are focused on their cells phones or are wearing earplugs as they move about their day.  Notice where you place your attention and how you are feeling moment to moment. Instead of being tuned into the magic we are distracted and burned out. We are so caught up in our "to do" lists and accumulation stations in life propelled by advertising and fears of what will happen if we don’t have enough money for retirement that we have turned our backs denying our hearts and minds the very gifts unconditionally present by the Universe.   We sit in front of our computer screens all day long and our souls are screaming to be outdoors.  Our dehydrated souls need some rejuvenation.

Magical is defined as, "Beautiful or delightful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life."  Why does it have to seem to be removed?  Why can't our days be magical living in the everyday sacred?


Nature in all of her glory offers a banquet of blessings that is a balm for a tired soul.  Sometimes we just have to pause and become aware.  Stop and drink it IN.   We have to consciously choose our playtime cultivating magical living and stay open to receive our GOOD.


Swallowtails still swoop by.  Dragonflies dance on in the front yard with utter joy.  The Moon in all of her goddess glory beckons us for adoration.  Painted skies of marmalade and fuschia good-byes for the end of the day reminds us of some Creative Genius that lifts us with light.  Are you paying attention?

So when was the last time you played barefoot on the front lawn?  Do you give yourself permission to just sit in the backyard as the sapphire sky merges into the onyx darkness of a day well lived?  When was the last time you ran out the front door in your pajamas because a marmalade sunrise was streaming through your curtains? Or were you checking emails and jousting on Facebook over politics instead?


The great Master teacher Jesus offered us a simple truth – Be like little children.  With the weight of the responsibilities we carry as adults we have forgotten our pure heart and innocence of being present to the PRESENCE. We’ve lost our magical groove, so we think.


Nature is a potent elixir to slow us down, make us laugh in joy, stop us in our tracks in utter stillness of the majestic beauty that life offers standing beneath a 2,000 year old Sequoia or leaning into the exquisite sounds of a Rocky Mountain river.  It’s up to us to wake up.  It’s up to us to cultivate magical living and choices that support heart-centered being.


What can you do to cultivate magical living where the hues, textures and dimensions of your earth experience pop out like a 3D movie in our new 5D consciousness?


Here are a few tips –


1.  Observe children and learn from them. They skip, jump, laugh out loud at the wind, dance, wiggle, giggle and more at the slightest whim.  Be that FREE.


2.  Let go of your ego.  Yes….the ego thinks that we “must behave a certain way” in public.  If you see a dew-dripped grass, then kick off your shoes and melt into the cool massage of the earth beneath your feet.  Notice how you feel from the inside out.


3.  Go outside.  Turn off your television and put down your phone for two hours every evening.  Find a sacred spot to just sit and bear witness to the beauty all around.  Listen with your heart. See with soft eyes.  A technology retreat is a necessary experience to touch base with magical living.


4.   Wake up early and face the East.  Greet your day with a luscious sunrise.  The moon will often kiss you then too.


5.  Chase butterflies and dragonflies.   Their lives are so short that they dance around, zip-zipping here and there, filling us with JOY.


This is your life.  Be present.  The gifts are free from the Universe.  They don’t even demand your adoration but I can guarantee your life will shift for the better when you allow magical living to lead your day.


Veronica Valles is an intrepid traveler, Visionary Catalyst and Creative Igniter. A licensed Spiritual Coach and Minister of Centers for Spiritual Living, Veronica is a peacemaker, poet, photographer, dynamic speaker, meditation facilitator and well-loved spiritual teacher.  For more information: and

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Comment by Veronica Valles on September 1, 2015 at 8:41pm

I LOVE synchronicity.  It's like the Universe winking at me and saying, "You Go Girl!"  Just saw this on Facebook.

Comment by Veronica Valles on September 1, 2015 at 10:24am

Thanks, Shelly. I had a close encounter with that Tiger Swallowtail yesterday.   It inspired me to write the piece. The dragonfly photo was taken at Whistlewood Farm in Rhinebeck, NY.  My feet on the dew grass was at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens on the one strangely cool day.  Have a beautiful day. Veronica

Comment by Veronica Valles on August 31, 2015 at 9:55pm
Comment by Veronica Valles on August 31, 2015 at 9:30pm

Yes..these are my photographs from August, 2015.

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